Have You Heard of Fantasy Allure?

Hey Grimms, Ages and ages ago (okay I think it was in April) I pledged to a company on Kickstarter called Fantasy Allure a vegan/cruelty free company with a one lipstick and a dream. Long story short they reached their goal (cheers!) and were able to create their first cruelty free and vegan liquid lipstick. […]

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PUR 4 in 1 Liquid Foundation Review

Its makeup time everyone! Goodness Grimmpeeps I swear only my Snapchat fam truly gets how long it takes me to put out a makeup review! I’ve purchased this foundation some time ago and I’m finally getting around to writing my review post. I really am a terrible procrastinator sometimes! So to the Snapchat Grimms who […]

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Winky Lux Bronze Bombshell Review

Well if it isn’t my wonderful GrimmGirls and Guys back for some makeup themed blogging! I hope you all got to read about my Winky Lux Unboxing because today I will be reviewing one of their products. Like I mentioned in my previous post if you’re unaware of Winky Lux don’t be surprised. Their products […]

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The Future of GrimmGirl

Grimm Peeps! Normally when people ask me about my future plans I like to run rapidly in the other direction. Seriously I pretty much just live life by the seat of my jeans and hope for the best. I’ve gotten super good at pretending that I have any idea what I’m doing. That’s just between […]

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Melted Matte Code Name: Unicorn

Hello, hello! Today’s post is all about Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick. I would like to thank everyone who has followed my Snapchat (@katrinasade) and who tuned into my first impressions snaps for this product on Thursday. I’m hoping to make that a regular thing since it received such a positive response. I’m […]

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