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Today’s post is all about me upcoming livestream with Lita Kino from  Lita Kino Anime Corner and Pokeninja90 (Code Name: Naja) from Nice Job Breaking It Hero. If you are new to my neck of the wood you might not realize it but at the end of every month us three like to get together and recap the blog posts of that month’s blog tour.


For the month of April we did a Colors Tour:

“We are all part of one race, the human race. “Colors” refers to people of color in anime. For this monthly topic, we will be discussing how people of color or characters of different “races” (a literal alien race) are represented in anime. Some topics we are considering is the dangers of stereotyping, bi-racial characters, and the importance of racial inclusion.” 

Many OWLS members took up the challenge for this month’s tour and brought up some really amazing points using some of our favorite anime, and in one case this month a webtoon! Not only will Lita, Pokeninja90, and I be discussing our reactions to the different blog posts this month but so will other anime fans!

The great thing about joining us for the livestream LIVE is you get a chance to talk with other people through chat. It’s a pretty fun time! If you are unable to make during our actual livestream have no fear, the video will be up on our official OWLS YouTube channel where you can view whenever you want!

While you wont be able to ask any questions to us live you can always chat in the comment section below the video and we’ll be sure to get back to you in good time!

This month’s livestream will be on April 29, 2017 and will begin at 8pm Central/9pm EST. Don’t worry Lita is officially in charge of livestreams now so it will start on time!

I can’t wait to see you all on the 29th and maybe this livestream will answer some of our previously unanswered questions like… Will we ever find out more about Lita’s previous identity as Scarlet? Will Naja still give her stamp of approval for my novel of a post? Will my Granny Tech Skills every improve?!

All answers may be revealed this Saturday ❤ So we’ll see you there!


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If you missed out on the last livestream here it is!


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Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 4

In Name Of the Moon…

I will bring you more Sailor Moon manga reviews!

Hahahaha… I slay myself.

Honestly before you get into this review you may want to refresh your memory with my last post Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 3 because it has been a loooonnnng minute since I last wrote a Sailor Moon post! In fact it’s been since September. I know shame on me for not keeping my manga posts more regular!


There will be zero spoilers in this post for volume 4 but there will be spoilers for volumes 1-3. This post is written with the idea that you have already read volumes 1-3. If you have never read Sailor Moon please start with my first review Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 1 for a spoiler free account of the first volume.


First let’s recap all that we have learned in regards to Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, and of course Tuxedo Mask. These last three volumes have been a whirlwind of adventures, mystery, and of course romance!

In the last volume we finally wrapped up the Dark Kingdom arch. Thankfully the goodness of Sailor Moon was able to prevail and the love between her and Tuxedo Mask was strong enough to break him out of his mind control. However things are not destined to be easy for them and with the defeat of one enemy a new one quickly appears.

Black Moon has decided to take on the Sailor Scouts and their true intentions remain a mystery. With Rei and Ami both missing due to the devious scheming of The Black Moon and their Prince Demande things are looking tense for the Sailor Scouts.

On top of dealing with Black Moon a new character was introduced and her origins and intentions are murky at best. Chibi-Usa literally fell from they sky and is demanding Sailor Moon hand over her Legendary Silver Crystal! While she seems like a small child her timing couldn’t be more suspect with Sailor Mars missing. After Sailor Mercury is also taken Sailor Moon slowly begins to suspect Chibi-Usa knows a lot more about Black Moon than she is telling.

Review of Volume 4


The Great Lita Graces Us For The Cover Of Volume 4 ❤

I am seriously obsessed with this manga and volume 4 continues to impress. I really do adore the character of Sailor Moon/Usagi because I find her to be so complex. On one hand she is just a third year middle schooler but on the other hand she is Sailor Moon. Sworn to protect those around her and with that comes the necessity to make hard decisions.

