One Piece S4: Where Robin Makes Us Cry

Hola Grimms,

How long has it been since we chatted about One Piece? Two long! In fact so long that I’m two seasons behind on my post reviews. That’s right I’ve already watched seasons 4 & 5 I just never wrote about them. It’s time to change that!

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While there are no spoilers for season 4 in this post I may mention things from past seasons.

Where are all my Robin fans? Because you’re really going to love this season! Hell if you aren’t a Robin fan, this is where you become one! At the end of last season there were a lot of questions still swirling around Robin. This season much will be revealed! It’s about time we’ve gotten the full background on Robin. I won’t say much more except that this season will break your heart, in a good way. I feel like I can relate to Robin much more after this season and appreciate her as a character. I’ve always liked her but but this season brought her way up.

Water 7 Robin
Shit’s gonna get real.

She’s not the only one bringing heartache this time around though. All is not well on Luffy’s crew and this season will test them as individuals and as friends. Is it possible that one member just might leave the crew forever? As we contemplate the departure of one member we also have to look towards the horizon at the possible arrival of another.

As the crew battle everyone from the government to trained killers will their bonds be enough to hold them together? Is Luffy enough of a leader to pull them through all of this alive? It is one thing to say you want to be the King of Pirates and another to actually do it. If Luffy can’t even keep his crew together how the hell is he supposed to make it down the Grand Line? This season is a real test for him!

This season may give a lot of background on Robin but we can’t forget about the star of the show. Everyone will be tested and Luffy is no different. It’s not easy being the leader and Luffy’s ideals will be put to the test not just by the government but by his own crew. If you all can’t tell yet this is one hell of a season!

Water 7 Luffy
If this scene doesn’t break your goddamn heart I don’t know what will. Also you might be a sociopath. Just saying.

The only downside of this season is the sheer amount of filler episodes. I shouldn’t even say episodes is more like filler archs! There is just so much unnecessary stuff this season where you really want to scream GET TO THE STORY! I mean the first 14 episodes of the season are completely irrelevant. You read that right FOURTEEN EPISODES before we get close to the point. Honestly it’s another eight episodes after that where we finally meet a character from Robin’s past that will actually set us on our journey.

For the love of GOD One Piece!!!!!!!

I forgive them though because it’s thanks to this season we begin to understand that there’s some really shady stuff going on when it comes to the government. Luffy may be a pirate but damnit if he doesn’t have morals!

I know at the end of last season I said I wanted more Ace, well boy did I have to wait on that one! The only positive thing was at least we see him for more than two minutes. This season we get him for a full 10 minutes. It’s also the very last episode of the season. For those if you keeping track at home that means you have to watch 117 episodes before you finally see Ace again. I promise you it is worth the journey!

Ace’s appearance is setting us up for something big I just know it!

Season five will be coming to you all shortly so don’t forget to stop by again for more One Piece!


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2 thoughts on “One Piece S4: Where Robin Makes Us Cry

  1. Okay, I am reading backwards hahaha but who cares, right?
    I love your reviews! I mean it. It makes me remember the scenes and my heart just aches. Argh!
    I really like Ace even though he just showed himself a little. But I have to mention here Law and I don’t know why almost everyone justl ove him. I mean, I just saw Ace and I love him already but Law? I don’t know…

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