Catching Those Vibes

Hello Grimms! My vacation is OVER and I wanted to hit you with some fun style vibes. Special shout out to my sister for using her photography skills to take these pictures. I would love to do more style posts but they’re contingent on when my sister is available to take pictures. So the fact […]

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Sweaters Are Game Changers

Hey Grimms! Goodness we have not had a style update in a hot minute. I would like to thank my sister Torri for her work as my photographer for this shoot. You may know her better by her handle HeySquareBear ❤ If you are unfamiliar with her Twitch and Blogging works please check her out […]

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Style Wish List: May 2018

Hello my little Grimms ❤ New month means new wish list! Oh, but to dream. Am I right? FINALLY winter seems to be leaving us in my neck of the wood so with this change in weather I’m hoping to be able to bring some new pieces to the wardrobe. On top of the nicer […]

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Super quick PSA! I’ve decided to join the Bloglovin scene! Not really 100% sure how this is going to go but I think it is fun to try new things. Plus it’s always good to try out different platforms to get exposure for GrimmGirl or any blog for that matter! I […]

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The Future of GrimmGirl

Grimm Peeps! Normally when people ask me about my future plans I like to run rapidly in the other direction. Seriously I pretty much just live life by the seat of my jeans and hope for the best. I’ve gotten super good at pretending that I have any idea what I’m doing. That’s just between […]

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What’s a Brow Brush?

Greetings makeup lovers! As you may recall I will be going over different types of makeup brushes and their uses. I recognize that makeup brush shopping can be extremely overwhelming if you are new to the makeup scene. I know the first time I went into a shop looking for any eyebrow brush I ended […]

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