Since she is supposed to be this superhero figure I think we sometimes forget she is also in many ways still a teen! With that comes the insecurities and self-doubts that many of us possess, especially in our teen years. During this volume we see a lot of those self-doubts expressed by Usagi. Whether it is dealing with her strength as Sailor Moon or her relationship with Mamoru she is still learning who she is.

Just because someone says, “Hey you’re the reincarnation of Princess Serenity and are destined to one day be Queen Serenity ruler of the Millennium Kingdom.” Doesn’t mean you miraculously take on that rule overnight. Being told who you are and becoming who your are, are two totally different things and I think the fact that Usagi still continues to struggle with this is very realistic to her character development.

I think it is also interesting to see that Mamoru also struggles with his role as Tuxedo Mask. He loves Usagi and wants to protect her but feels like there is nothing he can do for her. I think having been taken under by Queen Beryl’s mind control is still having its effects on Mamoru. I mean it wasn’t Usagi who fell under her spell and put Mamoru’s life in jeopardy and I think Mamoru is still struggling with that guilt.

Not that I blame Mamoru!


With scenes like this to look forward to how are you not already reading this volume?

I’m just saying I get how as a character he would still need to process that. Just like Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Scouts he is still trying to find his place. What is his role? What can he do to help and protect Sailor Moon as Tuxedo Mask? This seems to plague Mamoru a lot during this volume.

Lastly we of course learn more about Chibi Usa and Black Moon. Talk about some surprise twists up ahead! Want even more incentive to read volume 4? Let’s just say you can look forward to a new character during this volume! Not only a new character but possible some more romance. Seriously, am I the only one digging the vibes between Lita and Ittou?

Hope you all are enjoying Sailor Moon as much as I am! Talk (or write I guess is more accurate) soon Grimms!


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Flashback Friday With Krystallina From DaiyaManga: Manga Review – Inu x Boku SS


I know I’m running a little late with this Flashback Friday (I normally post in the afternoon) but trust me this is worth the wait. Today we are traveling with Krystallina from DaiyaManga to March 13, 2015.

Talk about a flashback.

I was thinking to myself that this weekend would be a great one to do some reading and poof! This article floated across my screen. With Halloween coming up here in the States Krystallina’s review of Inu X Boku SS a manga series about these characters and their shared yokai secret is perfect.

I watched the anime Inu X Boku SS quite sometime ago but I remember really enjoying it. I have always wanted to read the manga in order to find out the full story since the anime only lasted one season. I’m happy to say I found Krystallina’s review very encouraging and I’m pretty hopeful that the manga will be really interesting.

So if you’re looking for something to do over this weekend you should read Krystallina’s review on Inu X Boku SS to see if this manga sounds right for you!

Not into supernatural/romance/dramedies but still need a manga for this weekend? Not a problem! Krystallina has tons of manga reviews on her site DaiyaManga so be sure to check them out.

Enjoy your weekend!


Inu x Boku SS Volume 1
Inu x Boku SS
Dog x Me Secret Service

妖狐×僕SS (いぬぼくシークレットサービス)
Shounen – Supernatural, romance, drama, comedy
6 Volumes (in progress) out of 11 (complete)
Yen Press


In an effort to change herself, Ririchiyo moves into Ayakashi Mansion to be alone. She is surprised to find a bodyguard, Soushi, obsessed with protecting and serving her. While Ririchiyo had no intention of getting close to anybody, all the residents of Ayakashi Mansion must rely on each other to protect their shared secret.

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Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 3

Sailor Scouts ❤

I hope you are caught up on volumes 1 and 2 of Sailor Moon. If not please take a moment to check out my previous posts Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume 1 and Sailor Moon Revisited: 2. While I will not reveal any spoilers for volume 3 I will be discuss spoilers from volume 1 and 2 in this post.



Let’s discuss Sailor Moon’s past adventures quick!

Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino a young woman living the school life as your average third year middle schooler. She claims to be a bit of a cry baby and in the beginning seems like she will be unreliable but through her adventures in volumes 1 and 2 we see her raise to her duties as a pretty Guardian in a sailor suit!

