Collar X Malice: You Are A Pure One Aren’t You?

Welcome back Grimms!

Collar X Malice is amazing and I have of course played through all the routes. Thanks to Mr. Grimmgirl (aka my husband) I got this game for my birthday and wasn’t able to put it down. Thanks to the fact that I’ve been so sick this month I actually had a lot of time on my hands to play. All other otome was put on hold until I was able to play every inch of this game.

collar x malice

“The protagonist is a rookie cop working in Shinjuku, a city that has become unsafe after a series of violent crimes known as the X-Day Incidents. While responding to a call late one night, she was ambushed, and upon awakening, she found that she’d been collared by an unknown person. Worse, the collar had a poison delivery mechanism that was capable of being activated remotely.

As she’s given a small dose of the poison, a few mysterious men arrive and save her. They claim that they’re former police officers attempting to solve the X-Day Incidents. Uncertain whether or not she can trust these men and their mysterious circumstances, she reluctantly agrees to work with them.

She has unwittingly become the key to unlocking the mystery of these horrendous crimes, but… Who’s in control of her life? And can Shinjuku ever be returned to its tranquil past.”-Collar X Malice

There is a recommended order to playing this game so I’ve decided to post my reviews in that order for your convenience. The recommended order is Enemoto Mineo, Sasazuka Takeru, Okazaki Kei, Shiraishi Kageyuki, and Yanagi Aiji now I’ll admit that wasn’t the exact order I played in but for you lovelies I will post in that order. In my defense I didn’t check the order until after I played through two routes and was like, “Ooohhh…. Maybe I should’ve played this a certain way.” I can tell you it can make a difference and lead to unintended spoilers.

Don’t make my mistakes.

The routes are super connected as far as information on figuring out who is behind the X-Day Incidents. In order to unlock Yanagi’s route you have to play the other four. You can’t figure out who the actual mastermind is without playing through Yanagi’s route. You will however gain a lot of information by playing the other routes, not just about the guys in questions but about how the X-Day Incidents connect. So while each character route has a “Good” Ending none of them will completely solve the mystery until you get to Yanagi’s. I hope that makes sense but if not be sure to ask questions in the comments!

Well first character first! Introducing….

Enemoto Mineo

I’ll admit that you’re adorable.

The first route you are going to want to play through is Enemoto Mineo. He is a former Field Ops Agent and he immediately mistrusts the MC. To be fair he’s not completely silly for feeling this way. Mineo along with the other have formed a special task force looking into the X-Day Incidents off the police radar. They’re not operating within the limits of the traditional rules and it is clear to them that somehow police information is getting leaked out to whoever is responsible for the attacks. Now suddenly their suppose to babysit this random woman with a collar device that hears EVERYTHING in order to save her life? Seems like a pretty clever way to get ears within a team trying to track down a mass murderer am I right?

This is why Mineo’s response to her seems pretty logical but as the story continues we realize that his suspicions go a lot deeper than that. Each character has their own reasons for deciding to pursue these cases and Mineo’s reason will have a huge relation to how he conducts himself around the MC. He’s is a great route and you can tell it was made with the intention that it was played first. While you will learn some things about who or what is behind the X-Day Incidents you will still end the route with a lot of questions unanswered.

I can say though that you will be pleased on how everything gets wrapped up! Mineo’s Good Ending is completely adorable and perfect for him and the MC. You will not be sorry that you started out with him. Especially because it really is the perfect route to ease you into the world that is Collar X Malice. Let me tell you right now some of the routes will rip your goddamn heart out. There is one route in particular I am thinking of right now but alas I cannot say who until that post comes out! I will say that Mineo brings a lot of good vibes to your life so cherish his Good Ending CHERISH IT!

Obviously we all want to see the Good Ending but it is worth it to get the Bad Ending in order to unlock all of the pictures. Just make sure you are saving at appropriate spots so that you’re not forced to play through the whole route twice. Also make sure that you are answering questions correctly in order to boost your trust/love meters. This is completely necessary if you want a chance at the Good End. The quick save is there for a reason people!

Finally I say that Mineo is the “Pure One” and I’m being completely serious with you! This man is as pure as the freshly fallen snow and it is actually pretty cute. Usually it is the MC that acts all shy and what not so it was fun to watch the man act like that for once. He gets very excited over the little things like homemade food or even the idea of couples holding hands. It’s incredible sweet. I feel like he probably has a pretty strong fanbase. Now I won’t say that he is my favorite character, that honor belongs to another, but he was really fun to play through. I also got a lot of good chuckles out of him.

At the end of the day though they are after a killer so brace yourself for serious moments. It’s not all bento boxes and walks in the park let me tell you. Things get real, real quick and if you make the wrong move your character will die.

Again can I remind you to save appropriately?

I can’t wait to discuss the rest of the routes with you! Have a great Otome Monday everyone.

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