Code Realize: First Impressions/Three Things to Know


I am so behind on otome posts it is not even funny! I’m even more behind because I haven’t been posting regularly on Mondays. Please forgive me! I swear it is because I have been working hard. My lovely husband got me a PSVita for Mother’s Day and it has opened up a whole new world of glorious otome for me!

Saying I’m obsessed with it wouldn’t be doing my love for it justice. Let me tell you that! I have been playing up a storm on it people.

I know I have been on a Liar! Uncover the Truth kick but I ended up taking a mini break to play some After School Affair and then I got this PSVita and I have been playing Code Realize nonstop. I’ve been going otome crazy Grimms!

It is about time I started writing some things down!

Thank you for being so patience and enjoy this post as I chip away at my every growing backlog of otome posts I desperately need to write!

Today I want to discuss some first impressions of Code Realize and most importantly three things I feel anyone about to play this game should understand.


First Impressions

“Aksys Games and Idea Factory (creators of the Hakuoki series) proudly present Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, an adventure/visual novel game that sweeps you off to times long past. A visionary reimagining of Victorian era London melds with steampunk motifs to create a world unlike any seen before. Play as a lonesome youth whose poisonous touch renders swift death unto would be companions. Unravel the secrets of her past with the aid of five unlikely heroes!” –GameStop

The Lovely Characters Include the Following: 

Cardia: The MC cursed with poison flowing throughout her entire body making her incapable of touching anything without burning and in may cases killing them.

Arsene Lupin: Master Thief with a heart for JUSTICE. He may steal but trust me; it’s always for a good cause. 

Impey Barbicane: Brilliant engineer! He may see unreliable but there is nobody better at what he does! 

Victor Frankenstein: A scientist that use to work for the British Government. It appears that they have had a falling out though for reasons unknown. 

Saint-Germaine: A wealthy count from France who helps provide lodging for everyone. He seems wise beyond his years and a bit otherworldly. What is it he gains from helping everyone out?

Abraham Van Helsing: Referred to as the Human Weapon and responsible for bringing down the King Vampire during the Vampire Wars. He seems like a very serious guy, small price to pay for the ability to take out just about anyone in a room.

I’m really digging it! I find the story line to be unique, the artwork to be beautiful, and the voice acting to be enjoyable. What more can I ask for in a game? I’ll admit it’s a little slow going before it become interactive but the story is interesting so I really didn’t mind.

You can buy this game new for about $30 or pre-owned for about $20 on GameStop. Money well spent so far in my opinion.

Code Realize2

Number One: Choose Wisely

Your choices decide which character’s route you reveal. Unlike some otome games where you look at a character and say I want to play their route, click on them and go, with this one it’s your choices throughout the game that lead you to that character’s route and a different ending.

So for instance let’s say right away you find yourself interested in Impey Barbicane then from the get go you need to be choosing any answer that brings you closer to him specifically or you’ll end up in another character’s route!

Also if your hope is to play through Arsene Lupin’s route your first time through forget about it. His route only unlocks once you have completed the other four character’s routes.

Number Two: Save

This brings me to my other big point. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. The biggest mistake I did was to start saving once I was in a character’s route but I should’ve saved at the beginning after all of the characters had been introduced. This is a really important point because it takes quite some time to introduce all of the characters.

This meant that after I finished my first route and wanted to play through my next route I had to go through all of the beginning story part until the characters where introduced again! There is a fast forward button but trust me it isn’t fast enough.

Make sure to save at points once you are in the character’s route where you make decisions. Remember there are good ends, great ends, but also really bad ends. You unlock different images with the different ending so I like to catch them all but I don’t necessarily want to play through everything all over again to get there!

So remember to save people!

Three: Enjoy the Voice Acting

The voice acting is in Japanese while subtitles are in English. It’s basically like watching an anime with subs on! I really have enjoyed all of the voice actors so three cheers to excellent casting.

This is also good to know if you don’t actually speak Japanese (which I don’t) have no fear picking up this game! You will be able to follow along just fine ❤


Well that’s it for this Otome Monday! I look forward to seeing you all next week where I shall discuss another route from After School Affairs. Get pumped people!


I do not own these images

Liar Uncover the Truth Spring Break Event: I Don’t Like It

Hey Grimms ❤

Today’s Otome post is probably teetering on rant mode. You should probably just brace yourself for that. I wouldn’t say full on rant mode just a teensy bit ranty. I hope you still enjoy it though because I do feel like I’m bringing up some adequate thoughts.