Her missions so far were to find the rest of the sailor scouts (check), find the moon princess (check), find the Legendary Silver Crystal (checkish), and finally protect the Legendary Silver Crystal will defeating the Dark Kingdom (working on it).

Usagi was able to find the rest of her Guardian friends in Ami (Sailor Mercury), Rei (Sailor Mars), Makoto (Sailor Jupiter), and Minako (Sailor Venus) and together they are working to fight the Dark Kingdom. Through her fights against evil with her friends she is able to recover her memory and remember that she is actually the moon princess!

Sailor Moon is also able to remember the full details of her relationship to Tuxedo Mask. While she has always maintained there was a connection between herself and Tuxedo Mask she finally is able to remember their full past.

She now understands that Endymion (Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru) was killed while fighting against the Dark Kingdom in their first bid to take over the Earth and steal the Legendary Crystal. In her despair she killed herself with the faith that someday they would be reincarnated in order to be together.

Her mother the former Queen Serenity was so distraught at the loss of her daughter she was unable to fully seal away the powers of the Dark Kingdom. She was able to send Luna to her daughter’s reincarnation along with Artimis to Sailor Venus’s new persona. The rest of the Sailor Scouts were also able to reincarnate as well.

During battle against the Dark Kingdom when Sailor Moon fears that Tuxedo Mask will die the Legendary Silver Crystal appears in Sailor Moon. The light however is sucked into Tuxedo Mask who is then kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom! Queen Beryl uses her powers of darkness to resurrect Tuxedo Mask in the image of the Dark Kingdom.


Volume 3


Queen Beryl… GRRRRRRR

Can I just start out by saying what a great volume! This volume has everything! Not only does it bring the drama as the fight between the Sailor Scouts and the Dark Kingdom rages on but we also continue to learn more about how their lives were intertwined in the past in order to set the stage for the present.

It turns out there is more to the relationship between Queen Beryl and Endymion than we may have previously considered, will the love between Mamoru and Usagi be enough to break her mind control?

I’m also a huge romantic so I have no shame in saying that I misted up during this volume. The love between Usagi and Mamoru is so strong and it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch their present state. The confusion Usagi feels as Sailor Moon is wrenching.

She wants to protect the Earth, restore her kingdom, be there for her friends, and save the only man she has ever loved but is all of that possible? Is it even realistic now that Queen Beryl has ensnared Mamoru in her pit of darkness? In the end will she be forced to fight Mamoru in order to protect everyone? Is history destined to repeat itself?

While Endymion and Princess Serenity loved each other deeply in their past lives, their love was forbidden. They were from different worlds after all. Even now having been born on the same planet will Usagi be forced to fight him causing her to once again to face a life devoid of him?

Talk about INTENSE.


Gah! All the emotional feels! Say strong Sailor Moon ❤

This volume is just another example of why I get so ticked off at the 90’s version of Sailor Moon. They paint her as this total ditz when in reality she was making decisions grown adults would run away from. She wasn’t prancing around cracking jokes and finding stupid “weight-loss” monsters trying to steal energy.

The fact of the matter is the original manga has a much more serious tone to it that the 90’s anime didn’t even attempt to portray. It was never meant to be a comedy anime. I mean yes every once in awhile a character will say something to make me chuckle or smile but that was never the main vibe of the series!

This volume is a perfect example of the difference between 90’s Sailor Moon and the original manga version. In this volume we get to see Usagi fully come into her own as both the Princess of her kingdom but as warrior for truth and justice. Say what you will about the drawing style of Sailor Moon Crystal I will always take that over the 90’s version for it’s ability to showcase the true strength Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts portrayed through the manga.

Volume 3 also introduces some new characters that are sure to keep everyone on their toes in the future. On top of the Sailor Scouts quickly realize that the Dark Kingdom isn’t the only evil force in the galaxy in fact a growing evil is already beginning to make itself known!

I hope you all are enjoying Sailor Moon as much as I am. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite Sailor Moon characters. I have to say that Usagi, Rei, and Mamoru are my top three!

