GrimmGirl Q&A: I’m 29 Now!

Hello Grimms ❤

It’s that special time a year again where I answer YOUR questions for MY birthday! That’s right everyone I’m officially twenty-nine years old, only one more year left of my 20’s before I hit my thriving thirties. Sorry that this took me so long to do as you all know shortly after my actual birthday I got super sick and I’ve been fighting it off ever since. I’m glad I feel well enough to answer everyone’s questions now. You all came up with some really fun ones so let’s get to them!

Grab the birthday cake y’all because I’m 29!

What are you most looking forward to in your next year?

This year I’m actually hoping to do some traveling. I love to travel and it would be amazing to take the family to visit my Mom in Thailand. She works there as a teacher.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

As I mentioned above my Mom is currently teaching in Thailand. I think it would be amazing to follow suite. For those new here I actually have a teaching degree so teaching overseas would be a really amazing chance to take. I also like the idea of exposing my children to other cultures, beliefs, and people. The world is much to big not to explore it a bit don’t you think?

I also would really love to continue working on my website here and really get into cosplaying. I got my sewing machine out this summer and have been working on somethings. I’ve been wanting to cosplay for ages now so it is really just about debuting the looks now! I just gotta bite the bullet so to speak.

What’s one anime you keep returning to, either in thought or by rewatching?

I can’t quit you.

Well this should come as no surprise to anyone but I cannot stop rewatching OR thinking about Haikyuu! Ahhh… I can feel the nostalgia welling up inside me as I type. From the very first episode I knew I would love this show. Anytime anyone asks for a anime recommendation I always suggest Haikyuu. The amount of times I rewatch this show over a year would probably shock people. When I’m not rewatching the show I’m rereading the manga. You could say the obsession is real.

My other anime may actually surprise a few but I have watched Naruto/Naruto Shippuden in it’s entirety at least… three times. I’m on my fourth. When you think about the amount of episodes that actually entails that’s pretty wild. I’ve dedicated a large portion of my life to that show. The funny thing is I didn’t even start watching it until I was in college. I cried during the very first episode and was COMPLETELY hooked. It was basically all I watched until I caught up in the series. When I would catch up I’d restart everything all over again in order to pass the time in between season or to help build up episodes. I honestly will not hear a word against this show and it is one of my biggest pet peeves when people are like, “Oh Naruto is one of your favorite shows? You must not watch a lot of anime.”

Man, shut up!

There’s a reason it has hundreds of episodes and fans. BECAUSE IT IS THAT GOOD!

How has your children’s progression into anime been going?

You all know I started both my babies on anime while in the womb! The fact that I have kids is actually one of the biggest reasons I’ll defend dubs to the death. Yes, subs are great I’m not denying that but do you think my six year old can read them? No, and anime should be for everyone! Needless to say we actually watch quite a few dubs in our house so that my daughter can share in the fun.

Some of her favorite anime shows are Cardcaptor Sakura, Fruits Basket (original she hasn’t watched the reboot yet), Fairy Tail (she hasn’t seen all of it there are so many episodes!), Sailor Moon Crystal, Pokemon and recently she started watching One Piece. I watch it in the subs but she was always passing through and asking questions so I found the dubbed version for her. We have a super fan in the making!

You get a trip in a time machine. You can either a) choose when and where you want to go or b) get sent to a random time/place, but you get to come back with a souvenir — and it could be worth a lot of money. Which do you choose?

I would choose (a) mostly because I’m a control freak! I know me and I could never let someone just choose where I went! Nope. I would have to pick the time/place myself. For the record I would probably choose sometime in the past. Fun fact I adore learning about history so seeing it unfold before my eyes would be… I can’t even form the correct words for how euphoric I would be! The hardest part would be choosing which historic event to witness but I think I might choose a time when Cleopatra was alive. Even from a historic viewpoint there’s so much we don’t know or understand about her. Historically even professionals have had a hard time separating the myth/legend from the truth. I would love to see what she was really like and how she really ruled.

Since you like anime have you played any of the Persona games or Fire Emblem?

I love the Persona games! Persona 5 was the first game I ever played in the series and I loved it so much I had to try the rest. So I’ve been working my way back and snapping up copies when I find them. I have yet to play Fire Emblem but I really want to. It is next on my to buy list!


What’s your top three favorite anime characters and what is your top three hated characters.

