Cosplay Decisions…

Hey Grimms! I just realized that my first con is VERY quickly approaching. Good thing I finally made a decision on what I will be doing. Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful in support and advice. I have decided to go with a Usagi Tsukino cosplay! I adore Sailor Moon! Obviously that […]

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Cosplay Ideas

Hey Grimms! As you know I recently started a ko-fi to help fund my first con experience. I plan on cosplaying it up for this event and of course sharing everything with all of you along the way. After my first post I was so thrilled to see how helpful everyone has been. I got […]

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YouTube MUA: zWinnieYap

Hello Again! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and are ready to be introduced to another great YouTubing MUA. If you haven’t seen my post on ReeRee Phillips make sure to give it a look when you get the chance. She is absolutely amazing. The MUA I want to talk about in […]

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