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The Portrayal of Women and Men In Anime and Manga

Anime fans get ready!

I mentioned this in my post The Future of GrimmGirl but the time is finally here. I have been noticing a lot of bloggers tackling the issue of whether or not anime characters demean women. This is certainly a loaded topic but honestly it was just a matter of time before I jumped into the ring.

To start this post off I want to be 100% honest with my perspective. I consider myself through and through a FEMINIST. A lot of people seem to shy away from this term but I don’t. I think the majority of people who shy away from the term don’t have a clear understanding of what a feminist is.

For this topic I think it is very important that we are all on the same page about what a feminist is because there are a lot of misconceptions about what a feminist is.

Feminism meme

Me nearly every time I go online…

By definition a feminist is somebody who supports feminism.

Webster defines feminism as, “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”

Nowhere in that definition does it say that a feminist is a man-hater. Anyone that says that a feminist hates men is not a feminist and does not have an understanding of what feminism means. A feminist simply wants EQUALITY to men in political, social, and economic realms.

So a little background on myself, I read a lot of content on feminism. It is an incredible important topic and my background influences how I look at women and men in the media. It’s important to me that you understand my perspective going into this topic isn’t taken lightly. The portrayal of women and men in the media is something I read and learn about extensively.

My thoughts on the subject are constantly evolving but I recognize that my background is going to influence how I view women and men in anime and which situations I find demeaning and why. I personal think that this is a good thing.

Feminism Meme

You tell ’em Emma!!!

So with that out of the way I think it is time to tackle this issue head on. Do I think that women are demeaned in anime? Yes, sometimes they certainly are. Do I think men are demeaned in anime? Yes, sometimes they certainly are. Here’s the thing though. This isn’t an anime problem solely this is a social problem.

Whenever I read topics on demeaning characters I almost always come across three problems with whatever I’m reading.

The first problem I come across is that the topic is almost ALWAYS related to fan service, the second problem deals with what the female character is wearing, and my third problem is that whether or not males are being demeaned is RARELY addressed. So let’s talk about these things first.



The first thing I want to address is again the definition of this word.

“Fanservice or service cut is material in a work of fiction or in fictional series which is intentionally added to please the audience. The term originated in anime and manga fandoms but has been used in other mediums.” –Google Definition


I noticed something as well, the fact that once again it’s “demeaning” for women to show cleavage and look provocative. Of course they must be doing it for male attention.

I notice a lot of writers tend to use fan service as an example of the plight of women in anime. Examples include unnecessary panty shots, jiggly boobs bouncing all over the place, and of course the lead male character accidentally falling into said girls breasts.

The argument is that these poor female characters are being exploited for a bunch of pervy male fantasies. How dare these men draw women’s panties, big bouncy breasts, and show the male characters falling head first into said boobies!

Whelp… I’m about to tell you right now that fan service IS NOT when I find women, or men for that matter demeaned in anime.

Listen up people cause I’m about to hit you with some knowledge.

Women wear panties.

Guess what else?

Sometimes they show.

It happens in real life and you know what sometimes when they show people see them.

I’m about to take this one step further readers because guess what else?

Sometimes when they see them they’re a little aroused. It happens.

Same goes for bouncy boobs and while I can’t say I’ve ever had a guy land face first into my boobs I can say that I have accidentally sat on a guy’s hand before and therefore he touched my butt.

I can hear the muttering happening already, “Are you saying these situations aren’t demeaning because they can happen in real life?”


That’s not why they’re not demeaning. I’m merely setting you up for my main point. My main point is that after this happens in an anime, after the male character sees the panty shot, notices the bouncing boobs, or falls face first into her breast what does he do next?

Does he try to take a picture of her panties to show his friends later? No.

Does he shout out to her as she’s running, “Hey nice tits! I like mine big and bouncy!” No.

Does he hold the girl down after falling on her and try to reach his hand up her shirt? No.

