True Love, Sweet Lies: Kiyoharu

It’s Monday…. And there is only one good thing about Monday as far as I’m concerned and that’s OTOME! That’s right it’s time for another segment of Otome Monday on GrimmGirl. I hope you are all prepared for some more Voltage Inc. I have finally completed all of the main story character routes for Voltage […]

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True Love, Sweet Lies: Rui

Oh my heavens! It has been forever since I posted anything for True Love, Sweet Lies a Voltage Inc game I downloaded for my tablet a while back. If you want to check out my first post, True Love, Sweet Lies: Sakuya it goes into all the details for prices and characters you can choose […]

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True Love, Sweet Lies: Sakuya

Since I’m new to otome games and there’s not a ton of content to choose from in this category right now, I thought it would be good to start a few other games at the same time so that I could vary things up a bit. With that in mind along with playing through Enchanted […]

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