Sailor Moon Volume One Revisited

I’ll admit that this is a bit embarrassing but I haven’t posted in the manga section of GrimmGirl since February! That’s so bad. So I’m going to change that today and get things started with some Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is one of my favorite manga ever. I’ve already read it so I thought it […]

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You Are All The Best

Guess what is happening on GrimmGirl again? A GIVEAWAY! You lot are insane and I love it. If you remember from our first giveaway I promised another one as soon as we reached 50 followers/subscribers and guess what? We Just Did. I’m so happy right now. I did not think we would reach that goal so […]

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GrimmGirl Giveaway!

Yea! Everything is finally ready for our first giveaway on GrimmGirl. I’m super pumped and I want to thank everyone once again for their support. Here’s how this giveaway will work; in order to enter you need to be either a WordPress follower or an email subscriber, either one is fine. As I mentioned in […]

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