What does he normally do? He normally blushes and looks away and if she noticed him he apologizes on the chance that he made her uncomfortable.


Look, is it necessary for a bath at the moment? Probably not. Ask yourself this though. What’s more demeaning? A woman taking a bath or YOUR reaction to a woman taking a bath?

Now this is important because guess what males and females of the anime viewing world. This is how we should all act in these types of situations. Whether you are male or female there has been a time in your life when you have been checking someone out that you’re attracted to.

That is nothing to be ashamed of, that being said you should make it a point not to make that person uncomfortable with your looks or your words and if you do you should apologize period. It’s not cool to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

If the male character did any of the above things like trying to snap a picture I would find that demeaning.

Now I’m not saying fanservice can’t be annoying, I’m saying that defining all fanservice as demeaning to women isn’t actually true.


Female Clothing

Slut shaming

We really do.

I find this complaint so ANNOYING and completely hypocritical. Let me tell you right now as a society we have GOT TO STOP JUDGING WOMEN BASED ON THEIR CLOTHING. I don’t care if she’s animated, fictional, or the chick sitting next to you.

Knock it off.

The length of her skirt does not determine a women’s worth as a character or as a person.

Slut Shaming2

Damn straight Samantha

Trust me. My IQ, feelings, personality, morals, ethics, and beliefs are not defined each day by whether or not I decide to show cleavage.

The fact that we constantly use what our female characters worth on the show is by what her outfit is, is really the demeaning thing because it reinforces the idea that a women is only as good as the modesty she portrays.

What a bunch of bullshit.


Need an example? I can’t count the number of times I’ve had people complain about Ezra’s wardrobe in Fairy Tale.

“She’s a good character but once again she’s being exploited by her creators. Look at those outfits she wears. You wouldn’t fight in those outfits… Talk about the writer acting out his sex fantasies… I’m so sick of strong females being reduced big breasted bimbos.”

slut shaming3

It’s true. Your boobs CAN go wherever you want, just like our female anime characters.


Ummm… I’m sorry but how did she all of a sudden get reduced to a bimbo?

Did she all of a sudden stop becoming one of the strongest members of Fairy Tale when she changed from her normal outfit to her flight armor?

Did she suddenly stop caring about her friends and abandon them?


Did she start attacking people weaker than her in order to get the things she wanted?


As I recall she ended up kicking her foes ass and saving the day as usual. Once again proving that what a women wears in no way effects how she should be approached or viewed as a person or character.

In fact how do the other characters react to her requip magic? By being impressed by her fighting skills. That’s right there’s a hot chick with revealing clothing parading around and the other characters aren’t constantly commenting on her cleavage. They’re more concerned about how well she’s doing her job. I wish our society could be as mature.

To bring this hypocrisy home I would like to draw your attention to Natsu and Gray. Guess how many times I’ve heard anyone comment on Natsu’s lack of shirt or Gray’s lack of clothes in general.


Why? I’ll tell you why, because men wearing revealing clothing has never been once been used to judge their worth. A man fighting without his shirt is fine, a women fighting in a bikini top is unnatural. The message being that women’s bodies are unnatural and therefore need to be covered up.

If you are comfortable with Gray and Natsu’s outfits than you should be comfortable with Erza’s outfits as well. That’s equality.


Fanservice isn’t just for the male anime viewers… The ladies like it too. Natsu, Gray, and these fine gentlemen are proof of that. Don’t even get me started on those yaoi scenes. ❤


Men in Anime

With everything that I have been discussing at this point you are probably wondering what I do find demeaning in anime. I mean at the beginning of this post I did say that I have seen women demeaned in anime. I also said I’ve seen men demeaned in anime.

So if it’s not fan service or clothing that I find demeaning than what is it?

What I find demeaning is actually closely related to the lack of discussion about what I find demeaning about men in anime. For this reason I’m putting this all in one category.

What I find demeaning in anime is what I find demeaning in all media.

