Meanwhile On GrimmGirl…

Hey Grimms,

Hold on to your lipsticks and manga because things are about to be sporadic! I just want to give you all heads up and rage a moment to explain why.

1.) A month ago part of our house was flooded. Exact cause is unknown but we suspect a not so neighborly neighbor. The damage was pretty bad so the past month and a half has been spent in complete disarray as things get sorted. We finally got the dry wall and paint done this week but there is still so much left to do! It’s pretty hard to write posts though with all this construction happening.

2.) My Mom’s home! Some of you may not realize but my Mom actually teaches in Bangkok, Thailand. She moved there last year so the last time I saw her was when she came back to the States for Christmas. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am that she’s home! We’re basically trying to cram as much family time together as possible before she leaves at the end of this month. This of course means less time to edit and write posts.

3.) We’re going on vacation and will be gone from July 3rd-July 11th. My family lives down South and we usually head down at least once ayear to visit. It’s so much fun to see everyone and we always have a great time but there’s not a lot of time to write in between hotel rooms and 18 hour drives!

4.) It’s summer vacation for my daughter which is great but also means I’m promoted to full time entertainer. Normally I work on posts during my son’s nap time but now that my daughter’s home she requires my attention during that time. So it’s been a little hectic trying to find a good time to be able to write and schedule posts.

Have no fear though! I promise to figure things out and get you the content you deserve. Some of the bigger projects I have in mind have been put on hold in order to wait for the craziness to die down but content will still be coming your way. Thank you all for supporting GrimmGirl and please continue to stop by to chat and hang out.

It’s always a pleasure to see all of your views, comments, and likes. You all just keep making my day!

Stay on the lookout for more fun posts, however hectic these next few weeks may be.

8 thoughts on “Meanwhile On GrimmGirl…

    1. Just got back and it was such a blast. I agree family time is most important ❤ I truly feel so much better after I've had some quality time with them and I think I'm a better blogger for it as well. It gives me time to just think without rushing to push content and now I have some fun ideas to try! Hopefully our floors will be done soon and then we just have to get the bathroom and part of the kitchen. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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    1. Thanks Krystallina! Vacation time was great! I always feel so much better after seeing my family ❤ Makes me pumped about GrimmGirl too! Hahaha it just gets me inspired if that makes sense. The flooding repairs is still not fun but floors are next on the list and I will be very happy when our living room is no longer cement XD

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