Cosplay Decisions…

Hey Grimms! I just realized that my first con is VERY quickly approaching. Good thing I finally made a decision on what I will be doing. Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful in support and advice. I have decided to go with a Usagi Tsukino cosplay! I adore Sailor Moon! Obviously that […]

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April 2018 Wish List Otaku Style

Hey Grimms, I can’t believe I wasn’t quick enough getting out a March Wish List. In the future I hope to get these wish lists out a little faster. I must say I appreciate your patience you beautiful people. Balancing mommyhood and blogging has been a smidge of a difficulty. Newborns, what can I say […]

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Cosplay Ideas

Hey Grimms! As you know I recently started a ko-fi to help fund my first con experience. I plan on cosplaying it up for this event and of course sharing everything with all of you along the way. After my first post I was so thrilled to see how helpful everyone has been. I got […]

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Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 4

In Name Of the Moon… I will bring you more Sailor Moon manga reviews! Hahahaha… I slay myself. Honestly before you get into this review you may want to refresh your memory with my last post Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 3 because it has been a loooonnnng minute since I last wrote a Sailor Moon […]

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Sailor Moon Volume One Revisited

I’ll admit that this is a bit embarrassing but I haven’t posted in the manga section of GrimmGirl since February! That’s so bad. So I’m going to change that today and get things started with some Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is one of my favorite manga ever. I’ve already read it so I thought it […]

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