How Beneficial Is A Facial?

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I hope you are all pumped about today’s post. It’s something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. Skincare is big business in America and as usual what providers can and can’t say in regards to promoting their services is murky at best. So I decided to break it down here for you my wonderful Grimms!

According to The Statsia Research Department 1.6 MILLION (yes you read that correctly) Americans spent over $500 each over the course of three months. That’s around 800 MILLION dollars!! In just three months only counting the people spending over $500 in three months. As you can see we are dealing with an insane amount of money. With that much at stake you can bet product creators are doing whatever they can to make sure your dollars are heading their way. So let’s be clear on what their job is. To sell you a dream. So it’s up to us as consumers to know what’s what because I can tell you right now the companies aren’t going to. I mean it’s pretty hard to pass up 800 Million Dollars am I right?

It’s time to step into the world of facials to see if they’re actually worth the money!

For this post we will be defining a facial in its basic form. A skin experience that includes the following

  • A deep cleaning
  • Pimple/blemish extraction
  • A massage/steam treatment
  • Mask or peel
  • A face moisturizer to finish

And this type of treatment is going to cost you. Threvo puts your basic facial between $65-$90 on average. If you get fancy or go to a high-end spa you could be looking at spending up to $250. On the flipside if you live in a smaller town or city you could be looking at less the $65.

Eeek! My bank account!

So if I’m dropping that kind of cash I want to know exactly what for. Spas and Beauty Parlors credit facials for helping to reduce stress, prevent aging, create soft and glowing skin, and a host of are things but what exactly can a facial do for you?

Here’s the good news. A facial is going to help your skincare. It is providing a deep cleanse and you are addressing pimples and blemishes in the moment. It is also going to be a relaxing experience, unless you hate people touching your face! Message is always good for promoting blood circulation so afterwords I bet you will have a bit of a healthy youthful glow. Your basic facial is good for just that. The results are noticeable in the moment. Trust me, a week later nobody is going to say, “Hey did you get a facial 7 days ago? I can totally tell!”

As fun as a facial is don’t get it twisted. It’s your day to day skincare routine that is going to effect your skin in the long run. You can’t expect to get a facial every month no matter how much you spend while doing nothing else and expect to have perfect skin. You will be very disappointed.

When it comes to the so called anti aging facials proceed with caution and really pay attention to your wallet. Many procedures are just ridiculously overpriced when you think about what it does. Take those microdermabrasion facials according to an article put out by TIME they’re basically just an amped up sugar scrub. If it’s the experience you want than go for it but if you’re tight on cash just get a face scrub with an exfoliant.

The article also points out that while microneedling opens your skin up to absorb the good things it does the same for the bad things. There is no filter. As a consumer is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of that for you’re own face. Not only that but make sure you are going to someone licensed! Some of these facials are pretty extreme. For example did you hear about the vampire facial? Kim Kardashian helped increase it’s popularity. Basically a LICENSED PROFESSION (for the love of GOD make sure this person knows what they are doing) takes some of your blood out, then takes the plasma out of your blood, and then injects that back into your face. Now let me go on record right now to say this is an absolute no for me but if it’s something you’re interested just make sure that the person doing it is qualified. Two cases of HIV were linked back to a spa in New Mexico in April of this year where they were performing this procedure.

spa day2
Yeah. That’s a no for me.

Basically facials are providing you with short term solutions that can be beneficial in the long run if you are keeping a daily skincare routine. If you have a serious skincare issue you need help with you may need to skip the spa and head to the dermatologist. Not that your esthetician isn’t an expert in their field because they are, it’s just that they can only provide and perform so many things and depending on the situation you might have to call in the big dogs.

I personally enjoy getting a facial now and then but like I mentioned before I don’t rely on facials as my main form of skincare. I enjoy the experience! It’s not going to hurt your face but you don’t NEED to do it every week to have healthy skin. You DO need to do daily skincare to create lovely skin in your present and future!

I hope this article helped! Don’t forget to comment below with any questions.

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