Day 19: Most Epic Anime Scene

Anime Challenge! Anime Challenge! Here we go again with Day (Week) 19: Most Epic Anime Scene Ever. Jeez Louise. Talk about pressure! There are a lot of damn good anime scenes out there. However when I first read this one scene immediately popped into my mind so I decided to go with my instincts. That […]

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Durarara!! Review!

I feel like lately with the anime side of GrimmGirl I’ve been super focused on my Hunter X Hunter/Watamote reviews and my 30 Day Anime Challenge and in light of that haven’t been keeping things very diverse. I apologize for that and I hope you all haven’t been to bored with it. I’ve been working […]

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Noein is BEAUTIFUL. Period.

The Anime Challenge is still going strong with Day (Week) 16: Favorite Animation in an Anime. Talk about a hard frickin’ challenge! Obviously one of my favorite things about anime is the animation and there are certainly a lot of beautiful animation to chose from. However for this challenge I decided I needed to go […]

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