Pineapple Prints For Summer Dreams

Style Grimms!

Are you pumped to see more clothing and style posts on GrimmGirl? I’m really trying to make an effort to get more of these types of post on here. They’re really fun to do although I have to admit I’m not the most comfortable of models. I’m glad my sister takes me under her wing to help bring these looks to life. So let’s all take a moment to applaud Torri aka @heysquarebear for helping me out. She’s a good egg!

Today’s look it brought to you by pineapples AND ethical fashion!


Here’s the deal Grimms we’ve talked about this before but the amount of clothes we get rid of each year is insane. I’m not being dramatic when I say the planet is drowning in our discarded clothing and our fashion choices are killing people. Mostly the people having to crank out these fast fashions at breakneck paces, in unsafe working conditions, and for pennies. Don’t be afraid to check out my previous post if you need a refresher on where we’re at on the planet. For this reason I try to either buy my clothes resale (check my grey dress) or I go big (check my Rothys). I want to make sure that whatever I buy is going to last years and that whoever made it is making a livable wage. In order to do that when I buy something brand new I end up spending a pretty penny.

Y’all I’m not a gajillionire! I can’t be spending that kind of money on the regular. This is why resale stores are my BFF. When we buy through a resale store, garage sale, or hand-me-downs we ensure that more clothing doesn’t end up clogging up the planet. This look comes straight from Plato’s Closet. A resale store here in America! My husband and I realized there was one near our hotel while we were on vacation and couldn’t help but stop by.

Thankfully we did because I found this adorable pineapple dress and these black strap sandals! I had to get the dress because whenever I see pineapples I think of the show Psych (go watch it if you haven’t) which is one of my favorite shows of all time! My pineapple print just makes me happy and isn’t that how we should feel every time we put something on? Shouldn’t it make us happy?

As Marie Kondo would say, “This sparks joy!”

Do you know what all this joy cost me?

Twenty Bucks!

Twelve dollars for the dress and eight dollars for the shoes. That’s my kind of deal. The trick to finding the perfect outfit at a resale is to not get overwhelmed by the amount of money you could, “save”. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve seen people try to shoot for quantity over quality. If you spend $100 on 20 clothing items but only feel so-so about them not only did you still spend $100 but you don’t even love what you got! So what was the point? Don’t fall into this trap people!

When you go into a resale store, garage sale etc there are so many things to chose from and deals to be had that you can walk out with tons of stuff that you don’t love just because it was a “good deal”. In your mind you have a clear picture of what you’re looking for and don’t deviate from the plan! When I walked into Plato’s Closet I had a clear idea of exactly what I was looking for. I needed sandals that could dress up or down. I needed a dress that would be comfortable in the summer heat but could also be worn to family events and things like that. Nothing tooo fancy, but nice.

Did I see a lot of stuff that I wanted to impulse buy?


So many things you guys! I stayed strong though and because of that I spent $20 on stuff that I really love. This dress isn’t going to get pushed to the back of my closet because it, “doesn’t fit right” or something like that. You know what I’m talking about. We are all so willing to let things that bother us slide in the store because it was on sale but then what ends up happening? Our closet doesn’t lie and it we slowly start pushing it further back. This why so many of us have full closets with nothing to wear! This is not happening with this dress. As for my sandals I wear them just about everyday now. They may look basic but that’s the beauty of them. They match with everything!

This look sparks joy for me ❤ Find your joy!

Well Grimms that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Happy shopping and remember just because it’s onsale doesn’t mean you have to buy it if you don’t love it ❤

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