Let’s Talk About The French Wardrobe

Grimms ❤

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I know I am! If you don’t know already I personally live in a somewhat cold climate. If you are from America you know the Midwest tends to get a wee bit chilly in the winter months. By that I mean expect snow and below zero temperatures from at LEAST November to March… Sometimes April… Sometimes May.


This weekend is beautiful for us though, what with temperatures in the 60’s 😀 We’re in heaven right now! It also means that our beloved winter is ending, spring is coming into full swing, and summer is right around the corner. With the weather changing it usually means… New wardrobe.

Now here’s the thing about buying clothing, we need to be careful when we make purchases. The clothing industry is rife with exploitation and our buying habits can support that. Just like when we buy makeup our purchases can support cruelty by being tested on animals and our clothing choices can support cruelty by hurting humans.

This becomes very noticeable when we look at fast fashion. Just a reminder but fast fashion is, “A contempory term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends.”

In order to make things quicker and get them into stores as fast as possible garments are made cheaper and the workers are paid so much less than minimum wage it’s crazy.

The only way a company can make a shirt for five dollars is if they are paying their workers poverty wages and have the knowledge that you will be back. How do they know you’ll be back? Because that five dollar shirt is only going to last a few weeks (if that) before it tears or gets some sort of hole in it and you’ll waltz back in for a new shirt. Not only will you end up spending more money, which will contribute to sweatshop factories, but that shirt will get thrown away which is killing the environment.

So what can we do to help?


First off… Let’s avoid this.

Buy second hand or high-end from a company with transparency. The company should feel comfortable discussing how much they play their garment workers and things like that. We can also do our best to keep our wardrobes small. What I mean is that it’s not good to constantly buy new items and throw out old ones to pollute our environment.

Clothing ends up in landfills and trust me… It takes quite some time to break down. The amount of tossed aside clothing is an environmental nightmare.

So today I want to talk about something I try to live by which is the idea of a French Wardrobe. If you have never heard of this it basically means that you limit your wardrobe. This way you are able to keep your clothing waste down and also save money, which gives you the ability to buy a high-end product when necessary.

So first off you need to make sure that you have a good assortment of basics. Basics are things like shirts (without graphics) or other things you cannot live without and can wear over and over again. Basically when you think basic you need to think timeless. Items that even 5 years from now you can still incorporate in your wardrobe without people thinking, “Whoa. Acid wash, lightening patterned jeans, with bows… That’s so two seasons ago.”

Okay I exaggerate on what becomes trendy but you get what I mean!

You get your basics and then you build your sense of style around them. Each season you allow yourself to buy up to five items to either replace or add to your wardrobe. This cuts down on clothing costs and the amount of clothes you are willing to toss out. It also means that you have to put in a lot of thought as to what you are going to buy.

If you know you only get five things to add to your summer wardrobe you are going to think before you buy so that you don’t have any regrets. These items you choose do not have to be basics but can also build around your basics. For instance my basic skinny jeans are going to look different if I pair them with heels and a blazer versus my chucks and an anime graphic tee. You want basics that you can build around but you also want stand out pieces that make your wardrobe your own.

You need to use your five items for all of that! So be careful with your choices.

With that in mind I guarantee you are going to think long and hard about buying those shorts that you only kind of like even though they are such a good price. I’m going to have to through in a snarky eye roll for that thought because let’s get real. It doesn’t matter how good the price is if you don’t even really like it! If you limit your ability to just get something different next week you are going to be more strict in making sure that you love the items you are buying.

I mean how often do we buy something we kind of like at the store only to have it pushed back in our closet where it never sees the light of day. Who cares if it was only $15 if we never even wear it, am I right? That’s basically just $15 straight down the drain that we could’ve saved for something we actually adore.


Let’s also avoid this scenario :p

Since spring is here I have already started purchasing my five items! I’ll be doing a post later this week, showing off my wares for the new season so look forward to that! If you are interested in learning more about what a French Wardrobe would look like check out this link by WhoWhatWear. I find it to be very well written! You can also always ask any questions below

Don’t forget to look out for my post on some of my thrifty finds this week. Let me know in the comments below what your first impressions of the French Wardrobe are. Do you think it is something you could start doing?

Until tomorrow Grimms ❤

Ethical Look: Little Gray Dress

Ehhhhh! Something new, something new! I’m so excited about this. You all may remember from my fast fashion post that I’m trying to have a more sustainable wardrobe. I want to cut out fast fashion entirely because the cost of sweatshops is just two high a price to pay for a cheap outfit. That being said in order to shop ethically I have to choices; buy high end or shop second hand. Talk about polar opposites!

The perks of shopping high end are pretty swell. The items are going to last longer because they are made with higher quality. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that the workers were paid a fare wage. That being said it is pricey.

This makes sense when you think about it. You can’t buy a $5.00 shirt and expect that the person who made it was paid even minimum wage. If you did think I’m sorry to break the news to you but they’re not. They are mostly likely working in a sweatshop in horrible conditions.