The support of Rape Culture.

rape culture meme

I’ve written about rape culture before but never in conjunction with anime. For those of you who are unaware rape culture is when society blames women for sexual assault and normalizes male sexual violence.

When anime (or media in general) write stories that either blame women for a sexual assault or normalize male sexual violence it is demeaning to both of us. Sadly these instances take place in our anime and even more terrifying many times we don’t even recognize it.

You all may remember my review Seven Deadly Sins… I Hate It, which actually happens to be a prime example of an anime upholding rape culture and therefore demeaning both women and men.

An example from the show would be when Elizabeth first comes into Milodas’s bar. She passes out at the bar counter and Milodas takes her upstairs to his room while she’s unconscious and then proceeds to sexually assault her by grabbing her breasts while she is still unconscious. The show also continues to blame Elizabeth for her sexual assaults by not “reacting” correctly to Milodas advances instead of blaming Milodas himself for his actions.

This is an example of rape culture.

The writer took a situation that is actually very serious and normalized it in the media. A man grabbing an unconscious women’s breasts is not normal, funny, or something that should be tolerated.

Rape Culture Meme3

How unwanted sexual encounters should be portrayed by media, anime and manga included.

This demeans men because let me ask you this male readers. Are you the type of person that would assault a woman while she was unconscious? I hope not. However images like this enforce the idea to the women watching that men are exactly like that.

Something that men need to start understanding is that women are taught from an early age that men can’t be trusted when it comes to sex.

To put it in perspective let me hit you with a fact. By the age of 18 one in four women will have been sexually assaulted. That’s just by the age of 18. Also this is women in general. Your statistics go up given social economic status and race.

We are constantly on the lookout for situations that can get us raped. Why? Because along with being taught that we must be vigilant or we will be raped it’s also made very clear to us that if we are raped it is mostly our fault, not that of the person who assaulted us.

Rape Culture Meme4

Poll time: Comment below if you remember having a conversation with your parents on what consent should look and feel like with a sexual partner. Now comment below if you have had a conversation with your parents on how to avoid being raped… Sadly I bet the majority of comments will be on how to avoid being raped.

Think I’m exaggerating? Next time a rape case is reported in your area check out the comment section and see how many people ask what the victim was wearing or whether or not she was drunk. Neither of these things should matter but we have all grown up in a society where we have become more comfortable blaming the victim then the perpetrator.

So when this idea is enforced in the media it makes me really upset. Whether it’s anime, manga, or a tv show if rape culture is being upheld I find it demeaning on both parties. When we normalize male sexual violence in our anime we reinforce the idea that all men are sexually violent and that this is normal.

As a male reader do you feel that you’re sexually violent? That this is normal for you? I doubt you do but that is how men can be depicted in anime, manga, and the media and that’s demeaning.

As a female reader do you feel that sexual violence is the fault of the victim? I doubt you do but that is how women can be depicted in anime, manga, and the media and that’s demeaning.

I believe that many times people are so focused on fan service and character outfits that we lose focus on what really demeans all of us. Situations in anime shows where sexual violence by men is normalized and female victims are blamed for assaults.

We need to be more vigilant for these types of situations when viewing anime and manga because these are the instances that demean women and men in anime. When we are able to notice these moments we are able to combat our own biases and more ethical choices when it comes to the products we support.

Rape Culture Meme2

This is what rape is about and this is how much we have normalized male violence. To tell someone else you have raped them is an acceptable form of letting them know that you have dominated and humiliated them.

When we don’t use our money to support products that uphold rape culture and site that as our reasoning we send a clear message to the creators of these shows. The message is that we do not support characters that demean men and women by normalizing sexual violence by men or victim blaming people who have been sexually assaulted.


Final Thoughts

This was a long post but I hope it has given everyone a lot of things to consider while watching and reading anime and manga. I really do think it is important that as consumers we are vigilante about where we are seeing rape culture being upheld in our society and anime and manga is no exception.

