Otome Monday: Aignous You Came Out Of Nowhere

Me Ahn He (Korean for sorry!)

Grimms this post is late today and I’m so sorry! I love to have my posts scheduled first thing in the morning so that you can start your day on a good note but today you’ll have to forgive me. This last week was completely hectic!

My Mom left for Thailand on Wednesday which meant the first half of the week was spent cramming as much stuff in as possible before she left. Then Thursday and Friday was spent crammed with kids activities. Saturday was my friend’s going away beach party, her family is moving to Alaska! It is a real bummer because her kids are the perfect age for my kids play date wise. My daughter actually has a huge crush on her son XD Ah, young love. As you can imagine she is really gutted that they’re leaving, as am I. Sunday was jam packed with more activities so it wasn’t until about 11pm I was finally able to pick up my tablet and play this route!

By the time it was finished I was much to tired to write. My kiddos are finally winding down though and I’m writing this as I make dinner. Can we just take a moment to praise multitasking? My hope is I can add the finishing touches after I scoot them off to bed. I’m glad I’m finally getting my thoughts down because this route had me shooketh… isn’t that what the kids say?

Aigonorus- The Department of Wishes


Okay I think that Kiyonori from After School Affairs scared me more than I thought because I was really dreading this route. As soon as I read apathetic my mind immediately drifted to stupid Kiyonori. I decided to just get it over with since I was feeling good after playing Zyglavis. Worst case scenario I would have to cheer myself up with another Scorpio route like I had to do for Karno.

Imagine my surprise when it turns out that I’m actually in love with Aigonorus! Who would’ve seen this crazy turn of events? I certainly didn’t. Here’s the thing about Aigonorus though, he may seem like he cares about nothing but the truth is he cares very deeply. He notices things that other people would probably miss. Aigonorus is also the type to appreciate the little things others do for him. He’s not the type to demand huge gestures from you in order to feel secure in the relationship. For him it’s the daily little things like showing up with a bag of marshmallows because you know it’s his favorite treat.

While Aigonorus may not be my favorite character (I’m sorry nobody beats Scorpio periodT) he does however have one of my favorite storylines so far. Basically he’s the first god in part two to receive a punishment from the king. Unlike the gods from part one though he doesn’t get his mark because it’s representing a sin instead his is a spell to basically get him in line due to his laziness. The long and short of it is the king thinks he’s phoning it in when it comes to guarding the MC so he casts a spell on Aigonorus. Since Aigonorus feels like it’s to bothersome to be around people the king makes it so he literally can’t be more than three yards from the MC. You gotta love the kings sense of humor.

This sets the stage for our story. While the basic premise stays, protect the MC from the underworld, the spell really helps to put a unique twist on things. It makes the journey of the story that much better. Also this is the first story where you actually get to see more of the heavens. Normally you just see the throne room, the reflecting pool, and maybe the garden area so it was nice to see some different areas this time around.

I think the best part of Aigonorus is that because he always seems so mellow when he does smile or dare I say blush it is beyond amazing! I wish I could say I didn’t fangirl squeal every time he did it but that would be a horrible and incredible lie. He got me every single time! He’s just so sweet!

Final Thoughts

You’re just to adorable ❤

This route is GrimmGirl approved. Aigonorus brings pride to his Department of Wishes. I really can’t see anyone completely disliking this route. On top of all of this greatness that is Aigonorus did I mention that Scorpio makes a surprise appearance at the very end. It’s not a significant amount of screen time but it’s enough to make you say, “Daaaammmmnnnn Scorpio! You are the greatest.” I’m sorry but is this really a Star Crossed Myth review if I don’t spend at least part of it gushing about Scorpio?

*I do not own these images *

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