The perks of second hand items are swell as well (like what I did there?). You are recycling clothes that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Trust me, we do not need anything else in our landfills. You are also getting them at a super low price without supporting a company that is using sweatshops.

The downside is that the majority of things you find in a second hand shop are going to be fast fashion items. Again this makes sense. The problem with fast fashion is that it is fast. There are constantly new items at low prices so people buy them up quickly and later realize that they don’t really like them or that they have to much so the donate it to Goodwill or some other thrift shop.

So in order to make a sustainable wardrobe that doesn’t drain your wallet (I’m not a millionaire people) we need to create a balance between thrift shop items (that will probably wear out quickly) and high-end items (that will last longer but are expensive). So what’s my advice? I buy my basics second hand and build around them.

So for my first example I give you my basic gray dress! This baby cost me a grand total of $14.00 and is a staple of my wardrobe because of its versatility. I can create fun edgy looks like the one shown below but imagine this same dress with a cardigan, leggings, and flats. Big difference in delivery isn’t it? Same dress but countless possibilities.

Gray Dress

You’ll notice I paired this out fight with sheer black tights, a pleather jacket (save the animals), and vegan leather Doc Martens. The Doc Martens are my high-end item costing me $130. True to my promise though I’ve had these shoes for two years and they look brand new.


I would also like to point out that my Docs were bought before my ethical and cruelty-free days so while these shoes do not use animal products this company as a whole does. So if you want Doc Martens but want to be cruelty-free be very careful making your purchases here or you’ll end up walking in straight up leather.

Personally I won’t be buying Doc Martens again until their policy on using leather completely changes but I’m happy to see they are starting to include more leather free options. It is certainly a start 🙂 and I will continue to wear my animal free Docs in the meantime.

I hope you enjoyed this look and found this post helpful. I will be posting more cruelty-free style looks but it will most likely be a monthly thing for now. Sadly I do not have a camera of my own (besides my phone and tablet) so my talented sister agreed to shoot these photos of me with her camera. I can’t thank her enough and if you want to see more of her be sure to check out her blog Wayward Wanton.

gray dress3


Don’t forget to comment below with any suggestions for future posts!

These photos are owned by GrimmGirl and Torri Nicole Perspectively Do Not Reproduce Without Permission Excerpts and links may be used provided that full and clear credit is given to GrimmGirl and Torri Nicole with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Happy Monday: GrimmGirl Giveaway Starts Today!

Hi everyone!

As promised today is the day we start our second GrimmGirl giveaway. Last time I gave away a super cute DBZ mug and some Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood. If you missed out on winning those two prizes this week is your chance to score something new!

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So without further delay I will announce the prizes for GrimmGirl’s second giveaway!

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Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 1 and A $20 Gift Card to Ulta!

Alice in the Country of Hearts Giveaway

I hope you all enjoy the prizes I’ve picked for this giveaway. I chose Alice in the Country of Hearts in honor of my recent foray into otome games and the Ulta gift card on the chance to give everyone a chance to pick up some of the cruelty-free products I’ve been mentioning in my reviews/makeup looks.

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You Are All The Best

Guess what is happening on GrimmGirl again? A GIVEAWAY! You lot are insane and I love it. If you remember from our first giveaway I promised another one as soon as we reached 50 followers/subscribers and guess what? We Just Did. I’m so happy right now. I did not think we would reach that goal so quickly so I’m really pumped up. So to everyone who has supported GrimmGirl up to this point thank you so much.

I have a pretty good idea about what I would like to do for my giveaway this time but I won’t have everything until Monday. This actually works out nicely because now we can all look forward to Monday! I will be posting the prizes and will run the giveaway the exact same way as last time 🙂 Again this giveaway is to thank those of you who have supported me up until this point so in order to enter you need to either be a follower or email subscriber. I will also announce the winner on Twitter to don’t forget to follow me if you haven’t already!

Thanks again everyone, you’re all the best.

anime friends

GrimmGirl Giveaway!

Yea! Everything is finally ready for our first giveaway on GrimmGirl. I’m super pumped and I want to thank everyone once again for their support. Here’s how this giveaway will work; in order to enter you need to be either a WordPress follower or an email subscriber, either one is fine. As I mentioned in my previous post Thank You to My Amazing Followers I really am not intending this giveaway to generate new traffic but to give my thanks to all of the people who have supported GrimmGirl up till now.

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If you have any question or comments please let me know.

Finally in case you have forgotten what our wonderful prizes are you can take a look!


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Thank You to My Amazing Followers!

I’m so happy that we have officially broken past twenty followers for GrimmGirl ❤ Thank you to everyone who enjoys reading my off-beat ramblings on whatever pops into my head. I wanted to thank everyone and I thought doing a giveaway would be a smashing way to go about it. I have never done a giveaway before so I had to look up some info about it. From what I can tell a lot of giveaways are geared towards bringing traffic towards their site. I have nothing against that, but that is not what I wanted this giveaway to be about.