As you might remember a while ago I did a post on my first impressions of Voltage Inc.’s Liar Uncover the Truth Spring Break Event and now that it’s over I’d like to follow up on that. So here are three things that really irritated me about the event.

Number One: WTF MC

I am normally all for this MC. I think we can all agree that in general she tends to be one fierce lady while still keeping her humor. Every once in a while she pulls a stunt that makes us want to scream, “RUN!” (Like when she confronted the Man with Anger Issues by herself) but in general she keeps it cool.

So I have to admit I was really thrown by her shadiness in this event! The premise is that she wants to got on a sweet Spring Break vacation to Hawaii but Oh, SNAP she doesn’t have the funds. That’s when a travel agent lets her in on a deal, if she has a never airline miles stacked up her and a friend (this is a couples only deal) can get a really affordably trip to Hawaii.

I originally thought that she would choose a guy who had extra miles and go from there. That’s not what happens. Instead she decides to rack up mileage points by inviting guys to different places in Japan. First off I can not believe that with the plane tickets and hotel fares she could be spending less money than just flying and getting a hotel in Hawaii but whatever. Apparently this is supposed to be a sound plan.

On top of (what seems to me) a ridiculous get mileage scam she is completely double booking her dates. At one point she invites three guys to the same hotel at the same time without their knowledge and just tries to carry on with all of them!

I’m sorry, but that is totally shady! That’s not the MC I know at all.

Not only is that shady but you know damn well if you went on a trip with someone and found out they stashed three other people around the hotel room to spend time with when they were supposed to be spending time with you, you would be mad. So I’m not letting this slide with the MC.


Number Two: These Men




I could not get over seeing some of these men that I knew were scumbags just hanging around her. It was to weird and I couldn’t get into it. I’m sorry but once you know that one of these guys will literally punch you in the face if they get upset and another one wants to make you into a human doll you can’t just forget that!

I wish that maybe for the event you could chose someone’s route or something so that you didn’t have to see these other douchbags. I mean some of these men (while liars) are totally forgivable… Some of them belong in jail. I’m just saying I don’t need to be cozying up to the jailbirds.

Number Three: Meh

I don’t know if it was the combination of the above to things but I found this event to be super boring. I didn’t even finish it all the way through. Once she started stacking her dates on top of each other and I realized I was about to spend two days with a man who will eventually kidnap the MC I was out. Plus having to use my energy to get cool points was just annoying. I need that for the main route!

eye roll


The event just didn’t have the same flare as the main game. I’m hoping I don’t have this reaction to every event game, but who knows. My experience with this event though has made me more cautious about trying out future events.

If this is kind of the general set up for the event games as far as the men go then I’ll probably pass. I mean I have know interest in getting to know “The Man Who Cheats” any further unless the route includes him getting run over by a bus.

Know what I mean?

Let me know your thoughts below! Happy Otome Monday!


I am feeling better everyone! Thank you for all of your well wishes ❤

Liar Uncover the Truth: The Scam Artist

Otome Monday!

I’m back with more Voltage Inc awesomeness and their game Liar! Uncover the Truth. Grimms we are getting close to the end of the craziness that has been this game. As I have said throughout this trek I will try to keep this as spoiler free as possible however if you really stack each review against each other you will notice as men drop off and can start to gage who has been eliminated.

So don’t be freaking Sherlock Holmes if you want it spoiler free!

Our 8th Liar is a con artist and it is up to us to unmask him! There are a few options still left on the table and I have to say that at this point in the game I don’t want it to be any of them!

Our MC begins to get suspicious of the men left on the field when and old friend mentions the possibility of being taken in by a “Sweetheart Scam”. This is when somebody basically gets someone to fall in love with him or her in order to steal their hard earned money! You never see it coming because you are so in love with them.

Talk about low. I mean when you are in love you always want to expect the best in them! To pry on that vulnerability is completely wretched. I honestly didn’t want any of these left of men to be capable of this sort of villainy. Sadly this is Liar! Uncover the Truth and one of these men are going to have to get the boot.

The question is who?

Will it be Shotoro Shiga?

8th Liar3

I’m torn on this! I mean he really seems to be too serious to be a con artist… but maybe that is the perfect cover! He plays the cool and collected doctor because who would ever suspect that? I mean why would a doctor need to scam people out of money? The make quite a bit on their own! However this is Voltage Inc we’re talking about here. He very well could be in a mountain of debt for one reason or another. Or maybe he’s a pathological liar and isn’t even a doctor! I don’t want to suspect Shotoro but I can’t help but remember that he asked the MC to marry him after (I believe) two dates! I mean that seems really crazy not to mention suspicious right about now!