I am hoping that I have articulated my point within my post but if you have any questions or comments please be sure to voice them in the comment section below.

I would also like to take this time to remind everyone that while discussion is promoted in the GrimmGirl community hate filled comments will not be tolerated. When voicing your opinion please make sure to do it in a respectful way that promotes enlightened conversation.

Thanks for reading everyone, I know this was a long one!

Fruits Basket Revisited: Volume 5

Wonderful people!

Today is the day for more Fruits Basket manga. I will be reviewing volume 5 today. If you haven’t read Fruits Basket before I urge you to check out my first review Fruits Basket Revisited Volume One and work your way up to this one. While there won’t be spoilers for volume 5 in this review, there will be spoilers for volumes 1-4.

FB Vol 5



Speaking of volume for we need to do a brief recap. Volume for is where we finally meet Akito in an official capacity. He comes to see Tohru and Yuki sees him as well. Throughout the series it has been hinted that Yuki suffers some sort of deep-seated trauma with Akito somehow wrapped up in it. Yuki’s reaction to seeing Akito really gives a lot of insight into Yuki’s character. Saying that Yuki appears to fear Akito seems to be putting things lightly. A more accurate description would be that Yuki dreads coming in contact with Akito.

Luckily Tohru is there and is able to pull Yuki out of his situation. While she doesn’t understand why Yuki seems so terrified so is conscious enough about the situation to know that it is in Yuki’s best interest to get out of there. Say what you will about Tohru’s ditzy side but she really is a good friend.

We are also able to meet Ayame, Yuki’s older brother. He is basically the exact opposite of Yuki. He is incredible flamboyant and makes for a really fun character. Unfortunately the things I love about him are the things that drive Yuki (and Kyo for that matter) crazy. Ayame comes onto the scene with the goal of connecting with Yuki.

We don’t know the exact details but Ayame explains that because of their age difference (They’re ten years apart) he never paid much attention to Yuki growing up. He feels guilty for not being apart of Yuki’s life and wants them to come together as real brothers. Yuki on the other hand mostly just wants him to leave.

We also learned that the reason we have never seen Momiji’s parents and why he lives at the Sohma main house instead of with his family is because his mother doesn’t know he exists. His mother was so distrust after having him that Hatori erased her memories of being his mother.

His father promised to love him enough to make up for the lack of his mothers love but because she doesn’t know about him Momiji can’t live with his family. He also has a little sister who isn’t part of the zodiac curse who lives with his mother and father and has no idea that she has an older brother. The scene where Momiji told Tohru his backstory made me cry. I just wanted to hug him. The drawing of Tohru hugging Momiji in his rabbit form is one of my favorite drawings of the series.

Finally Tohru also visits her mother’s grave in honor of the day she passed away. This visit is interesting because afterwards both Yuki and Kyo exhibit strange behavior. Yuki finds the red hat Tohru has kept as a memento of her first love since childhood and seems to recall something from his past. Kyo finds Tohru sleeping and apologizes to her as she dreams. What he is apologizing for we have yet to learn.

FB Vol 5 Shigure and Ayame

You know boys this is exactly why Kyo and Yuki get so angry with you :p


Volume 5 Review

I have to say this is probably one of my favorite volumes in the series. Volume 5 is so funny I can’t count the numbers of times I laughed. I have mentioned it before but I love the sense of humor portrayed by each of the characters. I think the comedic side of Fruits Basket is very well written.

One thing to look forward to that is sure to make you laugh is another appearance by Ayame. I’m telling you when he is in a scene you are sure to laugh. Especially when he talks to Yuki. I love seeing their extremely different personalities bounce of each other.

We also get a more in depth look at Yuki’s off the rails fan club. Tohru has had some exchanges with members of the club in the past but thanks to her gal pals Hana and Arisa they haven’t been able to cause much trouble. In this volume we get to meet Motoko Minagawa a third year with very intense Yuki Fangirl Feelings. They decide that the way to get to Tohru is through Hana and they results are pretty laugh worthy in my opinion.

