Happy Monday: GrimmGirl Giveaway Starts Today!

Hi everyone!

As promised today is the day we start our second GrimmGirl giveaway. Last time I gave away a super cute DBZ mug and some Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood. If you missed out on winning those two prizes this week is your chance to score something new!

I’m doing this giveaway because I’m so happy that GrimmGirl has officially hit 50 followers/subscribers and that wouldn’t be possible without all of you 🙂 This is my way of thanking everyone for their continued support. Since this is the objective for this giveaway the only people allowed to enter are followers/subscribers ❤

So without further delay I will announce the prizes for GrimmGirl’s second giveaway!

* Drumroll Please…. *

Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 1 and A $20 Gift Card to Ulta!

Alice in the Country of Hearts Giveaway

I hope you all enjoy the prizes I’ve picked for this giveaway. I chose Alice in the Country of Hearts in honor of my recent foray into otome games and the Ulta gift card on the chance to give everyone a chance to pick up some of the cruelty-free products I’ve been mentioning in my reviews/makeup looks.

Entry for the giveaway begins today and ends on Friday, June 3rd at midnight and you can enter once everyday until then. I will be announcing the winner on Saturday, June 4th on my Twitter so make sure you follow me. Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You Are All The Best

Guess what is happening on GrimmGirl again? A GIVEAWAY! You lot are insane and I love it. If you remember from our first giveaway I promised another one as soon as we reached 50 followers/subscribers and guess what? We Just Did. I’m so happy right now. I did not think we would reach that goal so quickly so I’m really pumped up. So to everyone who has supported GrimmGirl up to this point thank you so much.

I have a pretty good idea about what I would like to do for my giveaway this time but I won’t have everything until Monday. This actually works out nicely because now we can all look forward to Monday! I will be posting the prizes and will run the giveaway the exact same way as last time 🙂 Again this giveaway is to thank those of you who have supported me up until this point so in order to enter you need to either be a follower or email subscriber. I will also announce the winner on Twitter to don’t forget to follow me if you haven’t already!

Thanks again everyone, you’re all the best.

anime friends

GrimmGirl Giveaway!

Yea! Everything is finally ready for our first giveaway on GrimmGirl. I’m super pumped and I want to thank everyone once again for their support. Here’s how this giveaway will work; in order to enter you need to be either a WordPress follower or an email subscriber, either one is fine. As I mentioned in my previous post Thank You to My Amazing Followers I really am not intending this giveaway to generate new traffic but to give my thanks to all of the people who have supported GrimmGirl up till now.

Entries for the giveaway will be accepted until May 8th. I will announce the winner on my Twitter account and then get in contact with the winner about how they would like to be mailed their prize. If you want to be one of the first to know about who has won our GrimmGirl Giveaway please don’t be shy and follow me @Kat13Sade.

I hope you all have fun entering and if these first prizes don’t grab your attention don’t worry. I plan on having another GrimmGirl Giveaway for you all when we hit 50. We are actually not that far away from hitting that milestone so thanks to all of you we might have another follower giveaway sooner than I expected!

If you have any question or comments please let me know.

Finally in case you have forgotten what our wonderful prizes are you can take a look!


Click Below to enter!
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Thank You to My Amazing Followers!

I’m so happy that we have officially broken past twenty followers for GrimmGirl ❤ Thank you to everyone who enjoys reading my off-beat ramblings on whatever pops into my head. I wanted to thank everyone and I thought doing a giveaway would be a smashing way to go about it. I have never done a giveaway before so I had to look up some info about it. From what I can tell a lot of giveaways are geared towards bringing traffic towards their site. I have nothing against that, but that is not what I wanted this giveaway to be about.

I want to offer my sincerest thanks to the people here right now. So here is how this giveaway is going to work. I have already chosen two presents that I feel hold meaning to the origins of GrimmGirl.

The first is a velour liquid lipstick from Jeffree Star cosmetics. If you all remember my first make up review was That’s When I Realized All Other Lipsticks Were Dead to Me… on the purchase of a lipstick from Jeffree Star and I fell in love with it. My favorite shade is Unicorn Blood so I thought it would make a great gift for someone else to get a chance to try it.

My second gift is a Dragon Ball Z themed coffee mug in honor of the first post for my Anime Challenge 30 Week Anime Challenge which was about the first anime I watched. I think a lot of people can relate to Dragon Ball Z being their introduction to anime so I felt like all around it was a good choice.

I really hope you all are pumped about these gifts. I’ve ordered them both already and as soon as they come in a winner will be randomly selected. If you are chosen and you decide you wish to decline the gifts or are maybe just interested in one please don’t hesitate to say so. I can always select a second choice at random!

Thank you again for supporting GrimmGirl 😀 My next giveaway will be at 50 followers! Here’s to the future.