It could be Itaru Yuikawa…

8th Liar

Again Itaru seems like a nice guy but so did the rest of them! I can’t trust someone just because they seem nice. To be fair Itaru has had a few moments throughout this game that is making me question his honesty. While he hasn’t been caught as a liar YET that doesn’t mean that he still isn’t one! I can’t help to remember that at the beginning of the game Shotoro and Itaru seemed like they had some bad history. Is it possible that Itaru scammed a family member or friend of Shotoro?! Or vice versa? The plot thickens!

We can’t exclude Azusa Kurono!

8th Liar2

I don’t want it to be him. I really don’t. He is absolutely adorable and I quite frankly have a bit of a bias for him. Now is not the time to be taken in by cute gestures and a happy-go-lucky attitude! That is just the sort of thing that will get you taken in by a con artist in this game. While Azusa seems fun her sure doesn’t hesitate to spend money. Maybe it comes from all of his hard work illustrating and working on design, or MAYBE he has scammed it all! I mean I bet people are a lot more free with their money when it isn’t even really theirs. One has to keep on their toes!

A few thoughts

Damn it!!!

I really didn’t want to let any of these men go but I’ll be damned if someone is going to work a Sweetheart Scam on MC. Not on my watch I tell you. So in the end I had to see this liar for what he really was. A jerkoff!

As the Liar tries to play it off he never makes these women part with their hard earned cash. They do it because they want to. That right there is the problem. They want to because you’ve played on their emotions! You have made them feel like you love them and they love you and when you are in a committed relationship you want to do whatever you can to support your significant other!

There are a lot of dirty scams in this world but the Sweetheart Scam is one of the lowest! I feel like 90’s Sailor Moon right now, “How dare you trick these young maidens! In the name of the Moon I shall punish you!”

8th Liar4

Hold my purse Tuxedo Mask… I need to dispense some justice.

That being said Voltage Inc really got me good with this one. I mean this character was so well done I couldn’t help but sit here like, “Maybe there’s been a mistake!” There wasn’t a mistake though so kick this guy to the curb MC! As soon as the truth starts coming out you see a whole different side of this guy and trust me there isn’t anything sweet about him!

There in lies the problem with con artists. They worm your way into your heart and make you believe in them. That’s why it’s so hard to spot them! Especially with a scam like this! Can anyone honestly say they’re going to suspect the person they love?


So like I said above this guy and his little scam is just about as low as you can get!

Now to the endings!

Bad End

So the MC gets taken in by the scam and it of course does not go well. To be fair this ending seems a bit exaggerated what with the Liar basically taking her for all she’s worth. I say exaggerated not because I don’t think this could happen but because it doesn’t jive with the characters MO. His scam is to get women to fall in love with him, propose to them, then tell a sob story to get them to offer to give him money, after that he ditches them. Technically there is nothing illegal about what he’s doing… that doesn’t mean he isn’t a douche though! In this ending he literally steals everything from the MC. So that’s a bit of an upgrade

Secret End

This shows the liar’s reaction to his proposal to the MC and hints at some hidden feels… I’m sorry I’m still mad about the whole scam in general so I would like to kick this Liars feels right down his throat. What can I say? I’m jilted.

True End

We see how the Liar fell into a life of scamming. This is actually pretty realistic. It doesn’t excuse his behavior but it is gives us some insight. Through this we see how trying to help his family warped his personality. Again I’m not giving him a pass but it does make you think about what you would do to help the people you love survive.

Love End

As it turns out the Liar really does love the MC. However I can’t get 100% behind this because all of the horrible things he said while being uncovered keep running through my head! Also what about all the women he scammed? Is he going to give that money back? I mean come on Voltage! I need a little more substance.

Scumbag End

I think the ending says it all. In the word of Hermione Granger, “What an idiot.”

8th Liar5.gif

I can’t believe we are this close to the end of this game! Thanks for sticking around and I’ll catch you next week!


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Three Things You Should Know About The Liar! Uncover the Truth Spring Break Event


Looks like you lot are getting a double dose of otome this week! There could be worse ways to spend a Wednesday am I right? If you have been playing Liar! Uncover the Truth by Voltage Inc than you know that they currently have a Spring Break Event going on.

Here are three things you should know about this event before barreling in!

