Patreon Here We Come

Lovely Grimms โค I have started a Patreon account! Iโ€™m kind of pumped about it. Iโ€™m not sure how much you all know about Patron but basically itโ€™s a way to donate to a creatorโ€™s content. In this case this site GrimmGirl! Now Patron does employ a reward system if you want to use it […]

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Ask Away…

Yo Grimms! Last week was my birthday and in honor of that I always do a post where I asst questions. I opened it up on Twitter already but I thought I’d post here as well.  I’ll be putting out the post on Saturday so please feel free to submit your questions below. They can […]

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New Look For GrimmGirl!

Hey Grimms, I told you I was working with a super talented graphic designer to put together a new look for GrimmGirl. Are you all digging the new banner and logo? I totally love them! Since I had a new banner and logo I thought I would put together a new website layout. With that […]

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