Code Realize: The Doctor Is In

Hello Grimms,

I decided I needed a little break from Star Crossed Myth. In my defense I’ve been playing that game like crazy! I think it’s good to break it up a bit and I need to finish up Code Realize any way. I’ve only done two routes (well three now counting this) so if you need a refresher check out my Saint Germain and Impey posts. After today you’re also going to be hit hard with some Collar X Malice posts. I got the game for my birthday and I cannot put it down.

I have to also apologize for the lack of posts. I was sick and then I got really sick. Ugh it was awful and due to a genetic anemic disorder I have it takes me much longer than most to fully recover from an illness. On the plus side this means I played a lot of otome, read a lot of manga, and watched a lot of anime while I was stuck in bed so I am brimming with ideas!

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we take a drive with Doctor Victor Frankenstein!

Victor Frankenstein


Alright team I’m not going to say that Victor’s route has been my favorite so far but I will say that I can fully understand how it could become someone’s favorite! There’s a lot that goes into his route and backstory. His past will hit you in the feels but will also make you consider the responsibility we have as humans when it comes to creating.

At what point do we draw the line when it comes to scientific advancement? Is it worth it to save the lives of many at the cost of others and if so who makes that call? How do we place a value on a life? What defines us as human?

Victor’s route in my opinion takes us down a philosophical journey with pit stops on ethics and morals. The journey Victor and the MC takes is reflective and we’re able to see a lot of growth from both of them.

Problems with this route that keep me from considering it my favorite so far? It is very informative in adding more details to the mystery of the MC and her memory loss like who she is and what the horologium is but I think it misses out in a lot of other aspects. I don’t want to delve to deeply into this routes plot but honestly I found the antagonist and problem to be a bit nonsensical. It was hard to get into it because it felt so ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong it had a strong start but for me it was poorly executed. This made the climax of the story really meeeeh.

In order to end on a good note I will say that this has probably one of the best endings. Neither Saint Germaine or Impey were able to really identify a game plan for the MC’s predicament, leave it to the doctor to come up with a game plan!

I hope you enjoyed this look at Code Realize! Don’t forget next week is all about Collar X Malice.

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