The Crypt of Curiosities: Accessories Daarling

I am thrilled to be adding more love to the accessories section of GrimmStyle. As I mentioned in my last post HoldFast Handbags: Ethical and Adorable in my quest for ethical fashion I’ve hit a roadblock finding styles that match my sense of style. So I was pretty pumped when I stumbled onto The Crypt of Curiosities on Etsy.

The owner (Clare) of The Crypt of Curiosities describes her store as:

“Gothic treats for children of the night. Halloween everyday.”

I love it.


For my first purchase I decided to buy Clare’s Black bat and glass crystal necklace and I am very happy with it.

This necklace is simply adorable. The bat is made out of a plastic type material and at first I thought I wouldn’t like that. I was afraid that it might look slightly kiddish or cheap once I had it. Thankfully I decided to give it a shot because I don’t get that vibe from it at all.

The chain is adjustable so you can wear it like a choker or longer which is really nice. It helps to add diversity to an outfit if you have a little more freedom with your accessories as far as styling them goes. The little details matter.

Speaking of little details Clare certainly comes through. Not only did I find a little note thanking me for my purchase but when I opened the package I noticed she added cute little Halloween confetti. That’s just adorable people.

Crypt of Curiosities

Finally she has a policy where customers only pay shipping on their first item no matter how many items you buy on the same order. I thought that was a really good service to have and shows again that she really tries to put her customers first.

There are two things I would like to note though. The first is that this store is located in the UK, I mention that because this obviously effects shipping time. Don’t order from here and expect it to be in your mailbox the next week if you do not live in the UK. That being said she does ship WORLDWIDE so if you don’t mind a little wait time I say go for it!

The second thing is pricing. I would like to remind my American readers that the UK uses the pound. I bring this point up because right now the exchange rate is in the pounds favor. What I mean is that 1 British pound equals $1.43 American dollars. So if something on the website is eleven pounds it’s actually $15.77 for an American buyer. I know, it sucks but that’s economics for you. I highly recommend checking your countries exchange rate before your purchase so that you aren’t surprised the next time you check your bank statement.



To sum it up I am for this store regardless of the exchange rate or shipping time. It’s an ethical shop full of really fun accessories so I give it my stamp of approval! I will be purchasing more accessories from this store in the future for sure. I hope you get a chance to check out this shop’s merchandise when you get a free moment. If your fashion taste runs more alternative/gothic you will find something that speaks to you here. I am providing the link below so happy shopping.


The Crypt of Curiosities


Let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you’ve purchased from The Crypt of Curiosities before share what your experience was!

HoldFast Handbags: Ethical and Adorable

A while ago I posted about an epic fast fashion FAIL with a wallet I purchased at Spencer (read all about it here) and I ended my post saying that I would be purchasing a new wallet off a shop on Etsy called HoldFast Handbags. I received the wallet a bit ago and I’m finally ready to give some feedback.

holdfast wallet4

This is my new HoldFast Handbags Skull & Roses wallet. It cost $58.00 plus shipping and handling and is handmade.

The best thing about this wallet is it is ethical all around 🙂 It was made in the USA (no sweatshops) and it uses faux leather (no animals were harmed). I’m also supporting a small business, which is a bonus for sure!

In fact Miss Randi, the owner of Holdfast Handbags boast that she is a “one woman operation” and I have to agree. Miss Randi explains on her website that she personally designs all of the handbags/accessories, drafts the patterns, sources the materials, cuts the fabrics, sews them up, photographs them, packages them, and finally ships them to us. Whoa.

I’m really impressed with how well made my wallet is and I don’t expect to be replacing it any time soon… Although thanks to Miss Randi I will technically never have to replace it. That’s right people Miss Randi does repairs on all of her handbags/accessories! You just have to ask, how cool is that!

holdfast wallet

You are able to choose from a wide variety of accents in order to personalize your order! I chose the faux leather.

holdfast wallet2

You are also able to choose your inside lining! I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Lipstick Red. By the way did I mention you can talk to her about custom orders?


















Even though Miss Randi must be one busy chica check out this little note she sends with her purchases! Isn’t that adorable! I’m blown away when a business is willing to go the extra mile with personal touches.

holdfast wallet3

Well worth the 2-3 week wait it takes in order for Miss Randi to create her handbags/wallets


The last thing I wanted to say about this wallet is that I love the style. I personally have a more alternative style to my fashion and I have to say that I have been having a hard time finding things that I enjoy stylistically that are ethical. I mean this is the least offensive way I can think to say this but I swear everything I look at that is ethical is so earthy. Which is fine for anyone a fan of that style but I need my skulls and death bats.

So if you’re looking for an ethical avenue to get your wallets/handbags and your fashion tastes follow along side mine I would check out Holdfast Handbags for sure! Click here for the link to Miss Randi’s website and also know that she has a shop on Etsy as well!