While there are a lot of laughs in this volume it wouldn’t be Fruits Basket without some tears. We are also introduced to a new character that is related to the Sohma family. Her introduction gives a few of the characters an opportunity to for reflection and growth.

Last but not least volume 5 also provides some intimate moments between Kyo, Yuki, and Toruh. What would shojo be without a little romance right? This volume delivers in that category for sure. If you are anything like me you will be provided with many, “Ehhhhhhhh, they’re so cute together” moments.

Speaking of Kyo and Yuki, whom are you rooting for in quest for Tohru’s heart? I ship Kyo and Tohru myself ❤

FB Vol 5 Kyo and Yuki

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Umineko (When They Cry) Episode 1 Turn of the Golden Witch

Ohayo fellow Otaku 🙂

As you know I’m still working on my volume manga reviews for Fruits Basket and Sailor Moon but I thought it was about time I added another one to chip away at. If you have never heard of Umineko: When They Cry you are in for a treat. I should warn you though this series is a 180 from Fruits Basket and Sailor Moon as far as genres go. Which is exactly why I thought it would make a nice addition. Got break things up a bit!

Umineko (When They Cry): Legend of the Golden Witch Episode 1 is written by Ryukishino7 with artwork done by Kei Natsumi, I’ve already read part of the series but I haven’t finished it. I decided to start again with volume one for GrimmGirl and work my way back up.

Umineko Battler

“Each year, the Ushiromiya family gathers at the secluded mansion of its Patriarch, the elderly Kinzo. It has been six years since Battler joined his cousins at their annual event, but their happy reunion is overshadowed by worsening weather and an eerie premonition from his youngest cousin- not to mention their parents’ feud over the inheritance. 

Battler doesn’t hold much stock in Dark Omens, nor does he believe the Tales of the Witch rumored to have given his grandfather a fortune in gold… And who walks the halls of the mansion to this day… But when the eighteen family members and servants are trapped on the island by the raging Typhoon, the grisly events that follow leave Battler shaken to his core.

Is one of his relatives desperate enough to kill for the family fortune? Or is this the work of the Golden Witch?”

As you can tell from the description this falls into a more supernatural/crime sort of category. It is a graphic manga as far as the crime scenes are concerned and is rated older teen. So keep this in mind.

I LOVE this manga. 

I think the storyline is great and it really keeps you interested. If anyone here has ever read Agatha Christie’s book And Then There Were None (formally known as Ten Little Indians but thankfully has since been changed) this story has that same sort of vibe.

Essentially eighteen people are stuck on an island and a horrible crime takes place. Nobody knows who is responsible for it but because of a horrible storm they can’t call for help or get off the island till the next day.

Leading up to the crime and afterwards you are introduced to the characters and glean a little bit about everyone’s lives. You learn that their Grandfather is dying and also obsessed with the occult.

Umineko Krauss

He is convinced that the witch Beatrice truly exists. His children are convinced that he just made her up in order to cause chaos in the inheritance discussions. His grandchildren think that Beatrice is just a story made up to scare them when they were kids… That is all of them except the youngest, Maria, who is convinced that Beatrice not only exists, but is on the island among them.

Battler is the main character in the story and he refuses to believe that witches or the occult are anything more than a bunch of nonsense. However when Maria hands over a letter that she claims came from Beatrice everything the family thought they new slowly tumbles into chaos.

Things become even worse when a crime is committed and family members begin suspecting one another. Battler doesn’t want to believe anyone in his family could do such a horrible thing. They may be obsessed with money and petty with each other but at the end of the day they would never purposely hurt each other… Right?

If it wasn’t one of them though then who was it? Is it possible that there is a nineteenth person on the island? Is it Beatrice and if so what does she want?

The first volume ends with Battler trying to figure out the answers to these questions while trying to stay sane himself.

If you’re into to supernatural crime manga I highly recommend you check this series out! I can’t wait to come back with my review of episode 2.

Umineko Maria


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