Patreon Here We Come

Lovely Grimms ❤ I have started a Patreon account! I’m kind of pumped about it. I’m not sure how much you all know about Patron but basically it’s a way to donate to a creator’s content. In this case this site GrimmGirl! Now Patron does employ a reward system if you want to use it […]

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April Wish List

April Wish List ❤ This is a new segment on GrimmGirl but I hope to do it every month. Basically each month I’ll name off three products I would absolutely adore during the month of April. That doesn’t mean I’ll actually buy them! Just that if money floats my way I would really like to! […]

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Quick PSA On GrimmGirl

Hey Grimms. I just wanted to do a quick check in because I realize these past two weeks have been super hectic as far as my posting schedule goes. I’m really sorry about that! I usually try to be a lot more consistent. Just some fun background information on me one of my jobs is […]

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