GrimmGirl Ranks: After School Affairs, Oh My!

It’s Otome Monday Grimms!

As promised in last week’s post I will be ranking all of the characters from the Voltage Inc game After School Affairs. I have to say arranging my top three for today was so hard! I just ended up having to go with my gut. It was a made writing dash because as soon as I made a decision I had to quickly write it down before I tried to change my mind!

So without any further fanfare let the ranking begin!

In Fifth Place…

Rank After School Affairs1

After reading my post was there any doubt in your mind as to who would end up in last place? I don’t think so. Last place wasn’t even a competition. It was clearly going to be Kiyonori Taishi.

Honestly I hated this character so much I don’t even know where to begin. The dude has the personality of drying paint. Seriously. Imagine the feeling you would get being forced to watch paint dry and that feeling you have is Kiyonori’s entire being. It was that bad.

Now I’m sure there are those out there who enjoyed Kiyonori and to those people I say… how? I’m not being sarcastic I genuinely want you to comment below with his redeeming qualities because I’ve got nothing. What nice thing is there? I guess I could say he likes history? That’s sort of nice but can you build an entire relationship based simply on the fact he likes history? Voltage certainly tries and fails miserably at it.

Should we take a walk down memory lane to remember some of his finest moments?

  • He’s a terrible teacher. Seriously teachers like him give us all a bad name! He has zero interest in fostering a positive learning environment or sparking joy in his subject. He just wants to be able to fill his time with history for himself and as long as the students pass and he’s able to do that he’s fine with whatever. His reasoning is purely selfish. How the heck can I get behind a guy like that?
  • Again his personality is only the fact that he enjoys history. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
  • 100% okay with one of his students being sexually exploited as long as it doesn’t infringe on his history time.

Fuck this guy.

In Fourth Place…

Rank After School Affairs2

Hidetaka Sera!

As you may recall I played through his route first because I thought I was really going to hate it but jokes on me because I loved it! I might be over selling it because my expectations were so low going in but I honest had a lot of fun during his route. He does start out sickly sweet which is not my thing but oho! Is that a hidden personality I sense? You bet your bottom dollar it is!

Am I a masochist?

My otome choices are starting to really make me question things! Seriously though Hidetaka totally earns his spot and the competition is really stiff so putting him in fourth was no easy task. I enjoyed his story when you compare his pride as a teacher to Kiyonori’s there’s no competition between the two. Hidetaka takes the cake!

In Third Place…

Rank After School Affairs3

Man this ranking is so fierce! Decisions need to be mad though. So after much painful thought I have decided to rank Rikiya Monobe as third. This was honestly a tough choice between second and third but I feel confident in my rank. Rikaya Monobe has it all…

  • Intelligence
  • Passion for his students
  • Killer backstory

Plus let’s be real. The dude is HOT. It is what it is Grimms and you won’t be disappointed if you play Rikiya’s route. I don’t want to give to much away but if you remember from my post Rikiya’s a brawler and you need to hear more about that.


In Second Place…

Rank After School Affairs4

*Fans Self

You know it had to be the suave, cool headed, and seemingly strict Shinichi Kagari. Griiimmmmss!!! This man! I must take a moment to calm myself before I continue to type!




Okay I’m ready.

Shinichi seems like such a stickler at school but his personality and habits outside of the workplace are totally different. It’s that difference that ended up snagging him the second spot on our list. His storyline may not have been as engulfing as some of the other characters but he more than makes up for it with sheer boss power. What can I say a person who knows exactly what they want is sexy and I won’t apologize for pointing that out! I also have to give him lots of points because when he is wrong he doesn’t try to weasel out of it. He accepts his mistakes and tries to learn from them. That’s pretty rare in a person so the fact that he has that ability warrants his ranking.

In First Place…

Rank After School Affairs5

Grimms you know it’s my main man Kenzo Yasukawa!!!

His storyline was such a drama but honestly I was eating it up. I said it before and I’ll say it again Kenzo can GET. IT.


Apparently I have a weakness for blonde, gamers, with zen personalities that are a little pervy which checks out in real life since that is basically my husband in a nutshell! Kenzo really kept me on my toes the whole time. Yes there were sometimes I thought he (and the MC) were being a little ridiculous at points but that somehow evolved into part of his charm. If you are going to have to chose only one route to play than this is the route you should pick in my humble otome playing opinion!

Thanks for kicking it with me today Grimms ❤ Make sure to come back next week on Monday. I’ll be giving you the first character for part two of Star Crossed Myth.


* I do not own these images *

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