The Mystery Blogger Award

Are you ready for a mystery Grimms? Okay it’s not really a mystery but Irina did nominate me for The Mystery Blogger Award. I like to think that means I exude a mysterious quality. I’m practically a stealth female fatale. On a serious note I am thrilled to be recognized. It’s always very cool to […]

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GrimmGirl Book Haul

Hey Grimms! I recently went to Barnes & Noble and picked up a few things I thought I’d share. I like doing haul videos like this because it gives you all a taste of things to come. Plus I think it gives a little insight into me as a person. I’m always curious as to […]

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Code Realize: Impey Barbicane

❤ Grimms ❤ Time to travel down another Code Realize route. If you want a more in-depth look at Code Realize (price, deeper summary, characters) please check out my first post by clicking here. Otherwise enjoy my take on Impey! Impey Barbicane I did enjoy this route more than Saint Germain’s. Let me just say […]

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GrimmMusic: Libra by Mucc

Hey Grimms! Welcome to a new type of blog post! Once a month at least I’m hoping to make your day with a song I’m really digging. Either we’ll find out that we both jam to the same song or you’ll be introduced to something you’ve never heard before. No matter what I hope you […]

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