Top Three Favorite

Naruto {I don’t care what anyone says I absolutely love him as a character. I kid you not that I think the way that he never seems to lose himself and never lets himself become jaded or full of hatred is inspiring.}

Toru Oikawa {That’s my boy!!! Here’s the great thing about Toru, he knows he’s not naturally gifted but that doesn’t stop him from doing everything in his power to excel at something he loves. Above all Toru truly understands the power of a team. Of having people you can count and and having people count on you. He’s so freaking cool!}

Erza Scarlet {She makes no apologizes for being strong. She is exactly who she is and doesn’t give a damn what anyone things. Her loyalty and strength for her friends can never be forgotten. The woman is a solid QUEEN}

Top Three Hated

Sakura Haruno {One day I will actually dedicate a post on every single thing I despise about this character but the long and short of it is I think she is a terrible person. Bottom line she judged Naruto before getting to know him and even after starting to see the person he truly was continued to hold his past against him. On the flip side she idolized Sasuke simply because he was the “cool” one. Had the roles been reversed, but their personalities been the same she would have fallen in love (eye roll) with Naruto. I just AAAAHHHHHH!!! I have so much more to say on this subject but I’ll leave it here for everyones sake.

Shou Tucker {There is only one way to explain my feelings on this lowlife, he’s an absolute dick. I hated him to begin with but after having children my hatred grew into an a monster of it’s own. How, how, HOW can anyone sacrifice their child the way he did? Children are so trusting, especially towards their parents. They want nothing more than to be loved by them so to betray your child’s trust you are truly the worst of the worst. I shall never forgive him.

Akainu {Alright maybe he’s making the list right now because his betrayal is so fresh in my mind but I absolutely cannot stand people who use their position of power to hurt others but claim to rule with justice. No, you’re just a hateful person who’s twisted a doctrine to fit your needs. Now I wasn’t keen on this asshat from the beginning and there’s a lot that he does in One Piece to give my ample reason to dislike him but in my mind one of his worst sins is the way he treats his own men. Like the lives of soldiers are completely meaningless to him if it helps him to meet his own goals. The members of the Navy trust him and he betrays that trust when he decides killing a handful of pirates is worth the lives of hundreds of his men. Not because they pose a serious threat or because those are his orders just because he wants too. Luffy, Ace, and Whitebeard may be pirates but even they have a code of honor to defend their comrades. Don’t count on that from Akainu.

What’s a series that you loved when you first saw it, but had issues with when you re-watched it? Feel free to be as detailed about the issues as you like?

Alright be ready to be shocked because I’m about to cause a huge shockwave in the anime universe.The 90’s version of Sailor Moon. That’s right I said it and I stand by it! When I was a kid I loved that show. I watched it whenever I was at my Dad’s and spent hours with my cousin and sister, “Fighting evil by moonlight”! Later in college I started rewatching it and noticed a few things I wasn’t a huge fan of like the age gap between Serena and Darren, or some of the silly storylines, even the fact that Serena never seems to pull it together. Now that I’m thinking of it don’t even get me started on her relationship with Ren…

I didn’t really REALLY start taking issue with it though until after I read the manga. The Sailor Moon manga is one of my favorite manga of all time. It is such a beautiful story! If you haven’t read it you are missing out but I’ll warn you now it might ruin the 90’s version of the anime for you because the original content and the 90’s version are NOTHING a like. I know a lot of people were crying about the Sailor Moon reboot but let me be clear Crystal encapsulates the essence of the manga much better. I’m not saying that I hate the 90’s version or anything but my love of it comes from a nostalgic point of view and nothing more.

If you could choose between being able to breath underwater or fly, which super power would you choose and why?

Just call me The Little Mermaid.

Breath underwater no question! I didn’t even have to think about it. If I could live in the ocean I completely would. I love being in the water. The smell of it the look of it, everything. I find water to be serene and terrifying at the same time and I can’t get enough of it.

You’re going to be locked in a field for one night and can only bring five items with you. What are they?

1.) Cot

2.) Reading lamp (battery powered)

3.) Comforter

4.) Body Pillow

5.) Copy of the book Jane Eyre (it’s one of my favorite books ever written)

With all of those things I can stay in field all night no problem. Hell let me stay for a few days so I can finish my book!What would be the hardest question someone could ask you in one of these sessions?

Hmmmm… Probably something on a philosophical level. Something that I’d really have to think on in order to come up with a proper response.

If there was only one, and I mean exactly one Haikyuu match you could watch live when they are playing, which would it be?

