So You Ship NaLu?

Grimms ❤ The poll results are in and the shipped characters that won were… Natsu and Lucy! So in honor of the big win I thought I would share with you a NaLu Fanfic that I was (well… still kind of am) quite obsessed with. The Contract by JeRein_14 “Lucy Heartfilia, top 1 student of […]

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So You Want To Join Fairy Tail?

Would you look at that… A SATURDAY post! It’s been some time since I last posted on Saturday. Even though my blogging goal is to get new content to you all everyday (with Friday being a reblog post) life does not always line up with blogging. So I know I have been pretty sporadic this […]

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Anime I Wish Was REAL

Whhhoooo Hoooo! After this I will only have one more post to write for this anime challenge. Luckily for me Day (Week) 29 was super easy for me to think of. Today’s challenge is to name the anime that I wish was real. Double dipping be damned (I’ve done it so often at this point) […]

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