The Demons For Your Past Are Back

Spring Break2

I’m not saying THESE two are demons but some of them are… It could be these two though. You really never know.

Please know that when I say this I am not being seductive. I know that they idea of demons has sparked many a delicious otome game but this is not what I mean!

What I mean is that if you have finished the game or have even just played a few routes understand that in this Spring Break Event takes place before she finds out all their dirty little secrets! Imagine my surprise when men whom I have already unearthed as no good rotten liars started waltzing into the MC’s life as if nothing had happened!

I mean in her timeline nothing has happened but in MY timeline I already know how douchey some of these men are! When the “Liar with Anger Issues” and the “Fanboy Liar” popped up I almost feel out of my chair. “GAAAAAAHHH RUN AWAY!!!” I wanted to shout at the MC but sadly I cannot. I just have to follow her lead and cringe every time she thinks they have done something nice.

Flirt Time Gets Real

This is not the Flirt Time you have grown used to in regular game mode. For starters you are timed. That’s right you have 15 seconds to pop out an answer and if you don’t it defaults to whatever option A is. Talk about being pressed for time. On top of that the questions (in my opinion) are way harder! They have etiquette questions and whatnot. That is not my bag to be honest so I have not been rocking these answers.

Not only are the questions timed and harder but you still have to use energy for them! It’s kind of a bummer because it’s not on it’s own energy spectrum. The energy you use for the Spring Break Event is the same energy you need to use for the regular mode of playing. So unless you want to buy energy you need to split them up accordingly or take turns using them for either game play.

Oh and the cool points you acquire during Flirt Time only go towards the event you are in. For example just because you have 1,000 cool points in the regular mode of Liar! Uncover the Truth does not mean you have 1,000 for the Spring Break Event. You start out a zero in the Spring Break Event and have to work your way up.

Make sense?

Luckily you do not use your tickets for this route. WHEW! That’s some good news.

Our MC Is Pretty Ballsy

Spring Break3

This is the face of a woman who gives ZERO F’s

I mean seriously. Prepare yourself because she is not only stacking up multiple dates in the same day but in the same place… at basically the same time! I mean at one point three of her men are all in the same location. How crazy is that.

All I have to say is that if she gets caught she has a lot of explaining to do. Not only that but she doesn’t realize that quite a few of these men are total psychos. If they find out about each other she’s a goner. She’s putting my stress levels at ultimate levels.

Final Thoughts


This is actually pretty fun. I mean some of these men I actually want to see again… Yakuza Boss I’m looking at you. So having them pop back up into my life is pretty swell. I could do without the serious creepers though. Like the man “With Anger Issues” and the “Fanboy” could leave this planet forever. Oh, and take the “Cheater” with you!

Luckily that douchbag hasn’t shown up yet and it better stay that way! This is a new phone and I would hate to have it replaced because I accidently damaged it chucking it at a wall in a fit of rage after seeing that stupid guy!

So if you have some free time on your hands and want more out of Liar! Uncover the Truth than this is a pretty amusing way to pass the time!

Peace and Love Grimms I’m off to play more otome!

Liar Uncover the Truth: The Addict

Welcome Back Grimms!

My Liar! Uncover the Truth quest continues. Last time I had to say goodbye to my Yakuza Boss and I took it a little hard. Turns out that when role-playing in a fantasy world I’m not opposed to a man on the wrong side of the law. Who knew?

I will continue trying to keep these reviews as spoiler free as possible but if you really stack the reviews against each other and do some detective work you’ll notice as men slowly get eliminated.

So if you want to keep these reviews spoiler free I suggest you put your Sherlock hat away for now.

We’ve gone through many a man at this point and some of them have been real winners. I’m just kidding they have scarring and terrifying. At this point though I feel like I’m getting really good at calling out the Liar as I go through each route, my skills have been sharpened in order to survive.

So imagine my surprise when this route once again was able to pull the rug out from under me once again!

In this route we’re on the hunt for a no good ADDICT. Will this addict be a drug addict, work addict, shop addict, or addicted to the ladies of the night? Well we have to play the route to find out!

From the get go I thought I had this route in the bag! I was for sure I pinned down the addict and his addiction in record time. Turns out I was both right and horribly wrong at the same time. How is that possible? Because this is Voltage and they have a knack for throwing us all for a loop.

So get ready for another crazy ride otome lovers.

So what men do we have to choose from this time around?


