Fruits Basket Vol 12: Tohru’s Resolve

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If you need a refresher on where we’re at in the story feel free to check out my last post on volume 11. If you have never read Fruits Basket and want to live a spoiler free life please refer to my first post on volume 1. This post contains zero spoilers for volume 12 but will contain spoilers for volumes 1-11.

So please enjoy!

How are you all feeling after the last volume. Honestly I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Isn’t that just like Natsuki Takay to write in a way that makes us feel both? On one hand I was so happy to see all of those Kyo and Tohru moments. My inner fangirl was freaking out! I don’t care what anyone says they are totally meant for each other! If only Akito wasn’t constantly showing up and ruining the moment.

vol 12 FB2
Momiji I just want to hug you for days and days!

When Akito summoned Kyo my heart was racing. I seriously feel for Kyo so much. He so desperately wants to belong and Akito knows that and uses it against him. Even pushing him so far that Kyo has to deny liking Tohru in order to protect her. That scene crushed me. Speaking of being crushed when Akito attacked Tohru and Momiji couldn’t protect her. My soul was dying. Seriously there were tears. Seeing how guilty Momiji felt at not being able to protect Tohru even though he wanted to so desperately. It really make you want to set Akito on fire!


The biggest revelation though for Tohru was finally learning what Kyo’s true fate will be after high school. Being locked up for the rest of his life, caged like an animal for Akito’s enjoyment. Tohru doesn’t want to see that happen and with that in mind we enter volume 12.

Volume 12

To me volume 12 is a huge turning point for the direction of this manga. It’s at this point Tohru resolves to keep Kyo out of the Sohma house and if that means breaking the curse than so be it. That is exactly what she will do! Tohru is really growing into her own. How she is going to do that or if it is even possible is up in the air. Have faith though! This is Tohru after all and she has a way of making things work even in the darkest of situations.

While Tohru is off trying to figure out all of this curse shenanigans Kyo is on a different mission. Kagure is back on the scene and while she is usually a great character for comic relief it actually gets pretty heavy between the two of them. You might as well have your tissues ready because you’re about to need them. I’m afraid I can’t in good faith go into any more details than that!

Thank heavens Yuki is off with the student council. The scenes between him and the rest of the members of the student council really help to lighten the mood. It’s also great to see Yuki attempting to connect to others on his own. Tohru and Haru can’t keep an eye on him forever. If he is going to start to take a stand for himself against his parents and Akito he needs to learn to create his own village of people who can really be there for him. He is taking his baby steps and I am so proud!

Tohru isn’t the only person who wants the curse broken. We’re finally going to see more of Rin the Year of the Horse and what she’s been up too. She has been quite the mysterious character hasn’t she? I hope you haven’t been judging her to harshly because like all of the characters in Fruits Basket there is so much more to her than meets the eye. I’m glad we get to see more of her this volume. Speaking of people we’re glad to see in this volume if you think Haru isn’t going to make an appearance you are sorely mistaken. Thank goodness too because I just love his character! Meanwhile Shigure is still poking around being Shigure. He sure knows how to keep things lively. Does he ever show his full hand? I bet he’s a handful to play poker with!

vol 12 FB3

From this volume on things will start to get pretty heavy but as always Natsuki Takaya manages to sprinkle in enough humor so that you’re not just crying buckets. In order to keep your spirts up I leave you with this tidbit.

Is there a romantic interest in Hana’s eyes?


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