Ulta Brush Bath

Grimms. I’ve talked about cleaning makeup brushes before with my Oh Honey, Just Wash That Damn Brush post and I’m about to talk about it again. As you hopefully all know cleaning your makeup brushes is very important. It helps to prevent spreading bacteria, which decreases your chances of having an acne breakout. It also […]

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What’s a Brow Brush?

Greetings makeup lovers! As you may recall I will be going over different types of makeup brushes and their uses. I recognize that makeup brush shopping can be extremely overwhelming if you are new to the makeup scene. I know the first time I went into a shop looking for any eyebrow brush I ended […]

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What’s a Lip Brush?

Hello to everyone who follows GrimmGirl and to anyone else who is just popping by! I mentioned on my Twitter a while ago that I would be starting a series on GrimmGirl looking at different types of makeup brushes. I don’t know about everyone else but the first time I walked into a makeup store […]

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