Know of any other great stores to get ethical handbags/wallets? Comment below! I would love to hear more 😀

Fast Fashion Fail

If you have been following along for a while you know that one of my personal goals is to avoid fast fashion. If you aren’t familiar with the term please check out my original post If I’m not Looking it’s Not Real: Fast Fashion for a more in-depth look. Otherwise the brief definition is that fast fashion is poorly made clothing, accessories, or shoes that are sold cheaply by exploiting laborers.

Not only does it basically come down to a form of modern day slavery it also has environmental consequences. I’m just now become more educated on the subject and trying to be a more ethical consumer. That being said I recently ran into a pitfall of fast fashion and I just had to share! It is basically the perfect example of why it is a waste of time and money to shop fast fashion, not withstanding the ethical consequences.

Around November I decided that I needed a new wallet. Now, this was before I started learning about how products were able to be made cheaply (downgrade on quality and sweatshop labor) and I remember at first I was checking Etsy for some cute ones but in my head I couldn’t help thinking, “Ehhhh! They’re so expensive!” I had yet to purchase one when my husband and I stopped at Spencer’s to do some Christmas shopping for his brothers. That’s when I saw it… an adorable The Nightmare Before Christmas wallet.

This wallet to be exact.



Isn’t it cute? …Don’t be fooled.


I was super pumped! First off I love the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas! I think we can all agree on that. Second, I dug the design. It was a little different then what you normally see with its sort of watercolor splash art design going on so that appealed to me. Thirdly, it was only like, twenty bucks! SOLD!


I bought this wallet and skipped merrily off into wallet owning bliss. Blissful I stayed until about four weeks later when I started noticing my wallet was slowly bursting at the seams.


So what, I thought, a little wear and tear is no big deal.


Then about four weeks after that the trim literally came of the edges.


Trim came off…. 

Irritating sure, but hey the wallet was still useable and I did only pay twenty bucks for it.


Fast-forward to two days ago when I opened my wallet and this happened….


DO YOU SEE THIS?! IT IS LITERALLY IN TWO PIECES! Do you know how embarrassing it is to go to pay for something and have your wallet break into two pieces right on the counter? Pretty fucking embarrassing.

I got this wallet three months ago and it’s completely busted and it’s not like I’m chucking it around or something! I take out of my purse, make my purchase and then put it back into my purse. End of story.

Now that I’m a more educated consumer I can see that I feel hook line and sinker for a fast fashion trap. I saw an item I liked and bought because it seemed like a good deal. Then three months later it broke. Now if I didn’t know how this little system worked where do you think I’d be right now? You got it. I’d bitch a bit to my friends about my crappy wallet and then I’d go right back out and by another wallet and find myself in the same situation a few months down the road.

The cycle would just repeat itself! Meanwhile these fast fashion companies are making bank. They’re severely underpaying their poor sweatshop employees, buying the cheapest materials possible, and then forces their employees to work insane hours to make ridiculous production goals in order to pay everyone but themselves below bare minimum. Then they keep the rest to themselves with that added bonus that you’ll be back shortly because they know their product is going be ruined in a pretty short amount of time.

To add to that where does my now destroyed wallet go? In the trash. I’m not crafty! I can’t make something new out of it. I can’t recycle it. It’s completely busted so I can’t give it to a resale store or pawn it of on a friend. All I can do is throw it in the trash and admit that not only did I use my money to support a bunch of dickheads but now I’m contributing to our planets growing waste problem. Talk about a fail.

However hopefully some good can come from this! One I have a story to share that will hopefully remind everyone about times where this has happened to them with their fast fashion choices and together we can make more ethical choices 🙂

Two it helped me to find a place to find a new wallet where I can buy guilt free! I went back to Etsy and looked around for some wallets and I found a pretty badass one! I discovered the shop HOLDFASThandbags and ordered this super adorable Skull & Rose wallet.


I did not take this photo! It’s a picture taken by Miss Randi used for her store.


The shop is located in California and is run by Miss Randi. She designs, drafts the patterns, sources the material, cuts the fabrics, sews them, photographs them, and ships them to your door. Basically she’s a one-woman show! She has excellent reviews so I feel confident these babies are built to last, keeping things eco-friendly, and I have no worries that I’m exploiting slave labor! The perfect purchase!

Including shipping and handling I spent $65. 30 on this wallet and I will have to wait about a month for it to get to me (it takes about 2-3 weeks to make plus shipping time) but honestly that’s not that bad at all! I’m getting a handmade quality item so it’s going to be more expensive but that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because it means I am paying a fair price for the work she is putting into making this item and I’m covering the costs for better materials to make a quality product. This way it won’t be breaking in three months!


As soon as my wallet comes in I will be doing a first impressions post so stay tuned for that! Until then I hope you comment below with any of your fast fashion fails! I know I’m not the only one!!!!