Is Activated Charcoal Good For Your Skin?

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Activated Charcoal is becoming praised more and more on the beauty seen but one has to wonder if it’s worth all of the hype. One has to wonder what exactly it is and what does it do that makes it deserving of all this fanfare. Today I’ll be diving into it and bring you along for the ride!

What is Activated Charcoal?

According to WebMD Activated Charcoal is made from coal, wood or other substances (no further accounts about what “other substances” means) and becomes activated when it is exposed to high temperatures combined with a gas or some sort of activating agent to expand it’s surface area. Sounds very technical when phrased like that but to me it just sounds like the get coal super hot and gassy and it triggers it’s god-like properties. Am I right?

Apparently once the coal is activated and becomes activated charcoal it has the power to bind drugs and toxins to it helping to purge the body of the yucky stuff. For these reasons apparently people also ingest activated charcoal under certain guidelines but for today’s post we will be focusing solely on it’s skincare properties.

Activated Charcoal2

How does Activated Charcoal Benefit Your Skin?

Thanks to the research done published by The European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research I can report that Activated Charcoal does draw out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt, and a bunch of other micro-particles from the surface of the skin that can wreck havoc if left to their own devices.

Activated Charcoal is actually working pretty hard for your skin!

Our skin is our biggest organ and is the forefront of defense for our bodies. We put our skin through the ringer. As much as I love playing around with makeup you can bet all of those products fall under the chemical and micro-particles side of things that aren’t great for my skin. It is reassuring that I can still have lots of makeup fun and reduce my chances of acne and help create flawless natural skin by using Activated Charcoal.

Even when I’m not wear makeup by the end of the day you can beat I’m covered in dirt from just living my natural life. Even more so if I decide to go hiking! It makes sense that the Activated Charcoal would help with skincare when you realize it has the ability to bind all the nasty stuff you encounter throughout the day to itself. Once their bound together I simple have to rinse my face and PRESTO! All that dirt and grime is sailing on it’s own down the drain while my face is looking refreshed!

I have tried Activated Charcoal masks before and have really enjoyed the results. Recently I purchased some activated charcoal soap and I’m digging the effect it has. Also it smells really good. Can’t knock that now can you?

The final thoughts on this are pretty simple this time around. Research does show positive results happen when using Activated Charcoal for skincare purposes. So I see know reason under the sun why anyone shouldn’t give it a shot if they wish to.

Enjoy the rest of your day Grimms! Don’t forget to drink some water and get some sleep because that is truly the best thing for your skin regardless of your skincare routine!

Activated Charcoal3


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