E.l.f Vs Nyx Battle Of The Budget Brands

Hey Grimms,

So I’ve recently been trying to get into e.l.f cosmetics as an alternative to Nyx. If you aren’t aware I don’t consider NYX to be a 100% cruelty free brand. You can get the full details on that by clicking here. When I realized that I wouldn’t be buying NYX anymore it was a huge bummer because their products are stellar and they are budget friendly brand. I will put their setting spray up against Urban Decay’s any day of the week! Gah! Their loss was heartbreaking.

Ever since I’ve been trying to find another brand with products on the same level while also being price comparable. Was it possible to find it in e.l.f?

I was on the hunt!

I decided to try their Aqua Primer Mist and Rose Gold Blush Highlighter first and the hype was real. I’ve never used a spray primer like this and it doubles as setting spray so win, win in my books. I also do not use blush and stick with just highlighter but my sister says I’m missing out so I thought this would be a good segway into the blush life with that highlighter sparkle. I wish I could say both products blew me out of the water but alas that would be too easy.


The spray from the Aqua Mist literally shot me in the face. I cannot use it as a setting spray because it doesn’t spray. It flings itself in a continuous spray leaving nothing but running makeup in its’ wake. Not a cute look. So who knows if it actually works as a setting spray formula-wise, all I can tell you is that I almost lost an eye when I tried to spray myself. Luckily I was using it as a primer first so no make up was lost.

I will say that as a primer it seems to work well. I spray it onto my hands and then rub it onto my face in order to use it. My makeup goes on smoothly and it feels really lightweight. I’m hoping I just got a defective bottle so maybe we can test out its effectiveness as a setting spray next time.

As for the rose gold highlighter/bronzer… meh. Honestly I think I choose the wrong shade that or it’s just really chalky for everyone. I’m not impressed though. I actually think I’m going to give it to my daughter as play makeup. At least someone will be wearing it.

I wish I could say that e.l.f is the new NYX but I cannot. I still have more of their stuff to try out so their not out of the mix yet. Maybe I just caught some dud products. With that said this wasn’t the greatest first impressions and the fact remains that NYX had me at the first product I ever tried from them. Frankly I think e.l.f is going to need to step up their game.

4 thoughts on “E.l.f Vs Nyx Battle Of The Budget Brands

    1. NYX used to be my jaaaaam! Loved their products. Was so bummed when I learned their parent company was testing on animals. 😭 They have such good stuff! I’m going to try a few more elf products so hopefully they’ll be better next time.

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