After School Affairs: The Strict Teacher Shinichi Kagari

Three cheers to another beautiful Monday Grimms!

Mondays are always great when you have some otome to look forward too. After ranking all of the gods from Star Crossed Myth from part one I know you were probably all thinking I would get started on my first review for part two. That was the plan but then I realized I only had one last character to play through to finish up After School Affairs! I didn’t realize I was so close! So I decided to take a mini break from Star Crossed Myth. I have been cranking out a lot of their characters lately so I think throwing in something else is actually a pretty good idea.

So today I will give you the rundown on Shinichi Kagari from After School Affairs and since he’s the last character route next Monday I’ll give you another dose of GrimmGirl Ranks! After that we’ll get right back into Star Crossed Myth and really hash out the main routes for part two. Are you all as pumped as I am? I hope so ❤

In case you have forgotten After School Affairs is about an all boys sports school and all girls academic school merging to form one school! The purpose is to create well rounded student body. However when it seems that the students are getting a little to excited about the prospect of so many new bodies coming together under one roof the principal decides to ban dating for the students. In order to lead by example she also bans all the teachers from dating as well.

Shinichi Kagari


Alright I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the ban on no dating for the students and teachers is a bit of a ridiculous premise. I can understand banning teachers from dating their co-workers but I really don’t think any employer can ban teachers from dating anyone ever. I would also like to point out the ban on students not dating seems like a bit of a stretch and an overuse of power. I mean if I was a parent and a school tried to tell my child when they could or couldn’t date I would be livid. It’s my job as the parent to set those boundaries not the schools.

I think this game would be a lot more realistic if they just said that now that the staff was merging the principal has decided to put a ban on co-workers dating. They could even run a storyline that the rule is in place because of previous couple had a bunch of complications or something and things got out of hand at school reflecting poorly on everyone. I know! Like maybe there was a loooove triangle that blew out of hand and two of the teachers got into a fight at school! Wouldn’t that be a dramatic start to everything?

Sadly that’s not the case though. I swear maybe I should work for Voltage?

Getting back to Shinichi Kagari there’s no getting around it, he’s a strict guy! I feel like his strictness can be forgiven though because he’s not the type to expect more from others than he does from himself. I feel like those types of people garner a lot of respect from those around them. He’s straight forward and isn’t afraid to tell people exactly what he thinks but I feel he takes it as well as he dishes it. I think the reason he can be so brash is because he actually appreciates it when people are like that with him so he emulates it in the way he interacts with others.

A math teacher at his core he is very level headed and logical. Shinichi isn’t the type of teacher to let his students run the classroom. He has strict boundaries and he sticks to them. As a fellow teacher I respect that. I think that this type of attitude sets a strong foundation for the students to learn. I am the type of person who truly enjoys boundaries. I like to know what I can and cannot do. It makes me feel more relaxed and this is why I learn better when an environment like that is fostered. I don’t think I’m alone in this line of thinking either.

Because Shinichi is so logical he can admit when he’s wrong or when there is something he needs to improve on. Once again I really admire people like this. It is no wonder why the MC slowly feels herself falling for the no nonsense math teacher! However with a teacher who constantly holds himself to the highest standards as the MC’s love interest how can things possible move forward. Shinichi is the last person on Earth who is going to be tempted into breaking school rules.

Or is he…


As the story goes on we are able to see a different side of Shinichi than the uptight rule worshiper we see at school. In his off duty life it seems that Shinichi is actually pretty lax in some regards! In fact his appearance is so different outside of school the MC doesn’t recognize him. At school he’s always dressed to the nines in a suite, tie, and well kept hair. At home he looks like he just rolled out of bed! The expression, “devil may care” comes to mind when looking at homebody Shinichi and Grimms I am here for it! His neat as a pin desk at school is just a facade since his actually house is a cluttered tornado mess and also he smokes like a chimney!

So why is Shinichi so strict as a professional but lax in life? The answer may reside in his reasoning for wanting to become a teacher. While many students choose their career path because they had a teacher that was really life changing for them, so much so they want to be the type of teacher that does the same there are some that become a teacher because they had such a rotten experience they want to make sure to be the exact opposite so that no other student ever suffers the way they did.

Shinichi is the latter and it really shows through in his approach to teaching.

We’re in for an interesting ride with Shinichi and his coming forward with his feelings but there were certainly some things in the story that gave me the briefest of eye rolls. For example they decide to hold a study camp at school for a week and everyone has to sleep there? Who approves these things?! So the students are all just sleep in sleeping bags on the school floor and then have to wake up for the regular school day in the morning? What sense does that make. Also Shinich and MC share a random room in the school that apparently has one twin bed and a sofa. Shinich takes the bed every night (rude) leaving the MC with the couch and then in the morning they have to teach classes? What the heck? Also why didn’t the MC just go sleep in the nurses room? There are like three beds there…

There’s also someone competing with Shinich for the MC’s affections. I won’t get into those details because hello, spoilers but it does make for some interesting moments throughout the story. The MC is kind of an airhead in this storyline which is very tiresome but you can make it through. I have faith!

I ran through both the Amorous and Climatic Endings and I have to say that I don’t feel Voltage fully captured Shinich’s essence in either. Which is such a shame! He’s so cool and has so much potential for both of these endings but he just falls inches short of how I think his character would really behave. Let’s just say he is the type that never does anything half-ass including breaking the rules. He’s sure to get quite a few hearts fluttering even if I think Voltage didn’t do either ending justice for him.


All in all he was a great character to end on! I can see a lot of people enjoying this route so I recommend giving it a chance!

Until next week ❤

Bye Grimms!

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