Code Realize: Impey Barbicane

❤ Grimms ❤ Time to travel down another Code Realize route. If you want a more in-depth look at Code Realize (price, deeper summary, characters) please check out my first post by clicking here. Otherwise enjoy my take on Impey! Impey Barbicane I did enjoy this route more than Saint Germain’s. Let me just say […]

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After School Affairs: Hidetaka

Good news Grimms! I’m starting another otome game. I decided that since I only have one more character left to play in True Love, Sweet Lies I might as well get started on another game. I decided for my next obsession I would try my hand at After School Affairs another Voltage Inc game. I […]

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Star Crossed Myth: Teorus

Star Crossed Myth Fans! At the end of my Leon post I told you I would be playing through Teorus’ route right away and I was not messing around. I really like how Star Crossed Myth is set up and I’m finding it super engaging. I hope you don’t mind if I’m hooked on this […]

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Star Crossed Myth: Leon

I hope I have some Star Crossed Myth fans out there. Even if I don’t by the end of this post I might! Since I finished all the main stories for the characters of Enchanted in the Moonlight I decided to start a new Voltage Inc game. I downloaded this game for free at the […]

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