Alluka Zoldyck Putting The T in LGBTQ

Hello Grimms ❤

I’m glad you’re back! I have been having a lot of fun writing this LGBTQ series for Pride Month. I think I’ll have to do it again next year. We’ve done anime representation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and today we’ll be celebrating Transgender representation!

So grab a cup of tea or whatever beverage you prefer and get lost in the beautiful transgender representation that is Alluka Zoldyck!

Alluka Zoldyck


Have you ever watched Hunter X Hunter? If you haven’t you are missing out big time! It’s a great show and you can check out my reviews starting with season one here on GrimmGirl. Here’s the thing though Alluka shows up during the final arc of the 2011 adaption of Hunter X Hunter so I will try to keep it as light in spoilers as possible but it is kind of hard to discuss her as a character without giving some background that could border on spoiler territory depending on your version of spoilers. So please proceed with that in mind.

With that I think it’s about time you hear all about Alluka Zoldyck.

Here’s the thing about her, she’s a really positive representation for the Trans community! She’s also one of the only representations of a child trans character.  I have to say as much as I love anime and manga more often than not Trans characters are portrayed at their most stereotypical levels. There are are so many aspects of a person to explore so I will never understand while writers choose to strip characters down to basic troupes with zero other qualities. I mean isn’t that kind of boring for both the artist and the reader? So I think we have to give snaps when their due. Alluka doesn’t fit into some stale overplayed stereotype. She’s her own person!

WARNING: Here’s where we get into spoiler territory!

Alluka is a member of the Zoldyck Family and that comes with some baggage. Mostly the fact that they’re a family of high level assassins. She’s one of five children and because she is introduced very late into the series we don’t get a lot of time delving into her backstory. Killua (her brother) is one of the main characters though and through him we get a pretty horrific glimpse into the children’s upbringings. It was not a happy one let me tell you that. If the things we know happen to Killua are any indication than it’s safe to say it’s a surprise any of the children survived the first six years of life. You would think though that since their parents are assassins and have killed thousands of people… Okay probably hundreds of thousands if I’m being honest so you would THINK the gender of their child would be the least of their concerns.

Annnnnd yet…

Minus Killua they are all disrespectful dicks when it comes to Alluka’s gender! While Alluka never flat out says, “Hey everyone I’m transgender.” It’s easy put two and two together. Everyone besides Killua refers to Alluka as, “he” or other male specific pronouns but Alluka refers to herself in female pronouns and Killua follows suit. Alluka harbors a power beyond anything the other Zoldyck members could ever posses and some people use that as an excuse for why her family is so horrible to her. I have to disagree honestly I think her family was straight up transphobic. I wish this wasn’t the experience some in the trans community have faced but it honestly is. So many trans children are kicked out of their homes the moment they reveal who they are. The instances of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse skyrockets for trans individuals. Don’t get me started on the homicide rate among the trans community.

If we are honest the trans community even faces transphobia within the LGBTQ community. A place where they are supposed to be safe and accepted. Alluka faces similar struggles from her family. If they’re not referring to her as boy they refer to her as a thing. Sound familiar? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard members of the trans community tell stories of being degraded in the exact same manner. How humans can’t treat other humans this way I will never understand.

Luckily like Killua we can go against the grain.

I won’t go into anymore details because her story is one you really should see for yourself. I hope in the future we see more Transgender representation in all aspects of media and not just representation, diverse representation! Alluka Zoldyck is an eleven year old transgender assassin with heart of gold overcoming a toxic family in order find a place that she can finally feel safe.

I love it!

Bring on more characters like this!!!!

Everyone deserves to feel safe and loved as they are ❤

See you later Grimms ❤


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