Don’t Sleep On Witch Hazel

Hi Grimms!

Welcome back to GrimmGirl. I have some exciting news for you all. Today my Mom is coming home from Thailand! She teaches there in Bangkok which is why it’s very exciting we she comes home. We haven’t seen her since Christmas. It’s going to be amazing having her back! The excitement doesn’t end there though because next we are taking our annual vacation down south. That’s where my Dad’s side of the family lives so every summer we make it a point to visit. These next three weeks are going to be pretty hectic but I will do my best not to neglect you all and keep content consistent. My goal is to just schedule posts out so wish me luck!

Now let’s get into today’s post!

Witch hazel; Hamamelis

If you don’t have witch hazel in your bathroom right now I’m going to need you reevaluate your life choices. If coconut oil is my bread then witch hazel is my butter and together they make magic baby. Witch hazel is really great for your skin! Did you know that? You can use it in your battle against acne. It’s an astringent! I admit that for me it isn’t the greatest smell but damn if it doesn’t work for skin issues.

I use it for acne all of the time. Pair it with coconut oil and you’ve got yourself a game changer. You can also use it on your scalp! Just rub it in before shampooing to help deal with a dry, flaky issues you may be having. I also use it on the kids for their cradle cap. Just a pro parent tip for those of you rocking the kid life.

You may think it’s just for beauty but it’s practical as well. I use it when the kids get scraps. Thanks to its anti- inflammatory properties it does wonders. It also contains tannins which is a what can help prevent inflammatory substances from entering your cuts.

So next time you’re out pick up a bottle. You’re body will thank you.

Stop by again tomorrow! I’ll bring you some manga greatness!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep On Witch Hazel

  1. Aswwww Kat I finally got to visit your blog girl oh my goodness ahh!!! Glad to see you back in the blogging game my dear. !! So happy you get to see you mum again after all this time my dear !! I LOVE WITCHHAZEL I use it for when I have bad breakouts and it brings down the swelling a lot, so I always have some on hand !! I hear you girl. Cocount oil I use on my hair ends and scalp but Ive been missing out on my treatment for it recently oops LOL

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