BIG NEWS: Changes to My Patreon

Hello Grimms!

I have exciting news today, after much consideration I have finally come up with a reward system that I feel is fair. If you recall when I first started my Patreon I didn’t have rewards because I wasn’t sure how to do it in a way that wouldn’t make others feel excluded. Patreon is only one way that someone can choose to support this site. This site is also supported by people sharing, commenting, or linking blog posts. If someone isn’t in a financial situation where showing support through my Patreon was possible I didn’t want to make them feel they weren’t appreciated. This is why I didn’t want to do something like Patreon exclusive blog posts because I want my blog posts to be available to all of you! I didn’t want to do something like Patreon recommended blog posts because I want the freedom to use any suggestion that comes up in the comment section or messaged to me. Again I feel like we build this space together! It just didn’t seem true to the vision we have going on here to do something along those lines.

Gah! You guys I was really torn because I also wanted to acknowledge the fact that hey you are paying out of your hard earned money to support this content if you join my Patreon.

After all this time I finally have a system in place that I think everyone will enjoy. I wanted to show you all to check that everyone felt the same way. I’m open to suggestions but honestly I do think you will all like this.

As you all know Sailor Moon is one of my all time favorite manga so I broke each tier up into Sailor Scout Teams. Then I added rewards to each team. Check it out!

Tier One=Team Sailor Mercury ($1/Month)


If you’re a part of Team Sailor Mercury your reward will be a Twitter Shoutout! If I know you have a blog/podcast/youtube channel or something like that I will include that in my shoutout. I just wanted a nice way to say thank you for contributing to GrimmGirl in a financial way ❤ I know that isn’t an easy commitment to make.

Tier Two=Team Sailor Mars ($5/Month)


You decided to join Team Sailor Mars? Why thank you! You will receive a Twitter Shoutout as mentioned above and ALSO a personalized post card from yours truly. I thought to myself that doesn’t it suck to always get bills or junk mail? Wouldn’t it be nice to actually get something thoughtful for a change? When I say personalized I mean PERSONALIZED! I don’t have a standard message to put on each card. So everyone’s will be different. Depending on my mood I have no idea what I will write! I just want it to be something that puts a smile on your face when you see it in the mail.

Tier Three=Team Jupiter ($10/Month)


Oho! Is Jupiter your waifu? Be honest! If you have decided to set hearts ablaze on Team Jupiter you get the rewards mentioned above PLUS a random holiday greeting from me! I might send you a card for St. Patrick’s Day I might send you a card for National Donut Day. You won’t know until you see it in the mail! Again this is personal so each card will be different. I think that makes it so much more fun don’t you?

Tier Four=Team Sailor Venus ($15/Month)


Grimms she’s the protector of the planet Venus aka the planet of LOVE clearly I had to do something really fun for this team. All the rewards mentioned above will happen but you can also look forward to a birthday card from me! Obviously for this reward you’ll need to give me the date you would like to receive this card so that I can get it to you by then but like everything it will be unique to you. I don’t just have a stack of blank cards waiting to send out. Again I recognize that joining my Patreon is a commitment and I want to do something that honors that ❤

Tier Five=Team Sailor Moon ($20/Month)

Sailor Moon6

Sailor Moon is the character I’m most like and I have to say her reward reflects both of our quirky tendencies. You really never know what you’ll get with us and that’s exactly the point of this reward! Team Sailor Moon will get to enjoy all the fun rewards mentioned above but they will also get a Random Box of Five! This box will simply include five random things that you will have no idea about and a note from me explaining why I chose them. I can’t tell you what will be in there but I can tell you it will be really silly! It will also give a bit of a glimpse as to how my mind works so my hope is that when you open your box you’ll get a good chuckle out of whatever you receive.


Well Grimms that’s it! That’s the reward system and I hope you all really like it. This way all of my giveaways, post suggestions, polls, and content all stay available to everyone because we all make this site a fun place to be! Also my there is no “Patreon Only Section” on my account so when I put an exclusive picture or something like that on my Patreon site it will be available for EVERYONE to see as long as you visit the page.

If you can’t join a Sailor Scout Team still feel free to share my Patreon! Currently my goal is to make $20/month through Patreon to support this site and we’re at $5 already! Isn’t that amazing?! When we hit $20 I plan on creating a Youtube video where I read my first ever post on GrimmGirl and react to it. I can’t wait when we hit that goal and we can do that. It will be my first time editing a video like that so it will be an experience for all of us!

I hope that this system is a good balance for all of the principles we promote here on GrimmGirl. I wanted to acknowledge anyone who contributed to my Patreon in a special way that still helped everyone feel included on GrimmGirl. Do you guys think I achieved that? Let me know in the comment section below!

Also to check out my Patreon click here

Have a great day Grimms don’t forget to stop in tomorrow for Otome Monday.


*I do not own these images *

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