O7 Ghost: The Heart Is Lead By The Truth On The Other Side

Grimms the time has come…

For us to rise up in unison and DEMAND another season of 07 Ghost! We will not be satisfied with the the wish for another no no! Not today! Today we shake our fists to anime creators everywhere in defiance of the lack of beauty we have been forced to endure living life without another season of this blessed show.

We will have justice!

We will have retribution!

But mostly we will have Frau, Castor, and Labrador shown in their street clothes again because it’s hot as hell!

O7 Ghost1

And for these reasons and many more we must have another season of this show because I’ll say it now it is a travesty there isn’t more. Twenty-five episodes just isn’t enough.

If you can’t tell by now Grimms I really enjoyed this show.

“Young amnesiac finds out that the army he was forced to join destroyed his father’s kingdom. He finds shelter in a church and discovers that demons are trying to invade the world. He must find his past, vengeance and save the world.”-IMDb

In my First Impressions post I mentioned that within the first three episodes I wasn’t seeing any promising female characters to get pumped about and after finishing the series I can honestly say… that still holds true. I’m not saying there aren’t female characters because there are, it’s just that they really contribute nothing to the story. I’m not being mean I’m just being honest. There are three nun characters and a mermaid being and that’s it. I couldn’t even tell you what their names were because that’s how irrelevant they are. Basically the nuns just run around making sure Teito eats and the mermaid chick usually leads him places.

But you know what?

For this show it works!

This is a completely male character driven show and it was actually really cool. I won’t say all the time but I would say that a lot of the times writers would fill a show like this with a ton of fan service. Heavens forbid we just have male characters having deep bonding moments without panties flying everywhere. I mean how would we know the characters were straight if their faces didn’t flush after a big breasted woman bumped into their faces boobs a flying?

*Insert Blank Stare Here *

Now I’m not knocking fan service I’m just stating a fact that shows don’t have to rely on it constantly in order to engage male audiences. The male characters in this show create truly inspiring bonds with each other and I love that they were written this way. It made the story that much deeper. Thinking about it just makes me wish for another season even more. Or at least an OVA!

Teito and Mikage (his best friend) are clearly amazing together but it is simply wonderful watching Teito form bonds with the other characters. In the beginning he is so guarded so watching his growth as he connects with others is a great aspect of the show. We haven’t even gotten to the plotline which has me hooked.  I mean who is Teito really? What was the war truly about? What are the seven ghosts trying to achieve? So many things I still don’t understand because the world was cruel enough to only permit one season!

How can anyone not enjoy a good bromance anime?!!!! This has bromances a POPPIN!

For you fight scene loving fans I won’t pretend that the battles here are epic but they’re entertaining. Nothing really stands out as mind blowing. The best one was probably between Castor and Kuroyuri. I’d love to see more fight scenes from this show and I honestly think if it hand another season the scenes would’ve gotten more epic. My understanding is the anime only covers the first few chapters but I’m sure as the story continues things get more intense which would be reflected in the fighting.

I guess the only thing left at this point to say is to make sure to give this anime a try if you come across it. I certainly enjoyed it. I hope to start the manga up too since I hate leaving a story unfinished.

Peace Grimms!


*I don’t own these images *

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