Drop Or Watch 11Eyes: Is There One Likable Character?

Hiya Grimms!

Today we take a look at the anime 11eyes. With only 12 episodes at 25 minutes each this could easily fill up at Saturday top watch. 11eyes is an adoption of a visual novel and turned into an anime by Dogakoba. You will find this background information is necessary to understand how I feel about this anime.

Here’s the thing about when studios decide to take visual novels and turn them into anime, it’s always a real hit or miss for me. The reason for this (in my opinion) is that blending a story with multiple variations into an anime is actually pretty difficult! For those of you who have never heard of a visual novel before it’s basically a choose your own adventure game. You’re reading a story from the point of view of the main character and along the way you make choices that effect the ending.

I hope that helps everyone understand the daunting task writers would have when adapting a visual novel into an anime. I find that in many adaptions the storyline can fill choppy or rushed as the writers quickly try to introduce each character. In many cases (for me anyway) the entire plot line seems to suffer. This among other things are a few issues 11eyes appears to be running into within the first three episodes. Which really sucks because I had super high hopes for this anime.

“Satsuki Kakeru lived an ordinary life, until one day – with childhood friend Minase Yuka – they are transported to a different world.” -Cruncyroll


When I read the description on Crunchyroll I was like, “Awww yeah!” It was giving me supernatural/mystery vibes and I adore shows like that. The opening scene had me positive that I’d found a great show to watch. Death scene right off the bat! Suspenseful! However by the end of the episode I was already worried that I’d made a terrible mistake.

This is probably going to be one of the weirdest statements I’ve ever made on GrimmGirl and I mean this STRICTLY in within the confines of anime but… I’m a panty shot connoisseur along with all other forms of fan service. I’m about to sound like such a douche right now but basically I often think does this add or subtract from the enjoyment of the show. For example Kill la Kill is full of fan service but I think it was done brilliantly. I would change a single moment. For me the fan service was done in such away that it enhanced the show. Personally I think sometimes anime writers can become pretty damn lazy when it comes to this throwing it around in such a way that it becomes predictable and annoying.

That’s basically what happened here. I called out single moment before it happened. Obviously we all know that there are certain troupes anime are known for using but the talent of a good writer is the ability to make it feel like it’s brand new. For example when My Hero Academia came out I really had no desire to watch it. Outcast kid who is able to discover a power within himself in order to finally be recognized by his peers/heroes especially is frenemy who won’t give him the time of day sounded an awful lot like Naruto to me. Thankfully a friend of mine (you know her from Blerdy Otome) convinced me to watch it. We have similar tastes so if she likes something I usually do too.

Y’all I freaking love My Hero Academia! I didn’t find the show predictable at all. I recognize that there are some similarities but at the end of the day (for me) My Hero Academia stands on it’s own as a well written and thought out show, and manga too for you readers.

11eyes for me didn’t. It was so played out. Girl walking, panty shot, something scary, girl squeal, cling to dude, panty shot, boob pressed on arm shot, dude vows to protect girl, girl looks dreamy eyed at him, both say each others name whisper style in their heads, zoom out, and repeat. That was basically the formula for three episodes. The show only has 25 minutes to work with as is and at least 15 minutes of the show are used in formulas like this. Taking into consideration their intro and outro music their basically with five minutes to develop characters, introduce any new characters, and progress the plotline. That’s a hell of a time crunch to work with and the most talented writer in the world would have difficulties with that. Don’t forget they also only gave 12 episodes to work with.


This show could be saved for me I think if it had one redeemable character. Someone who I was invested in enough to see this anime through to the end. However with so little time spent on character and plot development it’s no wonder I’m unable to find even a single character enjoyable.

  • Kakeru Satsuki… Only interesting thing about him is his eye. He brings no other skills to the table. During episode two he almost had me when he showed interest in learning to sword fight from a classmate who’s a total expert but then complains that she’s not teaching hon the right way. Bruh. You entitled dick, you’ve swung a sword for two minutes you’re not ready for the big leagues so get over it.
  • Yuka Minase… I mean at this point she’s around to act scared, worry about Kakeru, and bring us those panty shots. She didn’t really have a personality outside of that.
  • Misuza Kusakabe… Had the potential to be awesome if given enough time to be developed. Sword fighter and basically in charge of keeping the above two alive for now as they are utterly useless despite Kakeru’s claims he will protect Yuka.
  • Yukiko Hirohara… Younger than them and likes to squeeze Yuka’s boobs.
  • Takahisa Tajima… Mysterious guy who eats bread.
  • Kaori Natsuki/Tadashi Teruya… I’m putting them together because they act as the “comic relief” basically Tadashi says something either perverted or a bit out of line and Kaori hits him. I guess they’re friends of Yuka.
  • Ema Tajima… Mysterious new girl.
  • Saiko Akamine… School nurse, while the the student body is required to adhere to a dress could she is clearly above that nonsense. More power to her, I personally am not a fan of dress codes but that’s a topic for another day. She is known for the fact her tremendous boobies are able to jiggle, wiggle, and practically levitate even when she’s not moving.

That’s it. That’s all I found out about the characters introduced in the first episode. With this show it really comes down to what you want to get out of it. Legit if you enjoy a fan service heavy show than you’re probably going to enjoy this. You’re going to get panty shots, close up boob shots, and bouncing boob shots regardless of the situation. They will literally be about to die and the camera will pan for an up the skirt shot 10/10 tines. That’s a guarentee.


For me this is going to be a drop. I find the way they’re using fan service moments to be unappealing and unfortunately the lack of any relatable character doesn’t make up for it. On top of that this isn’t an especially beautifully drawn show. I actually hate when they show profile shots because (and I hate to slam a creator’s work) they are so unattractive. I’m serious they are truly aesthetically displeasing.

With that being said I would actually be interested in playing the visual novel. I have a feeling it works better on that medium and I am curious as to what the Red Dimension is, why they’re all being pulled there, and what the situation with his/sister is. So if I ever come across it I think I’ll get it.

What about you guys? Do you think this is a show you could get into?


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2 thoughts on “Drop Or Watch 11Eyes: Is There One Likable Character?

  1. I watched the whole thing.

    It is, for a variety of reasons, a waste of time, not least because of how boring it is, even when the good guys lose and everyone dies. And then they undo most everything they just did, which just comes off as cheap.

    It left me… groaning from wasted time.

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