Have You Heard of Rothy’s?

Hey Grimms, Mark your calendars because this is a momentous day. This marks the day that I received my first pair of Rothy’s flats. It also marks the day that I spent the most money on a pair of shoes ever in my life! I did it for the planet!!! How so? Let me explain. […]

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Jeffree Star Drops MakeupNet

If you’re used to getting your delicious Jeffree Star products through MakeupNet.com you, my dear, are just going to have to look elsewhere. In a series of tweets Jeffree Star made it perfectly clear that he will be severing his business relationship with MakeupNet after he finding out that MakeupNet is stocking Lime Crime products. […]

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Fast Fashion Fail

If you have been following along for a while you know that one of my personal goals is to avoid fast fashion. If you aren’t familiar with the term please check out my original post If I’m not Looking it’s Not Real: Fast Fashion for a more in-depth look. Otherwise the brief definition is that […]

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