Sailor Uranus and Neptune Putting The “L” In LGBTQ

Hi Grimms ❤

It’s PRIDE month here in America so I thought this month I would do a series of posts celebrating it here on GrimmGirl! My international readers will have to let me know if their countries also celebrate PRIDE during June. Basically the game plan for this post series is to find anime characters that fit into each category starting with L for Lesbians!

Let’s hear it for all the wonderful Lesbian readers we have here on GrimmGirl. I just want you to all know that I will continue to be an ally in this coming year. I promise to listen to the stories that you share and do my best to not only constantly reflect on my behavior to make sure I’m not unknowingly promoting stereotypes or biases that have been ingrained in me due to a society that has made it it’s business to degrade the Lesbian Community but to actively do what I can to use my platform and voice to lift up the voices of everyone fighting for a better life in our country and the world abroad.

So this post is dedicated to all of you ❤

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Are A COUPLE…. Get Over It.


In today’s post we will not only honor the beautiful relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune but also call out one of the greatest injustices in anime for the Lesbian Community.

The Erasure of this couples loving relationship by the 90’s anime!

To this day thanks to that anime there are so many people who do not understand that Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru (Sailor Neptune) are actually a couple. Sailor Moon began as a manga written by Naoko Takeuchi and was later turned into an anime. This anime blew up in the 90s for Americans. In fact here in this county most people’s first introduction to anime was either this show or DragonBall Z.  Manga was not as popular as it is now and many viewers didn’t realize this show was based of anything.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I actually read the manga even though I was a huge Sailor Moon fan and boy was I in for some pretty big surprises.

You see the dub of the 90s Sailor Moon took a lot of liberties when it came to this series. One of the biggest one was completely erasing Haruka and Michiru as a couple. America decided that the idea of a Lesbian power couple on kids show wasn’t appropriate so they dubbed it to explain that Haruka and Michiru were cousins and that’s why they were so close.

Let that sink in for a moment Grimms.

*Me Calmly Taking a Deep Breathe Before Continuing *

I think I need to take a moment to point out that they decided that a consensual loving relationship was not okay for young viewers to see because it was between two women but they had zero problems broadcasting two relationships where MINORS were involved with ADULTS. Nope that was totally fine and normal because those relationships were between girls and men.

I just want to say that even though they dubbed them as cousins the anime remained the same. They were awfully close for cousins. I remember as a kid noticing it and being so surprised that they were related because how they acted around each other. I assure you America making them kissing cousins was way more off-putting to me as a child than just saying they were together ever would’ve been.

Me as a child, “Well that’s an odd thing to say to your cousin…”

I also want to take a moment to point out how Naoko’s writing of healthy relationships was completely cast aside for the anime adaption. For instance in the 90s adaption Usagi (Sailor Moon) is a third year middle school (high school freshman for us State side) student when she begins her relationship with Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask) a first year college student. In the manga Usagi’s age is the same but Mamoru is actually a senior high school student. Why is the 90s anime suddenly aging him into his college years???

On top of that the weird Usagi, Momo, and Ren love triangle never happened in the manga. In the original telling by Naoko it is Usagi and Mamoru PERIODT! Also he’s not always teasing her and putting her down or any of that nonsense. He’s her biggest supporter. I bring this up because it still baffles me that the US was willing to keep the bogus relationship that was the 90s adaption of Usagi and Mamoru but couldn’t stomach the loving relationship that was kept between Haruka and Michiru because they were both consenting GIRLS?!

This honestly looks like a little kid throwing a tantrum at her cool older uncle, what a healthy relationship status I said in a tone dripping in sarcasm.

What a bunch of homophobic crap.

Can we also discuss how they were more than willing to keep the relationship between Naru and Nephrite which DOESN’T HAPPEN IN THE MANGA! I just want to point out that in the 90s adaption as a kid I thought Nephrite was like… 28 years old. He wasn’t undercover in college or high school and he didn’t look young. So in my early years of ten I’m watching this show where love blooms between a girl that I assume is 14 because I didn’t realize what third year middle schooler meant and a full grown man that at time I honestly thought was like 28 years old. He seemed so old to me and he was falling in love with someone I believed to be only four years older than I was.

Yeah… This looks normal…

Even as a kid I was like… This seems odd. I thought grownups weren’t supposed to love kids like this… But everyone in the show seems okay with it so I guess it’s okay if that happens in real life? Question mark, question mark, question mark!

Do you all see what a dangerous thought that is!?

The dubbers of the 90s Sailor Moon herein America would rather young girls like myself believe that it is perfectly normally for college students/grown men to hit on children and what feels like two cousins who dig each other WAAAAY to much to be normalized than to say, hey… these two women are dating.

Get your crap together people!

I am so glad that the reboot happened and we are all getting the beautiful lesbian couple we were meant to have with Haruka and Michiru that’s truer to the original manga. Also big shoutout that the new releases of the original anime are coming out uncensored. That’s right the 90s anime is now out of the closet.

I’m placing them in the Lesbian category but my followers will have to tell me if I’m correct on that since Haruka is gender fluid I’m not 100% if I’m correct in my placement but I believe I am because at the end of the day my understanding is she is only attracted to women.

Happy Pride Month ❤ My next Pride post will feature the letter G as in GAY!



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6 thoughts on “Sailor Uranus and Neptune Putting The “L” In LGBTQ

  1. I remember being super weirded out by the whole kissing cousins thing too, and as soon as someone explained to me that they were actually lesbians, I was blown away wondering why anyone would take that away. This was one of the anime that turned me off of dubs early on because of the liberties that were taken with LGBTQ characters. (I’m sure dubs aren’t as rough now, but by now I just like the Japanese better because of the nuances of tone and language that don’t always translate well).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah as a kid I 100% noticed the kissing cousins way more than I noticed would have noticed a lesbian couple. I’m so glad I ended up reading the manga or I wouldn’t have known the canon version until the reboot probably unless I heard someone talking about it. Even then I’d probably just thought it was a popular ship I wouldn’t realize it was cannon. The dubs now are def getting better but you really have to be careful watching early anime dub versions because they were ruthless in censoring. So annoying!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s funny that I read this post right after seeing some fanart of these two on twitter and it mentioned they were cousins and i was like what i thought they were a couple??? and oh boy, now i KNOW. i’m having a mindblown moment because i watched this when i was probably in high school and i don’t think i thought anything about it??? or at least i don’t remember. now i want to watch both to compare (and read the manga) xD it’s awesome to see that the remake did things Right! can’t wait for the other letters 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know as a kid I was so confused! When I finally read the manga I was like it all makes sense now!! I know that when they redid the dubs recently they put the relationship back in (or so I heard) so I’m going to have to rewatch the 90s version to see if it’s true but this is why I always tell people to read the manga bc the original 90s dub left out so much!


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