YouTube MUA: Michelle Phan

Hey Grimms, It’s that magical time where I give you the lowdown on a YouTuber Make Up Artist that I’ve been digging. This month I want to talk about Michelle Phan. Now technically she’s out of the game but she graciously has left all of her YouTube videos up for everyone to still watch. Which I am […]

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Youtube MUA: Nyma Tang

Beautiful Grimms ❤ I wonder if you remember the fact that once a month I like to give you the low down on a beauty vblogger you might enjoy following? It had been so long since I've done this! This month I hope to introduce you to Nyma Tang. I've been following her for less […]

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YouTube Star: Miles Jai

Grimms ❤ I know that in the past I had been running a YouTube MUA series where I showcased a different MUA every month that you could follow and learn makeup tips from and I swear to you that this will still be happening! This month I had to go with more of a YouTube […]

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PSA: Livestream Tonight 4/2/17

Hey Grimms, Just wanted to let everyone know I’ll be doing a livestream tonight with Lita Kino and Pokeninja90 tonight at 8pm Central. We’ll be using the new OWLS YouTube Channel so let’s have some fun! Topics of the night include going over our latest Blog Tour, “The March Sanctuary Tour” announcing our next tour […]

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Yo ❤ As you all know I’m on a hiatus until April. This means I won’t be posting regularly except for my OWLS posts and the occasional Flashback Friday. However this is a special quick post! Today at 7:30 EST I will be doing a livestream with the fabulous Pokeninja90 from Nice Job Breaking It […]


YouTube MUA: Manny MUA

Beautiful people ❤ Thanks for stopping by for more rants and raves by yours truly here at GrimmGirl. New month means it’s time to shine a spotlight on a new MUA on YouTube. I love doing this little series because there are so many amazing makeup artists on YouTube these days! It’s hard to catch […]

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YouTube MUA: zWinnieYap

Hello Again! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and are ready to be introduced to another great YouTubing MUA. If you haven’t seen my post on ReeRee Phillips make sure to give it a look when you get the chance. She is absolutely amazing. The MUA I want to talk about in […]

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YouTube MUA: ReeRee Phillips

It’s wonderful to have you all back at GrimmGirl and I hope you’re all having a swell day. As you all know I am a bit of a makeup fan. I’ve never been professionally taught though so everything thing I can do with makeup has been learned watching other MUAs and trying it out myself. […]

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