OWLS Blog Tour Believe: Thank You Kyoto Animation For Your Work

Hey Grimms!

Would you look at that it’s time for my OWLS comeback! I haven’t written for a tour in ages so it’s good to be back. I had to come back for this one though because this month we’re doing our Believe Tour featuring the works of Kyoto Animation in honor of all of the hard work they have done for the anime community throughout the years. Animated Observations brought us on Kyoto’s series Hyouka so make sure to check that out. I haven’t seen the series yet but thanks to his post it is 100% on the list!

Kyoto Animation. We all have that one anime we enjoyed from Kyoto Animation. Whether it is pain or joy, Kyoto Animation has brought to life stories that can touch our emotions. For the month of August, we will be honoring Kyoto Animation and all it has done for art, storytelling, and popular culture by discussing some of our favorite Kyoto Animation series. We will discuss what we love about these series and what they taught us. 

The fire that happened at the studio is indeed a tragedy. We pray for the lives that were lost in this tragedy and the families that are suffering at this time. Fires may be dangerous, but there are flames that burn within us that spark passion, hope, and belief in ourselves.

Okay Grimms it’s time to take a walk down memory land. Growing up we didn’t have cable, or internet, or anything really. Especially after my mom got a teaching job in a really REALLY small town. I’m talking about a town with the population of 400. Yeah… That small. As a kid I watched Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon when ever I was at my Dad’s or at my grandma’s because they had cable. I loved those shows! But it was the only time I ever got to watch them. I didn’t understand that they were part of the anime genre or even what anime was. When my I got to high school we finally got cable and during that time Cartoon Network was airing the dubs of Naruto, Inuyasha, and Full Metal Alchemist. I thought Naruto looked dumb and wouldn’t watch it but my sister was loved Inuyasha and FMA so slowly I started catching episodes and soon I found myself hooked as well.

This is when I started understanding anime as a genre. Unfortunately this was all of the exposure I had to the wonderful world I’m now apart of. I had no idea about any other titles and our library didn’t carry any manga so I couldn’t gain exposure that way. So at that point I still wasn’t in love with anime. I appreciated the drawing still but I’d only ever seen four shows and I didn’t even get to watch ALL of Sailor Moon since I only caught episodes during the summer at my Dad’s. So when you think about it I imagine it seems odd that now I’m this huge anime fan. I went from seeing only a few shows to owning an entire website dedicated to anime, manga, otome games, and kdramas. How the heck did I end up here?


Yep, this show and Kyoto Animation will always be close to my heart because they are what really brought me full force into this world. After I left high school and went to college and during my third year I got Netflix. It seems crazy now but at the time Netflix was just starting to stream shows and the bigger perk was the fact you could have dvds mailed to you. My husband (boyfriend at the time bahaha so long ago!) had an xbox though so we could stream Netflix. Although they had VERY limited shows during this time. Deciding that I couldn’t bare to rewatch all the seasons of Family Guy again I started surfing through their shows when the artwork for Clannad caught my eye. I remember the thumbnail was so beautiful. The story seemed interesting so I decided to watch it and…

Just wow.

I loved every second of it. I loved the opening theme, the voice actors, the story, the characters, but mostly I loved how incredible it looked. Every drawing from the background to the characters was breathtaking to me. I couldn’t look away and I couldn’t get enough. After I finished Clannad I immediately rewatched. I couldn’t get enough of it. I also couldn’t believe that it just ENDED. I was bawling my eyes out! I had never cried like this for an anime before but you guys that  ending ripped my freaking heart out. I was so distraught about it that one day I was complaining about it to one of my college friends and her ROTC buddy was over and was like, “Oh, Clannad? Did you see After Story yet?”


I was freaking over the moon! I explained that I hadn’t but I had no idea there was more. He seemed to think it was pretty cool that I like it and asked if I’d seen any other shows I admitted that I’d only seen what was on Cartoon Network. I actually didn’t realize there WERE any other shows! You have to understand I had seen this guy with my friend before and had never really talked to him but now here we all were chatting about Clannad and he was giving me other anime recommendations and explaining to me that I could check out manga from the library.

After Clannad I watched Clannad After Story, Saikyu, Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and the list goes on and on and on. Thanks to Kyoto Animation not only did I discover a show that I enjoyed but it was the catalyst that sparked my interest in a whole new hobby. Watching one show helped me to find the anime world which eventually gave me the confidence to start my own blog. Through this site I was able to meet so many people and gain exposure to other things that I have become passionate about. I had never heard of kdramas or otome before I started becoming friends with people here.

It sounds crazy but I think it shows the power that artists hold. I owe a lot to Kyoto Animation because it was their work on Clannad that influenced me to this degree. Becoming apart of the anime world has really changed and helped me through a lot. Meeting people from all over the world because we share similar interests has given me so much perspective as a human. Even being a part of OWLS! None of that would have happened if the thumbnail animation of one show created by Kyoto Animation hadn’t caught my eye.

I think it is amazing.

I was so heartbroken to hear that these tragic events had taken place and I still can’t wrap my brain around. Those workers that were harmed were artists and creatives whose visions and artwork helped to change and enhance the lives of others all over the world. Everyday people like me and you were able to connect all because of the brilliance and beauty they put out into the world through their creations. At this time I can only hope that each of them know that their are people throughout the world connected because of them and that together all of us are wanting nothing more than peace and well-being for them and their families ❤

I’m really proud to be apart of a tour that is able to highlight the many shows that have touched our souls and I hope you will all continue to keep Kyoto Animation in your thoughts.

Our Blog Tour honoring Kyoto Animation will continue tomorrow with a post by Nerd Rambles.

Thanks for stopping by today everyone ❤


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9 thoughts on “OWLS Blog Tour Believe: Thank You Kyoto Animation For Your Work

  1. I didn’t see Clannad but I did watch most of Afterstory. I dropped it when I could see where it was going. “Your Lie in April” was the saddest and most painful anime I have ever seen. It honestly took days to recover from the sadness I felt at the end. It was like someone very close to me had died and I was disconsolate, I didn’t need that again. Clannad AS was promising another dose of medicine I couldn’t handle very well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t watched Your Lie in April but I can tell you that After Story is worth watching bc yes you will bawl your eyes out but there is 100% light at the end of the tunnel. Gah! I don’t want to say to much and spoil it but while watching have you noticed the balls of light mentioned? There’s also talks of it in Clannad along with some other important info but they become crucial to the ending of the story. Same with the little girl and robot. It actually all connects in a really cool way but you have to watch it all the way through to see it.


  2. I could relate to this. When I was younger, I would watch anime just for amusement. I would watch Dragon Ball Z and Naruto; I watched the mainstream. When I was in college, I decided to check out Clannad and this anime changed the way I see some anime now. I didn’t think I would cry from an anime like this. Clannad will always be in my heart.

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      1. Me too. This anime hit all the marks in my heart and made me really think about life. I always thought about life, but after seeing this, I had rethink again. I felt really bad for Tomoya and Nagisa. I also wanted to hug little Ushio. One of these days, I need to go back to Clannad.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I love how it ended with *Spoilers For those Who Haven’t Seen IT!*

        Tomoya deciding that it was all worth it to meet Nagisa and then it sends him back and they get their happy ending ❤ So beautiful!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Me too. Tomoya found that happiness he lost. I like how in After Story, he went through a lot like forgiving others like his dad and he was grateful to have Nagisa and her family in his life. That song that plays in the last episode in the happy ending hits me hard.


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