YouTube MUA: Michelle Phan

Hey Grimms, It’s that magical time where I give you the lowdown on a YouTuber Make Up Artist that I’ve been digging. This month I want to talk about Michelle Phan. Now technically she’s out of the game but she graciously has left all of her YouTube videos up for everyone to still watch. Which I am […]

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YouTube Star: Miles Jai

Grimms ❤ I know that in the past I had been running a YouTube MUA series where I showcased a different MUA every month that you could follow and learn makeup tips from and I swear to you that this will still be happening! This month I had to go with more of a YouTube […]

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YouTube MUA: Manny MUA

Beautiful people ❤ Thanks for stopping by for more rants and raves by yours truly here at GrimmGirl. New month means it’s time to shine a spotlight on a new MUA on YouTube. I love doing this little series because there are so many amazing makeup artists on YouTube these days! It’s hard to catch […]

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YouTube MUA: zWinnieYap

Hello Again! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and are ready to be introduced to another great YouTubing MUA. If you haven’t seen my post on ReeRee Phillips make sure to give it a look when you get the chance. She is absolutely amazing. The MUA I want to talk about in […]

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YouTube MUA: ReeRee Phillips

It’s wonderful to have you all back at GrimmGirl and I hope you’re all having a swell day. As you all know I am a bit of a makeup fan. I’ve never been professionally taught though so everything thing I can do with makeup has been learned watching other MUAs and trying it out myself. […]

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