Star Crossed Myth: Zyglavis The God of Libra

Happy Monday Grimms!

As you know it’s Otome Monday here on GrimmGirl and we’ve steadily been working our way through Star Crossed Myth. It has been a journey people of the grimm but we finished part one of the game and started part two last time with Karno. Truth be told I was not impressed. I was hesitant to start the next route just incase I hit another dud but Pokeninja90 assured me that my next candidate was a winner. I consider her to be the Queen of Otome so the fact that she gave him her stamp of approval got me pumped!

We also generally have pretty similar tastes so normally if she likes a character I will too. About the only thing we don’t agree on is our ships *cough team Kyo forever *cough Tsukki X Yams is the real otp* So my feelings of dread quickly turned to excitement, but you know what guys? She didn’t let me down!



Listen up you better have your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed because this man isn’t playing around. He is the head of The Department of Punishment and takes his work incredibly serious. He’s not a man of many words. There’s right and wrong, good and evil, and Zyglavis clearly sees the difference between the two with no room for inquiries. He’s such a stickler for the rules that Scorpio looks up to him as someone to strive to be, and Scopio doesn’t compliment just anyone like that. Zyglavis doesn’t think it should take a person longer than a few seconds to answer any question he puts on the table and don’t even think of cutting corners when he’s around!

With such a hard ass on her case how on earth will the MC find time for romance? Oh, but when there’s a will there’s a way and Voltage always finds a way.

It may seem like Zyglavis holds a harsh, unwavering attitude towards humanity but as this story goes on you will begin to understand that everything he does is for a reason. Most importantly you won’t find a more caring god in the bunch.

I kid you not!

Don’t be fooled because this man is a total cinnamon roll. He is so worth his seemingly prickly disposition. The relationship that develops between him and the MC progresses really nicely and was a wonderfully paced storyline.

The biggest reason to play this route might be just to see what Zyglavis is like when he lets his hair down. Figuratively and literally. The man’s a snack! He’s good looking but when he takes his hair out of the pony tail, daaaaaammmnnn! It’s a vibe.

Speaking of vibe Crow is back AND Scorpio makes a few appearances. Y’all I could cry with fangirl tears right now. All of these characters in one route was just too much beautiful, sexy, greatness to encapsulate in words. Voltage is lucky I didn’t pass out. If ever there was a scene with all three I probably would.

I’ll admit there where a few moments where I really wanted to tell the MC to get her life together but all in all she was fine. Not to mention pretty damn bold for a voltage MC. Seriously there was this bedroom scene where I was, “Ohhhh, okay girl! Live your best life because I’m here for it!” I won’t give any more details then that but you should play the route to see for yourself.

Is there a bad ending with someone line Zyglavis around? Absolutely not. Play to your hearts content and enjoy the wonderment.

Don’t be an idiot, play his route ❤

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4 thoughts on “Star Crossed Myth: Zyglavis The God of Libra

  1. LOLOL I am glad you liked my boy Ziggy!! He is seriously one of my favorite Star Crossed Myth guys (second only to my first love Scorpio)! He cares so much about EVERYTHING, he is the most compassionate of all the gods… he needs a big ol hug!

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