Blogger in the Spotlight: Artist By Beauty

Hello Grimms,

As I mentioned in my last post vacation time is over and I’m ready to crank out some fabulous content for you all. Don’t you just feel so refreshed after a vacation? Or just after any sort of break or family time? I certainly do! I have some new posts coming your way but first it’s time to bring something back.

I haven’t done a Blogger in the Spotlight for ages and it’s a real shame. So many talented bloggers out there that deserve recognition. The last time I did a post like this was back in April… Of 2018!!!!

* Hangs Head in Shame

I apologize for my life. For you new peeps you may not know but my original crew knows that this use to be a monthly thing where I would choose a blogger and gush about them here on GrimmGirl. Don’t you think it’s about time I get back to my roots?

I think so too!

So without further ado I would like to showcase the blog Artist By Beauty written by Capili Jiron for the month of July! Here are three reasons you should check out her blog if you aren’t familiar with her.

Number One…

Did someone say cruelty-free?

Capili Jiron did!

That’s right Grimms like me Capili Jiron enjoys her makeup cruelty-free. Isn’t it just lovely to go to a site where the makeup featured is cruelty-free? Since it is something I am so passionate about when I find  blogger who is discussing makeup that I don’t have to do extensive research on to find it’s animal testing status is a big win. What can I say? I’m a busy mama of two! It’s lovely to just kick back on a site and enjoy the makeup without googling every product that looks good to me.

Number Two…

There is so much more to Artist By Beauty than just makeup. She is an incredible talent and shares her art with all of us. You can spend a lot of time looking at all of her drawing posts. Her talent doesn’t stop there though she also sews and creates more artistic makeup looks. Her Cotton Candy Fairy look is two years old but it is still one of my favorite looks that I’ve seen her create. She certainly inspires me to up my artistic game. Which I think is one of the reasons we invest time in anyones art whether it’s blogging or anything else isn’t it? To be inspired? At least that’s how I feel and I’m pretty sure many of you feel the same.

Number Three…

You’ll find her everywhere! You can find Capili on her blog Artist By Beauty but also on YouTube, Twitch, and of course Twitter. You gotta give her props for keeping up with all of that! Look at the trouble I run into trying to keep things consistent here and she’s doing that times three! Again the inspiration just keeps flowing.

Final Thoughts…

I hope you have enjoyed this month’s Blogger in the Spotlight! I want to get back into making this a monthly thing again. Not only do I think it’s fun to give a shoutout to a hardworking creator but one of the things I love about blogging is the support I received here. I want to be part of that positive environment and I know all of you do as well. Make sure to stop by Artist By Beauty when you find a minute by clicking here and let her know GrimmGirl sent you ❤

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