Sotaro Shiga is a surgeon and from all appearances seems very great at his job. Being the wife of a doctor doesn’t sound that bad at all until you start taking into account a doctor’s hectic work schedule! I mean when a man list his hobby as work you have to wonder whether or not he’s found a good balance between his work life and romantic life. You don’t want to get all the way down the aisle before you realize that you’ll be spending the rest of your marriage alone with your husband working all of the time.


Azusa Kurono is young and tons of fun. In a lot of ways he seems the exact opposite of Sotaro! While Sotaro has the whole “cool and aloof” mentality working for him, Sotaro is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to laugh with you. It’s always a ton of fun with Azusa around! Life should be about balance though and while Azusa isn’t spending his life tied to the desk working he might be spending too much time away from it! Azusa is the type of guy to spend money on not only himself but also those around him at possible a shocking rate. I mean does he have the money to back up all of his purchases?


Itaru Yuikawa seems like the perfect gentleman but is that just a façade? He works in a very high stakes world as a Foreign Exchange Trader and it isn’t uncommon for men in his line of work to frequent hostess bars. It’s one thing to frequent these establishments for work or to kick back with your friends… It’s quite another thing to be financing the women who work there and their lifestyles. I mean I certainly don’t want my husband buying another woman an apartment!


Kazumi Kagami is a little older which should mean that he’s mature and possible ready to create the family you have always dreamed of. He’s an author though and that means he frequently spends time with the celebrities of the Japanese world. We all know that with that amount of money the parties can quickly get out of hand. You know what they say, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Is it possible that our sophisticated Kazumi is indulging in the stereotypical celebrity life style?

Final Thoughts

What can I say?

Voltage got me again with this route! For the second time in a row I’m actually sad to see one of these Liars go. I mean this was never one of the guys I was really rooting for but after getting the full story I’m a little heartbroken over everything. I can’t go into much more detail than that but while this man can’t be the husband the MC needs I really do want him to find happiness in life.

Prepare yourself now for some feels.

Bad End The MC says the hell with it and decides to be with this liar… With of course disastrous results. Knowing what I now know about this Liar I wonder if this is really how it will all go down.

Secret End We get to see everything from the Liar’s perspective and let me be real. It’s 100% HEARTBREAKING. Usually I feel zero sympathy for these liars but I have to admit this one pulled at the ‘ol heartstrings.

True End We take a stroll down memory lane aka the liars childhood moments. Glimpsing through these we are able to see how the Liar became the man he is today.

Love End The MC decides to throw caution to the wind and be with this Liar but with better results then the above bad end. IF the MC were to be with the Liar I would hope for this result. Again it’s not often I root for the Love End but there’s an exception to every rule.

Scumbag End Not going to lie this end just makes me want to cry. It’s basically what happens to our Liar after he loses the MC. I would like to take a moment to ugly cry about this.

Crying gif

So there you have it folks, our 7th Liar! I have to say that this was a pretty enjoyable route to play because Voltage really upped their game in order to make sure that they were still through surprises at the player. I mean what with all of their other Liars it’s hard to keep topping them but Voltage is not one to disappoint.

This route proves that!

Peace and Love Otome Fans ❤


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PSA: Pokeninja90, Lita Kino, and I Are Getting Ready For the OWLS April Livestream!

Hola Grimms and welcome back to GrimmGirl!

Today’s post is all about me upcoming livestream with Lita Kino from  Lita Kino Anime Corner and Pokeninja90 (Code Name: Naja) from Nice Job Breaking It Hero. If you are new to my neck of the wood you might not realize it but at the end of every month us three like to get together and recap the blog posts of that month’s blog tour.


For the month of April we did a Colors Tour:

“We are all part of one race, the human race. “Colors” refers to people of color in anime. For this monthly topic, we will be discussing how people of color or characters of different “races” (a literal alien race) are represented in anime. Some topics we are considering is the dangers of stereotyping, bi-racial characters, and the importance of racial inclusion.” 

Many OWLS members took up the challenge for this month’s tour and brought up some really amazing points using some of our favorite anime, and in one case this month a webtoon! Not only will Lita, Pokeninja90, and I be discussing our reactions to the different blog posts this month but so will other anime fans!

The great thing about joining us for the livestream LIVE is you get a chance to talk with other people through chat. It’s a pretty fun time! If you are unable to make during our actual livestream have no fear, the video will be up on our official OWLS YouTube channel where you can view whenever you want!

While you wont be able to ask any questions to us live you can always chat in the comment section below the video and we’ll be sure to get back to you in good time!

