Oh the Toxicity

My dear Grimms… Buckle up. Today we discuss toxicity. Have you ever noticed how certain things or people just bring toxicity into your life? It seems like a no brainer to just cut things like this out of our lives but you know what? A lot of us don’t. We cling on thinking that we […]

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello Sunny Grimms Guess what? Irina nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award as well! Once again thank you so much Irina. I hope everyone who reads this checks out your blog. Rules to accept nomination Thank the blogger and link back to them Display the Sunshine Award logo Answer the 11 questions the blogger […]

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GrimmMusic: Just Right by Got7

Hello musical Grimms, Last time we took a look at one of my favorite Japanese Visual Kei bands so it’s only fair that today we check out one of my favorite Kpop bands. Today I bring for your viewing pleasure Got7 and their song Just Right. Full disclose I was a bit late to the […]

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The Mystery Blogger Award

Are you ready for a mystery Grimms? Okay it’s not really a mystery but Irina did nominate me for The Mystery Blogger Award. I like to think that means I exude a mysterious quality. I’m practically a stealth female fatale. On a serious note I am thrilled to be recognized. It’s always very cool to […]

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GrimmGirl Book Haul

Hey Grimms! I recently went to Barnes & Noble and picked up a few things I thought I’d share. I like doing haul videos like this because it gives you all a taste of things to come. Plus I think it gives a little insight into me as a person. I’m always curious as to […]

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GrimmMusic: Libra by Mucc

Hey Grimms! Welcome to a new type of blog post! Once a month at least I’m hoping to make your day with a song I’m really digging. Either we’ll find out that we both jam to the same song or you’ll be introduced to something you’ve never heard before. No matter what I hope you […]

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A New Grimm

❤ Grimms This is a scheduled post so you may already know this if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat but we had the baby! As you know we decided not to find out the gender until the baby was born so we surprised and completely pumped to welcome our son into the […]

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