Otome Monday: Karno From Star Crossed Myth

Hello Grimms,

I hope you are ready to get into it today. We are finally on part two of Star Crossed Myth. Part one is the MC dealing with the gods that have sinned. As a reincarnated goddess she is supposed to have the power to absolve them of their sins. In part two the story is set with the MC having already absolved the fallen gods of their sin, however because of her power it appears she is being targeted by the underworld. Bring in the rest of the gods from the Departments of Wishes and Punishments.

(Don’t forget to check out my first post from part one here!)


I’m going to give you all a heads up now. If Karno is your biases you’re going to want to dip out now. Perhaps check out one of my True Love, Sweet Lies posts because I’m about to destroy Karno in this post. That’s right Grimms I’ve got since complaints!

The MC starts out choosing Karno because he seems like a nice guy who enjoys humans. He doesn’t act all high and mighty because he’s a god he actually seems pretty down to earth.

So far so good.

He doesn’t treat the MC harshly and tries his best to make the MC comfortable after she has to move into the mansion thanks to some underworld bad guys deciding they need to steal her soul to bring their dark god to full power. He doesn’t even make it awkward when she starts sleeping in his room. He gives her the bed and then goes about his day as usual.

So what’s my problem?

To get into that I’m going to have to bring up some spoilers so here’s your chance to bail if you need to.

Their love story creeps me out! Basically it turns out Karno has been watching over the MC since she was a child. Both he and another god are very clear on this next point… Karno began to care for the MC as his daughter. Daughter! So basically he went from you’re the daughter I never had but wanted to now that you’ve filled out I’m turned on real quick!


How the hell am I supposed to get past all of that? It’s just to weird. How do you go from seeing someone as your daughter to seeing them as your lover? I’m freaked out! As if that premise alone wasn’t bad enough he’s also a whiny idiot.

You know I have to make this reference.

“Waaaah I don’t want to be a god because one time I introduced someone to a person who greatly influenced their lives but then they died. You know the way humans do everyday and the person was so sad that she started grieving, you know the way everybody grieves when they lose someone. Anyway she was so sad I erased her memories and now I’m upset that I’m a god that I wish I was human. Waaaaa!”

More tears, more tears.

I just can’t with this lame reasoning. You’ve been beating yourself up for 20 years because you what? Can’t control death? Get over it. You didn’t kill anyone. Karno had no idea the person would die in a few months. He’s not a fortune teller. I hate when people beat themselves up over things they have no control over. Oh and you can just guess how it all goes down when the MC starts suspecting something. If you think he just tells her what’s going on you’re in for heartache. Of course instead of being mature he decides he should just ghost the MC altogether.

Can’t forget the beautiful moment when the MC confesses her love to him and he’s like, “Yeah thanks for forgiving me but dueces.” For real, he just flat out dips. Who the hell does that? His reasoning is basically he’s still punishing himself for hurting her so now he’s going to hurt her more by leaving but he’d really like her to keep smiling because he likes that. What the crap does that even mean?


To top it all off the MC is a moron! Karno isn’t the freaking angel of death. He can’t just stop death because that’s not his job. He has rules just like everybody else but of course she’s all emotional about it. How can Karno just let people die? Ummm… because people aren’t immortal. This isn’t high level thinking here lady and making him feel bad for not being able to stop death isn’t helping. People can only do what they can do.

She was just a mess all around. They both were. Which makes this story a mess. It took me two days to get through because I had to keep taking breaks. It felt like this route just wouldn’t end and my god the lack of chemistry. I can’t even describe it. It was like watching two pieces of sandpaper grate against each other. It was so unappealing.

The only thing that kept me going was Crow. The bad guy. That man was a snack for sure! How do we get his route? Who do we need to talk to in order to get a underworld version of this game? Because I was all for Team Dark Gods! Honestly they were this routes only saving grace. I won’t lie I was totally rooting for them. Things were actually exciting when Crow and his partner in crime were on the scene.

Yoooooo! Introducing Crow and Seveille ❀ Where’s their routes? Especially Crow!

As for their Blessed or Forbidden Endings I snored through both. I mean if Crow isn’t there what is the point? The only good thing about this route was the fact that I was so depressed by it that I bought Scorpio’s Epilogue to cheer myself up and damnit if Scorpio doesn’t know how to kick things up a notch. For real I’m still in shock it was so good. Scorpio was out there proving once again that he has earned his top spot ranking!

…How did my Karno post turn into a Scorpio post? Who cares! Enjoy this picture of my main squeeze Scorpio and try to forget all about Karno. I know I will.


See you next week Grimms!

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8 thoughts on “Otome Monday: Karno From Star Crossed Myth

  1. LMAO this review had me rolling!!! This is one of the few Star Crossed Myth routes I didn’t play and ya know what… I might just keep it that way. Since we tend to have the same taste in stuff, Imma give this one a hard pass (unless it goes on sale or the do a free promo). Scorpio is still best boi

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