Gintama S1: Cute Faces Are Always Hiding Something

Hey Grimms!

Welcome back to my blog. I’m super happy that you decide to chat about Gintama with me. I finished the first 25 episodes of Gintama and I’m considering that season one. On the 25th episode the show was celebrating entering its 3rd season but Crunchyroll has episodes 1-49 as its first season.

So confusing!

So I’m compromising and saying 1-25 is the first season. Hopefully that makes sense to all of you. Also let’s appreciate the fact that this show was so good I watched 25 episodes in a matter of days.


s1 Gintama1
I love when they cut scenes like this XD

It is so nice to watch a show that is just straight up funny. I’ve been having a bit of a time lately so this show has really been lifting my spirits. It just feels good to laugh! I heard a rumor that as the show progresses some more serious things happen but that hasn’t been the case so far. Which at this point in my life I honestly appreciate. I wish I would’ve started this show sooner!

The first season is really about setting up the characters and the different factions. You have the Amanto which are alien species, and years ago they forced their way onto Earth and specifically for this story Edo Era Japan. There was a war to try to keep them out but ultimately they won the war, infiltrated the government and enforced a no sword ban ending the culture of the samurai. Then you have the Shinsengumi which is basically like a high level government police force and because of this they’re allowed swords and in one characters case a bazooka. There’s Katsura or Zura to everyone but himself who leads an Anti-Amanto Rebel Faction. Even though the war ended he’s still fighting the Amanto and trying to get his country back which brings us to Gintoki and The Odd Jobs Gang.

Gintoki used to fight in the war along side Zura but no matter how much Zura would like it he isn’t apart of the Rebel Forces. Instead he runs an Odd Jobs business that claims to do any job as long as you have the money to back it. Along the way he’s managed to pick up two comrades and a very rambunctious dog. Shinpachi is the son of a dojo owner but  with the ban on swords the dojo has fallen on hard times with zero students. His father has passed away so Shinpachi and his sister work jobs in order to keep the dojo. Kagura is an Amanto who finds herself a bit stranded on Earth. She comes from a race of incredibly strong super fighters but she doesn’t want to use her skills for violence just for the sake of violence. She mostly just wants to eat. Kagura isn’t afraid to kill a man over her snacks though and to be real I relate to that. Being part of the Odd Jobs Gang gives her a place to belong in an otherwise cruel city. Sadahara is her Amanto dog that is probably the only species on the planet that can survive her.

Together these four really answer to no one. While Gin says they’ll take any job the truth is he really only takes jobs seriously if they spark his interest. This character point is what holds everything together and shapes the show. Listen, Gin fought hard during the war and lost a lot of friends dear to him. He doesn’t believe that revenge or anything like that will bring his friends back or bring him any sort of peace nor does he agree with how corrupt the government and Amanto have become. What he does believe in is protecting what he feels is important.

This ideology allows him to operate outside of the Shinsengumi and the Rebel Factions and ultimately be the balance between them and the force that holds the show together. The Shinsengumi protect the government whether they’re in the right or not. For example protecting a government Amanto who has been using his connections to help flush Edo Japan with drugs. They may not agree with him as a person but it is an order so they’ll put their lives on the line. Gin and company aren’t going to do that. Had this official walked into Gin’s and asked them to protect him he would’ve told him to f*ck off to the highest degree.

On the flipside when Zura starts bombing places of Amanto and government importance Gin isn’t having any of that either. He’s able to recognize that there will be casualties of people who are just living a good life. He isn’t interested on revenge against everyone. Gin can realize that behavior like that can get a lot of innocent people killed in a very short amount of time and frankly he’s not about that life.

The Odd Jobs Crew bounce around helping people who need it and occasionally getting in the way of both the Shinsengumi and the Anti-Amanto Forces with hilarious results. You can’t fault a guy for holding onto his convictions so neither side is ever really upset with Odd Jobs. On occasion they even team up which is often some of the funniest episodes! Look forward to The Shinsengumi and The Odd Jobs VS The Panty Perv. That episode was so fricken funny. So was their team up against the “ghost”. That might’ve been my favorite. Gin and Zura also work together as members of a Drag Queen Bar. Hey, Edo Japan likes to party too! Plus I have to say they both make delightful Queens. Shout out to the writer for developing a well rounded character in the owner of the bar, Saigo.

I think I’ll have to eventually do a post on my thoughts for that episode alone. Actually this show has given me a lot of ideas for upcoming posts that I’m really excited about so don’t for once second think you’re not getting a lot of Gintama coming your way!

Final Thoughts

This show is quite simply FUN. As of now it doesn’t have some grand reaching plan or super villain. You know what I mean by that? Inuyasha has Naraku, Ichigo has Aizen, Edward and Alphonso have The Homunculus… There isn’t a story arch for Gintama in that sense. This is both a good and bad point in my opinion. I honestly adore a good villain! I think it can really help drive the plot and usually means we get some epic battle scenes. That being said I can admit that maybe part of Gintama’s charm in the first season is the fact that it since it doesn’t have that over-reaching theme in the beginning they were able to focus on setting up the characters and their world more. We weren’t just thrown into a space without background. While each episode isn’t necessarily connected you do learn more and more about how Gintama’s world operates and how that has shaped each characters perspective.

What does it mean to protect your friends? To have a family? To believe in something more than yourself? To belong?

What does it mean to be a samurai?

Through all of the laughs and hijinks the characters are often times grappling with these questions. I think this is what makes the show so relatable. Yes, it’s funny but I think what keeps people or at least me coming back is that I too ask myself these questions. Okay maybe not about how to be a good samurai… but everything else still stands! We’re all trying to figure these things out just like the characters of the show. We’re all just bumbling through hoping that like each of them we can protect the ideals that we hold dear and help keep us going.

I’m already looking forward to season two!

s1 Gintama3


In other unrelated Gintama news don’t forget that today I’d the last day to submit questions for my Q&A post for my birthday. You can do so by clicking here and submitting your questions in the comment section.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and spend some time watching Gintama, that’s an order Grimms!

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