Haruhi And Hatsuharu Putting The B In LGBTQ

Hello Grimms!

I hope you have been enjoying my LGBTQ series of posts that I have been providing for Pride Month! We have done anime representation for Lesbian and Gay in LGBTQ so today it is time for some Bisexual representation! For this category I decided to pull from two different shows if you couldn’t tell by the title.

Haruhi Suzumiya

Are you interesting? Then Haruhi is INTERESTED *seductive wink

Our first character for Bisexual representation is Haruhi Suzumia from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia. If you haven’t watched this show you should! Although I have to admit it has been years since I watched it myself but I can tell you one pretty cool thing. Haruhi is the main character of the show (Hola! The show is named after her) and she is completely out of the closet! The very first episode she declares her bisexuality and quite honestly I think a strong case could be made that she is pansexual.

Pansexual: Adjective –> Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

According to Haruhi the only deciding factor she looks for when becoming attracted to someone is whether or not she considers the person to be normal. To be clear she is looking for someone NOT normal. Haruhi simple won’t be held down by conventional norms when it comes to picking a partner. If you are out of the ordinary and can keep life interesting you have her attention!

Bonus points to America because in the dub I watched it very clearly shows Haruhi making advances at both female and male characters. Again it has been awhile since I watched the show but I do remember that. I like to think that as we got out of the 90s and early 2000s we have been doing a better job at keeping our dubs closer to the actual storyline.

Hatsuharu Sohma

Hatsuharu just loves LOVE ❤

I hope you all recognize this character! We owe his existence to Fruits Basket. Now if you have only seen the original anime you may conclude that Hatsuharu is gay BUT if you read the completed manga you will see that isn’t the case. Hatsuharu does declare that his first love was/is Yuki Sohma but that’s the thing he is very clear that Yuki is his first love. Not only love and not last love. His first love.

This is kind of a spoiler and I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible but there is another love interest for Hatsuharu as time goes on and this particular person is of the female persuasion people! So within the manga (and hopefully in the reboot) we can clearly see that Hatsuharu is able to be attracted to both males and females making him the perfect Bisexual Representation!

Fruits Basket is actually a pretty great show when it comes to Representation for the LGBTQ community. I would say that Ayame is also bisexual. While he is dating a women flashbacks and his behavior in general show that his line for sexual attraction is pretty flexible. I don’t want to discuss to many other characters in the show because that would be a spoiler landmine! I’ll just encourage you all to check out both the original and the reboot anime. You also can’t go wrong with the manga! It’s one of my favorites and I’ve been reviewing it volume by volume here on GrimmGirl if you’re interested you should check it out!

I’ve never seen the sub version of Fruits Basket but I can tell you that the original dub does a pretty good job of keeping their sexualities true to character and I’m sure the dubbed reboot will as well!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying your Pride Month! Tomorrow we’ll keep the party going by bringing you the T in LGBTQ! Any guesses on which characters I’ll choose? You won’t be getting any spoilers from me!

Check you later Grimms ❤


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      1. Oh I’m the same I refuse to watch the last two episodes of the original. If the reboot pulls that same bs I’ll riot. I have a few other things about the original I could say but the way they handled Kyo’s true form revelation… Nah. That wasn’t it.

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