I want to offer my sincerest thanks to the people here right now. So here is how this giveaway is going to work. I have already chosen two presents that I feel hold meaning to the origins of GrimmGirl.

The first is a velour liquid lipstick from Jeffree Star cosmetics. If you all remember my first make up review was That’s When I Realized All Other Lipsticks Were Dead to Me… on the purchase of a lipstick from Jeffree Star and I fell in love with it. My favorite shade is Unicorn Blood so I thought it would make a great gift for someone else to get a chance to try it.

My second gift is a Dragon Ball Z themed coffee mug in honor of the first post for my Anime Challenge 30 Week Anime Challenge which was about the first anime I watched. I think a lot of people can relate to Dragon Ball Z being their introduction to anime so I felt like all around it was a good choice.

I really hope you all are pumped about these gifts. I’ve ordered them both already and as soon as they come in a winner will be randomly selected. If you are chosen and you decide you wish to decline the gifts or are maybe just interested in one please don’t hesitate to say so. I can always select a second choice at random!

Thank you again for supporting GrimmGirl 😀 My next giveaway will be at 50 followers! Here’s to the future.

If I’m Not Looking it’s Not Real: Fast Fashion

What is fast fashion? I’ll admit that I am just learning about this and becoming a more aware consumer. This year I really want to be more conscious about what I am buying and how it is affecting the people and environment around me.

So one of my goals this year is to avoid fast fashion like the plague. Like I said earlier I am just becoming aware of what fast fashion means and the pitfalls of it so I thought this would be a really good thing to post about. My guess is there are a lot more people than just me who are not super aware about how their shopping habits are effecting others.

Fast Fashion

Over-Dressed by Elizabet L. Cline is on my Book List for this year.

Fast fashion is actually a very straightforward concept. Companies create hundreds of items quickly and sell them for cheap prices. So far this doesn’t sound like a bad thing, until you realize how they are able to do it. In order to create so many items quickly they use cheaper, less durable materials and they are created in this simplest means possible in order to be made quickly.

This sacrifice on quality creates environmental concerns along with financial ones for the consumer. Environmentally we have to consider where do all these clothes go after they rip and tear? Because they have been made so poorly they will, and much quicker than a well made garment.

We have all been there. You find a super cute dress at Target and literally a month later the zipper goes out. If you are like me you hold on to it for a few weeks pretending that you’re going to find someone to fix it, but eventually you throw it away.

This has never seemed like a big deal to me until I started to read more about what this actually means. The reasons I never really thought about it was for the same reasons I think most people don’t. First off, initially I’m mad, but then I think, “Eh, it was only $20 bucks. At least I got a few good wears out of it.” Second off, what else am I going to do with it if I don’t throw it away? I’m not going to donate it to a resale store because they’re not going to take an item that is ruined. Also I’m not super crafty so I can’t turn it into anything else. Throwing it away seems a fair option.

Here’s where my choices are creating negative results. Since, I threw the dress away I now have to replace it. So I buy another $20 dress and now that one dress I needed for summer has technically doubled in price. In reality I’ve spent $40 on this dress, but quality wise it is still lacking. Best-case scenario this dress will last a few months and then I’ll be back where I started. Also I am not the only person who is throwing away items like this.

fast fashion5

The reality of where our clothes end up.

So here’s the big question. If every person is throwing away just one item like this a year what type of effect is that having on the environment? You can’t throw clothes away in your recycling. The reality of the situation is we are all throwing away a lot more than one item a year and it is taking it’s toll on the planet. We can decrease the frequency of this by a lot if we are buying more long-lasting quality items.

The next concern with fast fashion deals with how cheaply they are able to sell them. This is a problem. A problem I had never thought of or maybe I just didn’t want to think about it. If a company is selling a shirt for $10 how are they able to pay their workers a fair wage? The answer, they’re not. The fact of the matter is when I buy items like that my money is basically going entirely to the company with very little of it going to the workers creating it.

Companies are able to do this by making their products overseas where there are not laws protecting workers. We have all heard of sweatshops, but it is hard to associate them with the “family friendly” companies here in the states. Not only are adults being exploited but children are too. Every time we buy one of these items we are supporting the companies who are knowingly and without remorse hurting these people. Therefore we are hurting them too.

Pimkie Apparels

Definition of sweatshop: A factory or workshop, especially in the clothing industry, where manual workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor poor conditions.

I want to make a real effort to STOP supporting these companies. Maybe there are not any laws (currently) able to stop them, but we as consumers can. By not purchasing their items we hurt them financially. This forces them to either change their practices or lose their companies. We as people should never forget the power we have as consumers.

I will be posting more about fast fashion and the things I learn. Upcoming posts will include lists of fast fashion suppliers to avoid and companies that are known to pay their workers a fair wage. So don’t forget to subscribe to GrimmGirl to learn more with me!


Fast Fashion2

My goal this year, and for all the years to come!


* I did not create these images *