Fruits Basket Vol 11: Is It Fun Being With A Monster?

Greetings and Salutations Grimms!

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means! More manga! We are keeping consistent by diving into another volume of Fruits Basket. We’re finally on volume 11. I’m sorry in the past I haven’t been as consistent with my manga posts as I should be. I’m happy to say we have been making a lot of progress with this manga over the past few weeks post-wise. Looking on the bright-side this is honestly the best time to do this with Fruits Basket getting a resurgence in popularity due to the reboot.

As you all know I will not be including any spoilers for Volume 11 but this post will contain spoilers from volumes 1-10 so please be aware of that. If you are new to Fruits Baskets have no fear! Just start at the the beginning with my Volume 1 Review.

The Plot Thickens…

Well, well, well I’m sure you Yuki shippers are probably dancing for joy after reading volume 10. Let me just say THIS though….



Yeah that’s right Yuki may have made a pretty big confession and I know the YukiXToruh shippers are squealing their heads off after that forehead kiss and OKAY I will concede that it was a sweet moment but that’s all it was! One sweet moment which I can totally put up with because I’m Team KyoXTohru for life and I know that if I wait patiently my day for my OTP will come!

With all of that being said I have to admit that volume 10 was a really powerful volume for Yuki. As each volume has been read I hope we are all able to understand the sheer gravity of the curse The Zodiac Members are under. No matter what Akito puts them through they are unable to hate him. Even when they so desperately don’t want to they must continue to listen to him… to be bonded to him… to love him for all of their lives. But love that is forced isn’t really love at all is it? When you don’t have a choice is it love?


Love must be freely given. Must grow from shared experiences, trust, and respect for one another. The Zodiac Members will never be able to fully experience love while they are bonded to Akito because that bond overpowers everything else. Hatori wasn’t able to love Kana in the way she needed because his bond to Akito dominated everything. When Akito hurt Hatori causing him to become basically blinded in one eye and Akito blamed Kana Hatori was on able to contradict him even though he didn’t believe it was Kana’s fault. It didn’t matter if he didn’t believe it though because he couldn’t say it. He couldn’t go against Akito for Kana.

This of course caused Kana to have a mental break when she began to believe Akito and think that she was the cause of Hatori’s injury. In her mind she began to think that she hurt the one person she loved most in the world, the one person she wanted to protect above all else. When you feel that sort of love for someone and believe that you are responsible for hurting them in any way it tears at your soul. It’s enough to break anyone which is exactly what happened to Kana.

In Akito’s eyes those Hatori’s reaction is proof of the strength of his bond. It’s not a bond though, it’s a chain. Holding each member caged against their will. While Kyo will end up caged after he leaves high school his is both a physical and symbolic caging. As if to remind all of the Zodiac members that they’re all caged but Kyo is the only one physically in a cage so at least they’re better off than him. It’s a sick and twisted enslavement that is becoming all to clear as the story continues.

I remember reading the first volume and finding the curse very comical. I think it is a testament to Takaya’s writing that she has able to darken the curse every volume while still weaving in hope and humor. She is a very talented writer!

Yuki coming face to face with Akito in the last volume and not freezing up in fear was an incredibly important moment. Akito’s will is for Yuki is to remain emotionally scarred forever. He wants Yuki to feel as if nobody will tolerate or love Yuki’s existence accept for him. It is a very emotionally and physically abusive relationship. Due to Yuki’s curse he in turn is supposed to accept this as his fate because it is Akito’s will.

With all of these factors at play then it is a pretty big sign that something is happening when Yuki is able to leave Akito after meeting him and not emotionally breakdown. Instead he confesses his feelings to Tohru. What those feelings ultimately mean are still a mystery to Yuki. He has only just been able to feel these sorts of things now that he is starting to heal from the torment Akito subjected him too.

Akito’s will is for Yuki to stay broken but even after meeting with Akito Yuki is able to take a huge step forward on his road towards emotional healing. Is this a sign that perhaps the bond isn’t as strong as it once was?

Is the bond starting to weaken?

Volume 11


This is an emotional volume! The Zodiac members plus Tohru are still trying to enjoy their vacation time even though Akito has decided to grace them all with his presence. Kyo of course is being left out because why would Akito want to see a monster like him. Excluding him usually hurts Kyo and Akito just loves to hurt others. This time it’s different though. Since Tohru is also excluding from Zodiac Members Only Club this means that Kyo and Tohru are spending most of their time together…. and alone.

Do you hear that Grimms?


That’s the sound of a KyoXTohru comeback! The Yuki fan club may have had a field day last volume but I can assure my Team Kyo compadres that an uprising is coming. Lots of cute moments between the two of them to get excited about. Honestly the only person not excited about their growing friendship is Akito. You can imagine what his reaction to all of this is.

I can reveal that we get to see his thoughts on this in full force during this volume.

Tohru has been seeing glimpses of how the Zodiac Curse has impacted all of her friends lives but this is the first time she is able to see just how strongly the curse binds everyone. How little choice they all have. The older members of the curse like Shigure and Hatori already understand how powerful it is but I think this is the first time the younger members experience altogether how powerless they are in their ability to go against Akito. No matter who it is or how much they love them they cannot protect them if Akito wishes to hurt them.

That’s a psychological mindf*ck everybody.


Also heads up to my Momiji fans. Get your tissues out because our favorite bunny is about to face some emotional and physical downfalls. My adorable little baby!!!

Even though this volume is crushing souls like nobody’s business it is able to end on a good note with Tohru making a resolution to herself. We also get to learn a little more about two Zodiac members although to be honest they are still obscured by mystery.

Thanks for tuning in Grimms. Can’t wait to talk more about Fruits Basket next week!


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