This month’s livestream will be on April 29, 2017 and will begin at 8pm Central/9pm EST. Don’t worry Lita is officially in charge of livestreams now so it will start on time!

I can’t wait to see you all on the 29th and maybe this livestream will answer some of our previously unanswered questions like… Will we ever find out more about Lita’s previous identity as Scarlet? Will Naja still give her stamp of approval for my novel of a post? Will my Granny Tech Skills every improve?!

All answers may be revealed this Saturday ❤ So we’ll see you there!


If you haven’t already subscribe to our official OWLS YouTube Channel by clicking on the name or make sure to follow my Twitter @Kat13Sade for the link at stream time!

Peace and Love Grimms ❤


If you missed out on the last livestream here it is!


Okay… Seriously bye Grimms!!!

Transferring Game Data On Voltage: A Tragedy

Hey Grimms 😀

I running late today but Otome Monday is still happening. I have had just the craziest past few days so zero time to blog or schedule post or much of anything! Expect run around like a crazy person.

Today’s post is a little bit of a departure from my usual posts but some very important information for everyone who’s a fan of Voltage Inc games. It’s about transferring game data. For example if you lose your tablet with all of your games does that mean you have to re-buy everything? Or if you buy a new phone and switch from Apple to Samsung is all of your hard work lost?

I recently did both of these things and let me tell you… This story does not end happily. So don’t be like me people. Learn from this tragic story and make sure you have everything ready to transfer in case of an emergency!

So here is the thing with Voltage games. There are two ways that you are able to transfer data (that I am aware of) and you need to check the game you are playing in order to know which way you will have to go about this. As I mentioned above I lost my tablet. I am convinced that it is somewhere in my house because I never bring it anywhere!

I seriously use my tablet strictly for otome… Do you think I want to bring that bad boy to a family gathering and have my nine year old niece poking around in there while I’m not looking. Hell no. The kid can read people!!! I rather not explain to her or her parents about what these games are about thank you very much.

So it has got to be in my house, but we can’t find it anywhere and it’s been since November! At the time my daughter was going through this phase where she would hid things but forget where she put them. We usually found them after a few days but we are still unable to find this table.

Do you know how many games I had on there?!!!!!! A FREAKING LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


No. I do not feel like I am being dramatic.

On top of that do you know how much progress I had on there? How many screenshots I had acquired? How many secondary routes I have accomplished. Do you know how many bad ends I had to suffer to get through The Joker’s route on Amnesia Memories?!!!!


As you can see this has been a very traumatic time for me. I even tried to transfer my data but it wouldn’t transfer to my computer (mac) or my Iphone, which has zero space for anything. Yesterday however I got a new phone and it looked like I might be able to save this tragic situation.

First I re-downloaded Liar! Uncover the Truth and it was a piece of cake. You see I had previously made one of those transfer account things so all I had to do was type in my email and password. Like magic all of my hard earned Liar routes (which I had been playing on my Iphone) we’re on my beautiful Samsung.

I had hope people. I had hope.

That was until I started downloading the rest of my Voltage games like Enchanted in the Moonlight and Scandal in the Spotlight and every other game you have seen me review on here (and many that you haven’t seen me review yet)! I started noticing a horrible trend when trying to transfer my game data.

See unlike Liar Uncover the Truth they weren’t looking for my transfer username and password… Oh no. They were looking for a specific code or letters and numbers.

Where would these specific codes be? You guessed it… On my tablet.

You see when you down load a Voltage game you can go into the tab marked “transfer” and they will give you a specific code. You need to keep track of this code because when a day comes around like say I don’t know you LOSE YOUR TABLET and you go to transfer your data, you will need to import that specific code on to your new device.

If you do not have that code there is NOTHING VOLTAGE CAN DO. Seriously, there is nothing. You just have to rebuy the games and call it a day.

Now why doesn’t Voltage have everything the way they have Liar! Uncover the Truth? The world shall never know but they don’t and now I’m screwed. So to avoid this in the future I will be re-downloading games and I will be putting all of their stupid codes in a word doc on my computer that will hopefully never be lost so in the event of an emergency I can still transfer data.

If you are reading this I seriously advise you to put your codes somewhere safe too!

The jury is still out on Amnesia Memories I might be able to salvage something but the morale of this story is make sure you know how to transfer your game data before you really need too.

See you Grimms later… If you hear any anguished cries tonight you’ll know why.

I do not own these images


Actual picture of me right now.