The Future of GrimmGirl

Grimm Peeps! Normally when people ask me about my future plans I like to run rapidly in the other direction. Seriously I pretty much just live life by the seat of my jeans and hope for the best. I’ve gotten super good at pretending that I have any idea what I’m doing. That’s just between […]

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First GrimmGirl Q & A

Hi everyone 😀 Welcome to a very special Friday Edition Post! It was my birthday on Tuesday so I decided it would b fun to do a Q & A style post. I would like to thank everyone who submitted questions on my Twitter. This post literally wouldn’t be possible without you. So let’s get […]

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You Are All The Best

Guess what is happening on GrimmGirl again? A GIVEAWAY! You lot are insane and I love it. If you remember from our first giveaway I promised another one as soon as we reached 50 followers/subscribers and guess what? We Just Did. I’m so happy right now. I did not think we would reach that goal so […]

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