Bring Me Your Questions!

Guess what Grimms!

It’s almost my birthday!!!!!!

That means I will be doing my yearly questions post. You ask and I answer. I do this every year on my birthday just for fun. Basically you comment your questions below and I will use them for my birthday post in August. I would like all questions submitted by August 3rd, 2019 in order to be able to work on my post and have it up on my actual birthday.

If you need some inspiration from past question check out my previous birthday posts!

First GrimmGirl Q & A

Time To Answer Your Questions

GrimmGirl Responds: Birthday Edition

So bring on the questions! You guys always make my birthday lots of fun by submitting them ❤

2019 Bday2

12 thoughts on “Bring Me Your Questions!

  1. You get a trip in a time machine. You can either a) choose when and where you want to go or b) get sent to a random time/place, but you get to come back with a souvenir — and it could be worth a lot of money. Which do you choose?


  2. It’s cool that your birthday is coming up quickly. This sounds like a fun way to celebrate. What’s your top three favorite anime characters and what is your top three hated characters. This sounds like two questions, so feel free to answer one if you feel like it.

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  3. This is a fun birthday tradition.

    Here are a few questions – one anime, one just ridiculous:
    1) What’s a series that you loved when you first saw it, but had issues with when you re-watched it? Feel free to be as detailed about the issues as you like.

    2) If you could choose between being able to breath underwater or fly, which super power would you choose and why?

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  4. Yay, happy almost birthday! Let’s see, questions…

    1) You’re going to be locked in a field for one night and can only bring five items with you. What are they?
    2) What would be the hardest question someone could ask you in one of these sessions?

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  5. Happy birthday! In advance, told as belated.

    Well I missed the time to ask my question yet again, but I’m going to ahead and leave one here, you can answer it if you want!
    If there was only one, and I mean exactly one haikyuu match you could watch live when they are playing, which would it be??

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