Collar X Malice: Don’t Let His Sweet Tooth Fool You

Hello Grimms!

Aren’t Mondays better with a little otome in your life? Playing Collar X Malice has certainly made me feel better. I’ve basically been sick for two weeks and counting! I’m really hoping I’m healthy by the end of the week because this has been rough. The only good thing about this is the amount of otome and anime it’s allowed me to play and watch.

I mentioned this on my first review but playing Collar X Malice isn’t like playing some Voltage game. In order to solve the entire story you need to complete each route and you can’t unlock Yanagi’s route until you complete the other four. This is a mystery otome game so each route unlocks more pieces to the puzzle which is why I’m posting each character in the order you should play them. If you have never played this game before please start with my first review by clicking here. I am writing this review with the idea you already know the information posted in the first route.

Takeru Sasazuka


The only thing sweet about Takeru is his sweet tooth! While Mineo is incredibly sweet and caring Takeru is harsh and straight forward. They are complete opposites of each other! Mentally prepare yourself for this when you start this route. Takeru is an extremely intelligent man and things come to him very easily. This has caused him to have little patience with others. It is hard for him to grasp that not everyone’s mind works the way his does so working together is not his forte if he doesn’t believe the other person has the mental capacity to keep up with him.

The MC (I always name my characters Haruka) is a complete rookie and has never worked a real investigation case. She’s basically a grunt at this stage of her career absorbed in paperwork and handling civilian complaints. Takeru views her as useless. In his eyes the only thing she brings to the table is the fact she’s been collared by Adonis the terrorist organization wrecking havoc in their city. To Takeru she’s a pawn at best. Not the best way to start a partnership.

The only thing the two of them seem to have in common is the fact that they would both like to see the ban on firearms restored. This common thread is what keeps them both pursuing the string of murders that panicked the government to repeal the law in the first place. The idea that the government has issued civilians firearms for their protection hasn’t stopped Adonis, the murders, or made anyone feel safer. If anything it had caused citizens to feel more anxious and on edge.

Takeru’s route is going to be a good one for you if you enjoy a snarky man who every once in awhile shows his soft side. He actually reminds me of the MC’s brother if I’m honest. Watching those two interact is a real treat. Kazuki’s such a little shit and the MC just lets him get away with it so it was just the best to watch Takeru lay him out with no mercy. Takeru has zero filter so if Kazuki was being a spoiled brat he called him out on it every time. Ahhhh, music to my ears. But Takeru and Kazuki are very similar to each other in the sense that neither of them are great at explaining themselves and really just expect everyone to know what their intentions are.


During Mineo’s route there was a real focus on the flaws of the police and judicial system. The idea that lives can be ruined by the people in the world that are supposed to protect everyone. How that abuse of power is often times left unchecked resulting in the suffering of others. Adonis claims that their version of justice is simply fixing these issues. Having seen that side of things Takeru’s route focuses on what would cause a person to seek revenge.

How far should someone go to get justice?

Realistically it’s not always easy to forgive someone for doing something wrong and that becomes even harder if you feel the perpetrator hasn’t been punished in anyway for their actions. What exactly does it take for someone to decide to take justice into their own hands? When they do can we even call it justice?

This was a good route although I did end up having to use a walkthrough guide to get to the good end. I couldn’t believe I had to do that! I’m usually really good a picking the correct answer to elevate trust/love meters in order to get the Good Ending but I just couldn’t get a handle on Takeru! Apparently we were not compatible. Takeru was fun but I’ll admit his constant belittling of others did get annoying at times. Luckly he made up for it in other moments.

The highlight for this route for me was when Takeru had dinner with the MC’s brother. I give the honorable mention to the MC for her drunken behavior. You all are in for a real treat when that comes around but you won’t get anymore details from me! Like Mineo Takeru has his own reasons for leaving the police force while still perusing these crimes so discovering his motives along the way was interesting. I admit I didn’t fully see it coming!

So far we know that Adonis is an organization that is recruiting members that have been failed by the system. In this way each member is able to seek their version of revenge while still having an alibi. Instead of killing the person of their anger themselves they basically trade murders with a random Adonis member. This throws off the police because the most obvious suspect will have solid alibi.

While we have this information we still have no idea about how these people are being found by Adonis. We are also still completely clueless about how they are relaying information to each other. Adonis claims that they are working towards a better world but how is this even possible when everyone is just working off of their anger? Can anyone really find happiness with this type of justice?

Each route gets us one step closer to understanding the true purpose of Adonis and the X-Day!


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