I had to really, really think on this but I think I would actually have to go with the official match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai at thend of season one. The outcome was such a shock to me and I had such conflicted feelings because I did love the Aoba Johsai team but I wanted Karasuno to win and move on. I was floored after that match so seeing it in real life I can only imagine. CHILLS I tell you!

Bring on the damn FEELS!!!!!

What is a series you loved but others hated?

I know there are a lot of people who hate on Kill la Kill but I’m going to be honest I think it’s fucking brilliant.

What’s the manga you’ve read this year and loved the most? Why?

Okay so this was really recent read but as a birthday present to myself I bought the first volume of Hitorijime My Hero and I LOOOOVVVEEED IT! Apparently it’s also be adapted as an anime but I haven’t seen that yet. I’ll admit there are some problematic points but it is just to good regardless! I will be buying up every volume I can get my hands on and eagerly waiting for more!

Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with out of the Haikyuu boys?

You guys are learning all kinds of crazy facts about me today because the fact is I’m terrified of small spaces. Honestly getting stuck in an elevator is like my worst nightmare. So with that in mind I think the person I’d want to be stuck in an elevator with would be Keishin Ukai! Everyone’s always drooling over the players and I’m over here like how are you all sleeping on their fine ass coach? Who cares about the rest of them!? In a life threatening situation like that Keishin Ukai would clearly be the only thing that could calm me down.

That’s right, leave children. The grownups are talking. {Insert seductive wink}


Well Grimms thank you all for your questions and waiting so patiently for my responses. This was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again next year ❤


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25 thoughts on “GrimmGirl Q&A: I’m 29 Now!

    1. When she came back in Shippuden she almost had me. I seriously started to like her when she was fighting Sasori. I was like this is her turning over a new leaf. Then two episodes later she’s back on her BS doubting Naruto and acting like he’s not good enough or responsible enough to handle things. It makes zero sense because she’s seen what he can do but she just doesn’t want to admit that he’s talented as well. I also think that she hates that ultimately it’s him that’s able to reach Sasake because it reminds her of how shallow her feelings for him actually are. I know it’s canon but I refuse to believe her and Sasake had a child together 😂😂😂 Her character would be so much better if she wasn’t so petty. She is def worse in the beginning though so I guess we can be happy that there’s some character growth lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Loooved that arc! Even now when I rewatch it I’m like Team Sakura! Then the arc ends I’m like welp back to hating her again 😂 Right. At the very least I felt like he needed someone who could actually relate and understand what he was going through. I really think Sakura just ignores all that. With Karin he could’ve had a conversation with her about stuff. You know what I mean?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah maybe thats the real reason he stays gone so much lol j/k I did really like Karin though and it was pretty cool to learn she was an Uzamaki too . I’m in the process of rewatching the old episodes and catching the new Boruto episodes as they come out.


      3. I honestly think Karin and Sasake would’ve been so cute especially since she is an Uzamaki. Then Naruto and Sasake would kind of be family. I’m wholeheartedly convinced Sakura getting pregnant was some weird drug induced mistake on Sasake’s part but Naruto was like, “Dude you gotta provide for them now.” And Sasake was like, “Fuck. I guess we’ll get married but I want every possible mission outside of the leaf village as possible and NEVER team us together for missions!” And Naruto was like “Bruh. I’m the Hokage. I got you fam.” I refuse to believe their marriage happened any other way 😂 I’m also rewatching the series so I can review each season here! I’m on season 5 or 6 now… I can’t remember which exactly. I did a first impressions on Boruto but I haven’t kept up with it I think I’m going to go back to it soon though.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Boruto has gotten a bit more entertaining , but sure when we’ll be up to speed with the manga though . I’m one of those anime only viewers , So I really don’t know what direction they are going in . And yeah 😂😂I could totally see that dialogue between Sasake and Naruto 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I know I am late, but happy birthday! I have mixed feelings with Sakura. I like her in the Boruto series and a bit from Shippuden since she can fight. In the classic Naruto, I agree and I didn’t like her. She did judged Naruto and she cared about Sasuke than him. For Akainu… I hate him.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Me too or someone else do it to him. This guy really loves justice to the point he will kill. Even after all these years, I will never forgive him. Every Ace fan suffered that fateful moment.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If it’s someone besides Luffy I hope it’s Zorro because that fight would be epic! Plus I feel like Zorro feels a lot of guilt that he got separated from Luffy and wasn’t there with him when everything went down.

        Liked by 1 person

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